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What’s New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.8.2 for DR (03/20/2024)

Supported OneFS releases








9.4 via the February RUP (PSP-3079) released Feb 8th 2023

9.5.x.x (minimum version

DR Edition Feature Release Compatibility


Source Cluster  Release

Target SyncIQ Cluster Release

Configuration Replication

non-DFS mode

Configuration Replication


Configuration Replication   

9.0         9.0
Configuration Replication
9.1         9.1
Configuration Replication
9.2         9.2
Configuration Replication
Configuration Replication
Configuration Replication

Configuration Replication

DFS mode

Configuration Replication - DFS Mode
Configuration Replication - DFS Mode
9.0         9.0
Configuration Replication - DFS Mode
9.1         9.1
Configuration Replication - DFS Mode
9.2         9.2
Configuration Replication - DFS Mode
9.3         9.3
Configuration Replication - DFS Mode
9.4         9.4
Configuration Replication - DFS Mode

SyncIQ Policy Failover

non-DFS mode

SyncIQ Policy Failover
         SyncIQ Policy Failover         9.0          9.0
         SyncIQ Policy Failover         9.1          9.1
         SyncIQ Policy Failover
         9.2          9.2
         SyncIQ Policy Failover
  SyncIQ Policy Failover
SyncIQ Policy Failover

SyncIQ Policy Failover

DFS mode

SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode
SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode
9.0         9.0
SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode
9.1         9.1
SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode
9.2        9.2
SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode
9.3        9.3
SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode
9.4        9.4
SyncIQ Policy Failover - DFS mode

Access Zone Failover

Access Zone Failover
        Access Zone Failover9.0          9.0
        Access Zone Failover9.1          9.1
        Access Zone Failover
9.2         9.2
         Access Zone Failover
 Access Zone Failover
 Access Zone Failover

Runbook Robot cluster pairs

SyncIQ Policy Failover

SyncIQ Policy Failover
SyncIQ Policy Failover9.0         9.0
SyncIQ Policy Failover9.1         9.1
SyncIQ Policy Failover
9.2         9.2
SyncIQ Policy Failover
SyncIQ Policy Failover
SyncIQ Policy Failover9.5

Runbook Robot* cluster pairs

Access Zone Failover

Access Zone Failover
Access Zone Failover9.0         9.0
Access Zone Failover9.1         9.1
Access Zone Failover
9.2         9.2
Access Zone Failover
Access Zone Failover
Access Zone Failover
Data Config Migration

Data Config Migration
Data Config Migration
Data Config Migration
Data Config Migration
Data Config Migration
Data Config Migration

Live Ops - DR Test Mode

Live Ops DR Test Mode
    9.0        9.0
Live Ops DR Test Mode
    9.1        9.1
Snapshot Schedules
9.0        9.0
Snapshot Schedules
9.1        9.1
Snapshot Schedules
9.2        9.2
Snapshot Schedules
9.3        9.3

Dedupe Path Settings



Dedupe Path Settings
8.2.x.x - pending testing

** Inter-version capabilities: In the case of inter-version operation, the capabilities of the lower OneFS API version will be applied across both OneFS versions.  Capabilities of the higher OneFS version that are not present in the lower OneFS version will not be available.

Feature Support Matrix



Overlapping Access Zone with System (/ifs)

Configuration Replication (non DFS mode)

Yes - Create / Update

No -  Delete

Configuration Replication (DFS mode)

Yes - Create / Update

No - Delete

SyncIQ Failover


SyncIQ Failover - DFS Mode


Access Zone Failover


Overlapping Access Zone - non System Zones

Configuration Replication (non DFS mode)

Yes - shares/export / alias

No-Access Zone

Configuration Replication (DFS mode)


No - Access Zone

SyncIQ Failover


SyncIQ Failover - DFS Mode


Access Zone Failover


Runbook  Robot Access Zone Multi cluster

No (only cluster pairs with no common cluster)

Failover with SyncIQ Encryption (Access Zone, SyncIQ, DFS, IP pool failover modes)Yes (8.2 or later only)

End of Life Notifications

End of Life Notifications for all products are available here.

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.8.2 for DR (03/20/2024)

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.8.0 for DR (02/15/2024)

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.6.4 for DR (11/28/2023)

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.6.3 for DR (09/28/2023)

New in 2.6.3

For What's new in DR see here.

  1. Eyeglass UI Enhancements: Appliance ID Copy Button, Appliance OS Version Display.
  2. DR Test Mode: Writable Snapshots.
  3. Pool Failover: Multiple Pool Selection.
  4. Quota Failover: Quotas not Removed from the Source.
  5. SupernaOne Support: Filter on AirGap Alarms.

Fixed in 2.6.3

DR-1068 IP pool failover - Not able to select multiple pools

The DR Assistant show no info when trying to initiate IP pool failover for two IP pools, one with igls-ignore and the other with normal igls-hint.

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.6.2 for DR (09/01/2023)

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.6.1 for DR (08/03/2023) 

Fixed in 2.6.1

DR-995 Getting Isilon Unsupported Error for Isilon when Upgrade eyeglass from to 2.6.0

Getting Isilon Unsupported popup for Isilon when Upgrade eyeglass from to 2.6.0

Before the upgrade in data/system.xml and conf/system.xml, we have


After the upgrade, we change the value in conf/system.xml to


But in data/system.xml, we still have 9.4.0 - that’s why we get the notice


  1. Modify in /opt/superna/sca/data/system.xml from <latestSupportedVersion>9.4.0</latestSupportedVersion> to <latestSupportedVersion>9.5.0</latestSupportedVersion>

  2. systemctl restart sca

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.6.0 for DR (06/29/2023) 

Fixed in 2.6.0

DR-753 Access zone failover 'Block Failover on Warnings' does not block selecting zone in the warning

Blocked warning in the failover option

DR-779 igls app pull-config doesn't migrate failover logs

Failover history is empty on the new Eyeglass appliance after using the restore command: igls app pull-config.

It doesn't migrate old failover logs.

DR-276 Unwanted shadow trace is created when path picker is opened

When creating a Writable Snapshot, path picker will leave some shadows on the screen; This does not affect the overall functionality

DR-780 igls app pull-config for file filters & monitor only setting

The custom values for file filters & monitor-only settings are not displayed after igls app pull-config it’s applied.

But the custom value exists in the file ransomwareMonitorOnlySettings.json.

DR-205 Zone Readiness Errors when Provider Instance Name mismatched

When an active directory provider with a provider instance name that doesn't match the actual active directory name has been added to an access zone, the Zone Readiness assessment in eyeglass will show:
- warning in SPN Readiness: Zone does not have any registered SPNs.
- AD Delegation Validation: SPN step shows error: Error processing SPNS: Unable to find domain controller for <provider instance name>

Workaround: remove the active directory provider from the Isilon, and re-add it without an instance provider name so that the name from the AD instance proper gets automatically used.

New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.12 for DR (05/09/2023) 

Fixed in 2.5.12-23175 

DR-770-Access Zone Failover - Fails during Networking Operations

Access Zone Failover - Fails during Networking Operations

DR-817 Robot mount is enabled by default

This function has been disabled by default for several years, but it appears to be defaulting to enabled as of this release.

The impact of this being enabled by default is that any customer that upgrades to 2.5.11 will have a robot job that will start failing.

Security Updates

DR-764 Security updates – READ/WRITE ARBITRARY FILES with script editor

Script editor tool allows execution of OS scripts in context of the system SCA user that runs the eyeglass processes.  The potential exist for this to be used to execute arbitrary OS level commands.  Scripts are not required for failover with eyeglass and this allows custom logic to be leveraged.   Upon upgrade the script editor will be disabled blocking access to scripting.  An administrator must enable this logic if it is required.   See DR-766.

DR-766 Add system.xml tag to completely block all script editor functionality by default

The system.xml tag that will block all server-side functionality was added.

DR-765 Enforce Role on the server side for eyeglass REST API token routes.

A new permission was created that must be granted to a user to allow use of API tokens.   This is an explicit permission that must be granted.  See the new role below in User Roles.

DR-542 Exception occurs for redhat installer -

Exception occurs when run ./

What’s New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.11 (04/03/2023) 

New in 2.5.11-23110  

Ease of Use

More than one access zone can now be selected from the UI when starting an access zone failover from the DR Assistant.

What’s New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.10 (03/06/2023) 

New in 2.5.10-23087 

Refer to previous builds for what's new.

Fixed in 2.5.10

DR-428 Cluster Storage is not displayed in Cluster Storage Usage UI

Cluster Storage info is not displayed in Cluster Storage Usage UI. Toggle between Cluster Storage and Cluster hardware tab no of times, and it shows up sometimes.

What’s New In Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release for DR. (02/14/2023) 

  1. Zookeeper in restart loop due to 'Unable to load database on disk' was fixed

  2. A new popup warning displays if a user adds an Isilon cluster with a OneFS version that's higher than what the current software version

Support Removed in Eyeglass Release 2.5.9

No features removed

    Deprecation Notices 

    Currently no deprecation notices.

    What’s New in Superna Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Release 2.5.9 (11/30/2022) 

    New and Fixed in Eyeglass Release 2.5.9  

    Fixed in 2.5.9

    DR-254 Onefs 9.4 Unlock My Files Feature Does Not Work

    The unlock my files feature does not work with OneFS version 9.4 or higher due to a deprecated command on OneFS.
    Workaround: None available.

    DR-286 Issue related to Folder permission in /opt/data

    The on-site log parser is not working; The RPO reports and the airgap job (isilon) reports may not work.
    Workaround: Run the following commands to the eyeglass appliance:
    chown sca:users /opt/data/log_reports
    chown sca:users /opt/data/airgap_reports
    chown sca:users /opt/data/syncIQ_reports

    DR-470 Eyeglass logrotate configuration file eca-syslog-logrotate.conf improperly formatted.

    Eyeglass 2.5.9 GA introduced a badly formatted eca-syslog-logrotate.conf file that includes illegal windows indent characters, and an improperly formatted dateformat  rule which subsequently crashes logrotate.

    This will lead to log directories filling up on Eyeglass, preventing us from seeing new ECA logs for health checks, and could cause Eyeglass disk exhaustion issues.

    We require a fix that removes the bad windows characters and a proper dateformat  rule which includes a space between dateformat and the proceeding dash to allow logrotate to start successfully.

    Reproduced on: Eyeglass DR

    Superna Version (Reported): 2.5.9-22231

    Superna Version (Occurred):  2.5.9-22231

    Expected behavior: Logrotate is engaged on the hour and rotates logs successfully

    Actual behavior: Logrotate crashes due to bad format in eca-syslog-logrotate.conf, preventing rotation of necessary log files.

    New in

    1. Deprecated Feature notification
      1. DR Test mode 6-month notice on deprecation.  This feature was temporary until writeable snapshots were available.  No enhancements to this feature with the end of support in the next 6 months.   
      2. Replacement solution:
        1. Onefs 9.3 or later
        2. Feature Overview: On-demand DR testing with copy-on-first write writeable snapshots enable a new workflow that is faster, consumes less storage and is available on demand.
        3. The selection of an IP pool with no access zone attached will allow a temporary access zone created for the DR test.  A source path of data is selected to test with and a snapshot is created on this path.  A new access zone is automatically created and attached to the IP pool and all shares, exports and quotas are cloned into the temporary access zone.
        4. A writable snapshot is created in the temporary access zone
        5. Testing can begin in seconds and only consume space for writing.
        6. The test completes and option to clean up the temporary access zone.
    2. Cluster Usage Icon
      1. This feature will be deprecated with many options to get disk utilization on the cluster.  This functionality will be deprecated.
    3. SNMP alarm forwarding
      1. This is a legacy protocol and will be removed from the product.  syslog, webhooks, email, rest api should be used for alarm forwarding.

    New in

    Refer to previous builds for what's new.

    Fixed in

    Refer to previous builds for what's new.

    New in

    Refer to previous builds for what's new.

    Fixed in

    Refer to previous builds for what's new.

    New in

    T20905 Log Parser

    Log Parser functionality is now available from the Eyeglass desktop that can be used to generate detailed log parsing analysis of DR Edition, Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor. More information can be found in the documentation here.

    Fixed in

    T21800 Swap file created on Upgrade

    Unnecessary swap file created on the upgrade on OpenSUSE 15.3 impacts available disk space.

    Resolution: Upgrade to on OpenSUSE 15.3 no longer creates the unnecessary swap file. Note that if the swap file already exists, the upgrade will not remove it.

    T22819 2.5.8 rollback DFS policy when resync prep timed out is incorrect it should not rollback ever 

    If the resync prep step times out or fails, a DFS mode failover will roll back SMB share renames when it should not.  Rollback should only execute with allowed writes failures.   

    Resolution: Rollback only executes on allow writes failure. The failover log now shows the rollback step properly for resync prep failure:  Rollback Renaming Shares - was skipped because failover succeeded or proceeded far enough to be successful

    New/Fixed in 2.5.8-22028

    T22205 RAM Alarm calculation is now based on the total number of clusters managed

    In previous releases, RAM Alarm limits were applied per cluster. Now they are applied against all clusters managed. For example, if there is a limit of 5000 objects managed and 2 clusters are managed each with 3000 objects, the alarm will apply.

    New in 2.5.8-21330

    Refer to previous 2.5.8 builds for what's new.

    Fixed in 2.5.8-21330


    T22171 - Log4j Vulnerability - Upgrade to Log4j 2.17.0 (2.5.8-21330 and higher Log4j 2.17.0 ) 

    New in 2.5.8-21306

    NEW - see What's New in 2.5.8 here.

    NEW - Failover

    T17849 DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness Validation disabled

    Access Zone / IP Pool Failover Readiness Validation for DNS Dual Delegation is now disabled by default. Verify DNS Dual Delegation manually. In a future release, this validation is planned to be provided on demand.

    NEW - OneFS 9.3 Support

    Support for OneFS 9.3 is introduced in release 2.5.8

    NEW - Cluster Storage Monitor new schedule for quota creation

    If using the Cluster Storage Monitor AD Group template for creating quotas, they are now assessed and created on the quota collection schedule instead of on the Configuration Replication cycle.

    Fixed in 2.5.8-21306


    T22033 Log4j Vulnerability - CVE-2021-44228

    Resolution: log4j version has been updated to 2.15.0, which has a patch for the vulnerability.

    T20584 Eyeglass service account password exposed on error connecting to Powerscale

    In the case where there is an error connecting to the Powerscale, for example, a timeout or session expired, the eyeglass service account password appears in plain text in the error log and /var/log/messages files.

    Resolution: Eyeglass service account password no longer is exposed.

    Failover / Configuration Replication

    T20628 Cannot disable Zone/IP Pool Readiness AD Delegation Validation ( and higher)

    In and higher, when the AD Delegation validation is disabled the AD Delegation validation steps continue to run. The Zone / Pool Readiness GUI correctly does not show the validation and any error that occurs is not rolled up to the overall readiness status but an alarm is sent related to the failed step. This does not impact the ability to failover.

    Resolution: Validation steps no longer run if the validation is disabled.

    T16888 Configuration Replication fails if the SyncIQ Policy source and target path are different and the SyncIQ policy path contains a special character

    For the case where a SyncIQ Policy path contains a special character and the SyncIQ Policy source and target path are different, configuration replication fails for the associated Eyeglass job with the AEC code AEC_NOT_FOUND.

    Resolution: The configuration Replication job is now able to replicate shares and exports where SyncIQ policy has a different source and target path, and the path has a special character.



    T9652 Unlock My Files inconsistent handling for unreachable PowerScale cluster

    For the case where Eyeglass is managing multiple clusters and one or more clusters are unreachable, the Unlock My Files sometimes displays the error "Failed ot search:","Communication failure or timeout searching for open files. Please try again later or try to be more specific in your query.". without displaying results for reachable cluster or may provide results for reachable clusters without providing the error.

    Resolution: Unlock My File now requires the selection of one cluster at a time for searching.


    T19288 Custom Postfix email settings not restored

    After a backup and restore, custom Postfix email settings are not restored.

    Resolution: Backup and restore now restores custom Postfix email settings.

    T19275 Syslog alarm forwarding configuration not restored

    After a backup and restore, Syslog alarm forwarding settings are not restored.

    Resolution: Backup and restore now restores Syslog alarm forwarding settings are restored with a backup created as of 2.5.8. Backups created in previous versions do not contain the file and the Syslog alarm forwarding configuration will need to be manually backed up from the original Eyeglass appliance off the appliance.

    Technical Advisories

    Technical Advisories for all products are available here.

    Known Issues


    T22819 2.5.8 rollback DFS policy when resync prep timed out is incorrect it should not rollback ever 

    If resync prep step times out or fails, a DFS mode failover will roll back SMB share renames when it should not.  Rollback should only execute with allowed writes failures.   

    Workaround: rename the shares on the DR cluster and remove the igls-dfs prefix and apply the igls-dfs on the source cluster SMB shares related to the synciq policy SBM shares that are named as rolled back.

    2666/2723: Problems for Controlled Failover when Source becomes unreachable during failover

    In a Controlled Failover where the requirement is that the Source cluster is reachable, should the Source cluster become unreachable during the failover an error will occur on the failover job but it is possible that no failover log will be generated.  

    If the Source becomes unreachable after Failover Wizard validation but before the Failover starts, a log is generated with 1 line that states a success.  The Running Jobs window has no details

    Workaround: None available

    2278: Zone Readiness lists Access Zone after all related SyncIQ Policies are deleted

    For the case where an Access Zone initially had associated SyncIQ Policies and then all SyncIQ Policies are deleted, the Access Zone will incorrectly appear in the Zone Readiness view with a Status of UNKNOWN.

    Workaround: None required.  This entry can be ignored.

    2919: Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs may not display in the Zone Readiness Eyeglass Configuration Replication Readiness list

    If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job has no associated shares, exports, alias or quotas, the Job will not be displayed under Eyeglass Configuration Replication Readiness if the SyncIQ OneFS Readiness is WARNING.

    Workaround: None Required.  Failover will run all logic and policies as expected.

    3010: Unexpected results for failover where the total number of objects exceeds the published limit

    Running an Eyeglass assisted failover where the total number of objects exceeds the published maximum limit will lead to unexpected results.

    Workaround: Review published limits and do not use Eyeglass assisted failover if your system exceeds the published limit.

    Please refer to the Eyeglass Admin Guide for published limits here.

    3029: Zone Readiness not calculated correctly for SyncIQ subnet pool with a mapping hint

    The subnet: pool which is provisioned against SyncIQ Policies for the Restrict Source Nodes option, requires an igls-ignore hint for Access Zone Failover to prevent the networking in the pool from becoming failed over during an Access Zone Failover.  If there is an Eyeglass igls- mapping hint assigned to these subnets: pool which could result in the networking being failed over Zone Readiness, either does not show an error OR it may show the error that mapping is incomplete.

    Workaround: Only configure igls-ignore hint on subnet: pool that is provisioned against SyncIQ policy for the Restrict Source Nodes option.

    3031: Zone Readiness Policy Path Containment Check results in extra errors

    Zone Readiness for an Access Zone which does not meet SyncIQ Policy path requirement “SyncIQ Policy(s) source root directory must be at or below the Access Zone Base Directory” may in errors for every validation category, with the message "Cannot calculate Access Zone Failover Readiness for a zone with no pools".

    Workaround: To resolve the error, ensure that the Policy Path Containment Requirement is met.

    Eyeglass Assisted Access Zone Failover Requirements are documented in the Access Zone Failover Guide here.

    3077: Zone Readiness does not catch pool mapping hint misconfiguration for partial string match

    Zone Readiness: Smartconnect Zone Failover Mapping Readiness validation does not detect a pool mapping error when there is a partial string match.  For example:

    cluster A Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hint = igls-pool

    cluster B Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hint = igls-pool1

    Readiness check from A to B does not detect the error.  Readiness check from B to A shows an error that no mapping is available.


    • Ensure that your Smartconnect Zone Mapping Hints are identical for mapped pools

    T477: No Policy Hot/Hot Validation Error for policy with no share/export

    Zone Readiness incorrectly shows Policy Hot/Hot Validation as OK in an environment where there are one or more policies in the Access Zone which do not have any file sharing objects (shares or exports).

    Workaround: Add a file sharing object under the SyncIQ Policy path.

    T482: Zone Readiness shows OK for multiple Smartconnect Zone Mapping errors

    In the case where Smartconnect Zone Mapping contains many errors, such as multiple hints or a combination of hint and igls-ignore on both clusters, the mapping error may only show for one of the clusters instead of both clusters.

    Workaround: Provision Smartconnect Zone Mapping according to requirements documented here.

    T654: Zone Readiness incorrectly includes SyncIQ Policy in System Access Zone

    For the case where a SyncIQ Policy source path corresponds to a non-System Access Zone path (path is at or below the Access Zone path) but there is a share protected by that policy in the System Access Zone, the SyncIQ Policy incorrectly is evaluated for Zone Readiness in the System Access Zone.

    Workaround: None required.  This policy can be ignored in the System Access Zone as in this configuration, the System Access Zone cannot be failed over.

    T1712:  Zone Readiness missing Zone when the pool has no SmartConnect Zone - OneFS 7

    In OneFS 7, When a subnet pool is associated with an Access Zone and does not have a Smartconnect Zone, the Access Zone is not displayed in Eyeglass Zone Readiness window.  With OneFS 8, there is an entry in Zone Readiness with an appropriate error.

    Workaround: Create SmartConnect Zone for the pools associated with the Access Zone that you want to failover.

    T1716:  Eyeglass Runbook Robot NFS mount not functioning for RHEL and Centos deployments

    If Eyeglass is deployed on a Redhat or Centos operating system, the Eyeglass Runbook Robot pre and post-failover check for file system read/write by making an NFS mount does not work.

    Workaround: Disable the Runbook Robot mount step by setting it to false following the instructions here:

    Manually check the read/write status of the filesystem.

    T1482:  Zone Readiness SyncIQ Readiness not updated after Access Zone associated to a pool

    For the case where initially an Access Zone with a policy is not associated with a pool, the policy appears in Zone Readiness/SyncIQ Readiness under the System Access Zone.  Once the Access Zone is associated with the pool the Policy remains associated with the System Access Zone.

    Workaround: None Available.  This is a display issue, and the policy will failover if the access zone it is a member of is failed over.  

    T3742:  No Policy Hostname Validation error if SyncIQ Policy Target Host is fully qualified and uses a short name on the target cluster pool that has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint applied

    If the pool on the target cluster which contains the SmartConnect Zone, which is configured on the source cluster as the SyncIQ policy target host, is configured as a “short” name instead of a fully qualified name AND that pool has a Superna Eyeglass mapping hint defined instead of the required igls-ignore hint, Zone Readiness INCORRECTLY does not show an error.

    Workaround: Use a fully qualified domain name for SyncIQ Policy target host and in the pool SmartConnect Zone name.  

    T3848:  SPNs not updated during failover for OneFS8 non-default groupnet AD provider

    For the case where OneFS 8 is configured with multiple groupnet and different AD provider between groupnets, the SPN update during failover does not succeed for non-default groupnet AD providers.  SPN are not deleted for source cluster and are not created for the target cluster. The failover log indicates success. This is due to a OneFS8 defect with multiple AD providers and isi commands.

    SPN delete / create for the AD provider defined in groupnet0 is successful.

    Workaround: Manually delete and create the SPN for the Smartconnect Zones that were moved from AD ADSI Edit interface.  

    T4009:  SPNs creation case sensitive to AD provider name

    If you have domain name in lowercase but smartconnect zone name has upper case domain name then in that case Eyeglass does not add the SPN Host automatically .

    Workaround: AD provider name and AD provider in SmartConnect Zone name should have same case.  

    T4320:  Access Zone not assigned to any Subnet Pools results in many Zone Readiness Errors

    Zone Readiness error for an Access Zone that is not assigned to any Subnet Pool has multiple rows displayed in the DR Dashboard - 1 per Subnet Pool on the PowerScale Cluster.

    Workaround: Associate the Access Zone with at least 1 Subnet pool.  

    T4316:  Runbook Robot Policy Job does not display SyncIQ Job Reports

    Runbook Robot job creates 2 failover history records - one for policy failover or access zone failover and one for for Runbook Robot.  The Runbook Robot SyncIQ Reports log incorrectly repeats the Failover log information instead of showing the associated SyncIQ Job reports.

    Workaround: View the associated Policy or Access Zone Failover results to retrieve the SyncIQ Job Reports.  

    T4857:  Failed SmartConnect Zone Rename step is not displayed in Failover Log

    Access Zone Failover which fails at the SmartConnect Zone rename step shows a Major Error in the “Networking updates during failover Job” section of the Failover Log but does not show the actual rename step which failed.

    INFO Raised alarm: MAJOR Access Zone Failover Job failed.

    ERROR ****************** Networking updates during failover Job FAILED *************

    Workaround: Contact Support to assist in determining the rename operation which caused the error.  

    T4878:  Pool Failover - Non Runbook Robot SyncIQ policies can be mapped to Robot pool

    Pool failover is not supported for Runbook Robot but pool readiness SyncIQ policy mapping does not block user from mapping a non-Runbook Robot policy to the Runbook Robot pool.  This configuration will cause an error during the Runbook Robot job.

    Workaround: Do not configure Pool Failover for the Eyeglass Runbook Robot Access Zone.  

    T4968:  Zone missing from DR Dashboard Zone Readiness tab if a SyncIQ Policy has a target host that cannot be resolved

    When an Access Zone contains a SyncIQ Policy which has a Target Host configured which cannot be resolved by Eyeglass, the Access Zone does not appear in the DR Dashboard Zone Readiness tab.

    Workaround: Ensure that all SyncIQ Policy Target Host can be resolved by Eyeglass.  To verify, ssh to the Eyeglass appliance and test with nslookup <target host> to confirm that it can be resolved.  

    T5092, T4490:  Access Zone Pre and Post Failover Scripting Issues

    • There is no specific option to create Pre or Post Failover scripts for a Pool Failover.  If there are existing Pre or Post Failover scripts for Access Zone failover those same scripts will be run during pool failover.

    • In a multi-pool setup, the failover log may report an error related to executing the post failover script even though the script succeeds.

    • Running the Test run script, for Access Zone Failover, Test Run script only shows "loading" status

    Workaround: Ensure that any Access zone failover scripts also apply to pool failover if both are configured. Verify manually whether a script has succeeded.

    T5473:  Zone/Pool Readiness Pool Mapping Hint Matching Issue

    Readiness logic to determine whether 2 pools are mapped for Access Zone or Pool failover will map based on partial match instead of an exact match.  For example a pool with the mapping hint “igls-8” on the source will match any mapping hint on the target that begins with “igls-8” - for example, “igls-8a”, “igls-8b”, “igls-8c” etc.  This may cause an issue if there are multiple pools on target side which match. It will also cause an issue after failover as the target hint (for example “igls-8a”) will not match the source hint (for example “igls-8”).

    Workaround: When provisioning pool mapping hints, use unique string that do not overlap between pools - for example, igls-1, igls-2, igls-3 instead of igls-1, igls-1a, igls-1b.  

    T5961:  Failover Log shows Incorrect Final Steps

    The Failover log always contains following Final steps even when not required:

    1. Networking Rollback Steps are incorrectly displayed at end of failover for a failover where Networking Client Redirection steps were not executed.

    2. Transfer pool mapping step are incorrectly displayed for non-pool based failovers.

    Workaround: In the above conditions these messages can be ignored as they do not apply.  

    T5897:  Post Failover Inventory step may fail during multiple concurrent failovers

    When multiple failovers are initiated in parallel and running concurrently the Post Failover Inventory step may fail if the same step is running for one of the concurrent failovers.  This leaves the failover in a Failed state.

    Workaround: None Required. This step will be completed successfully on a subsequent failover or during regular Configuration Replication to bring the Eyeglass up to date on the latest state of the PowerScale environment.  The Failover log must be consulted to determine state of other failover steps such as Client Redirection, Make Writeable and Preparation for Failback.

    T5941:  Pool Failover Failover Log Summary incorrectly displayed Client Redirection step not run

    For Pool Failover, the Failover Log Summary displays the Client Redirection step as not having run:

    Client Redirect : This step did not run

    When the step in fact did run.

    Workaround: Check this section in the Failover Log to determine the status of the Client Redirection steps:

    INFO *************** Networking updates during failover Job STARTED ***************

    T5967:  Failover where Quota Sync is disabled has extra lines in Failover Log

    The Failover Log for a failover where Quota Sync is disabled displays the following line multiple times instead of just once:


    Workaround: None Required.

    T5934:  Access Zone Readiness shows OK for DFS only failed over Access Zone

    Zone Readiness status for Access Zone, which only has DFS policies, will show OK as the overall status for the failed over direction instead of Failed Over status.

    Workaround: Check which cluster has enabled SyncIQ Policies and verify that another cluster is read-only to confirm which failover direction is active.

    T6289:  SyncIQ policy with no shares or exports is associated with the System Access Zone for failover

    A SyncIQ policy which does not have any associated shares or exports at or underneath the policy path will be associated with the System Access Zone for Access Zone or Pool Failover instead of the Access Zone that the SyncIQ policy falls at or under.

    Workaround: Create a file-sharing object at or underneath the SyncIQ Policy path and in the Access Zone under which the SyncIQ Policy falls.

    T6311:  Selecting the DR Failover Status link on the DR Assistant Summary page may result in an Error

    Selecting the DR Failover Status to link on the DR Assistant may result in the following error:  No policy data has been provided, and cannot execute the request.

    This error does not block the failover from proceeding.

    Workaround: Open the DR Dashboard and review the DR Failover Status here.  

    T6402:  Access Zone Failover Post Failover Inventory step runs multiple times

    When an Access Zone contains multiple SyncIQ Policies and those policies have been configured in Eyeglass for different Job types (DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG), the failover Post Failover Inventory runs for each Eyeglass Job type in the Access Zone instead of just once.

    Workaround: None Required.  While this increases the failover time to include completion of multiple post failover inventories, the critical failover steps for client redirection, make writeable and preparation for failback are completed prior to this step.  These steps are required to complete in order to place a new mirror policy into the corresponding DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG state.

    T6842:  Zone Readiness: Zone does not display Failover Over state for Access Zones where custom SmartConnect Zone prefix is being used

    For Eyeglass deployments where the SmartConnect Zone prefix used to disable SmartConnect Zones on failover has been customized to not use the default igls-original prefix the DR Dashboard does not display Failed Over status for the inactive Access Zone failover direction.

    Workaround: None Required.  

    1. This is a display issue only and does not block failover.

    2. This issue does not affect SmartConnect Zone rename during failover.

    3. While the DR Assistant allows you to select a failover in the wrong direction (inactive -> active) it is blocked further along in the Failover Wizard due to no enabled policies.

    T7184:  Pool Readiness: Pool to SyncIQ Policy Mapping is not displayed in DR Dashboard until Readiness task is run 

    Pool to SyncIQ Policy mapping is not displayed in DR Dashboard Pool Readiness view until a Zone / Pool Failover Readiness task has been run.  

    Workaround: None Required.  This is a display issue only - the mapping is successfully saved and displayed after the next readiness task has run.

    T8824:  User Quota creation fails on failover for multiple disjointed AD Domain environment

    In an PowerScale environment that is configured to use multiple AD Domains and those Domains are not joined, user quota creation for the quotas related to the non-default AD Domain will fail with the error:

    Requested persona was not of user or group type

    Workaround: None available with Eyeglass.

    T10363 Overlapping Access Zone Failover blocked for System Access Zone

    For the case where there are multiple access zones overlapping wtih System Access Zone on /ifs path, DR Assistant will show an error during navigation indicating an invalid configuration and block completion of failover.

    Workaround: SyncIQ Policy failover with manual client redirection.

    T10912 Quota Sync fails for quotas where quota container property set to true

    Smartquotas in OneFS configured with the container property set to true fail to be created by quota sync.

    Workaround: None available. Quota must be created manually.

    T10935 Pool failover "failovertarget" must be "zone id"

    The "failovertarget" field must be "zone id" even though the description indicates "ID of the access zone OR syncIQ policy to failover".

    Workaround: Enter "zone id" for "failovertarget" when initiating pool failover.

    T7622 Eyeglass will not add custom SPNs if PowerScale Cluster does not return any missing SPN during SPN check (as of 2.5.6)

    As of 2.5.6 Eyeglass can manage custom SPN creation based on Eyeglass configuration - additional information available here. If PowerScale does not identify any missing SPNs Eyeglass Configuration Replication will not insert custom SPNs. If PowerScale identifies any missing SPN, Eyeglass will insert all custom SPN even if PowerScale does not identify it as missing.

    Workaround: SPNs to be added manually if required. For failover, no additional steps - failover will manage all SPN updates based on custom SPN definition.

    T13360 Failover Readiness Validation for Corrupt Failover Snapshots does not check for missing snapshot

    There must be one failover snapshot on the target cluster per SyncIQ policy being failed over. The Corrupt Failover Snapshots validation does not check whether that snapshot is missing. Impact: Allow Writes step of failover will fail.

    Workaround: Verify presence of snapshot manually on target cluster

    isi snapshot snapshots list | grep <SyncIQ Policy Name>

    Replacing SyncIQ Policy Name iwth your our SyncIQ Policy Name

    example for expected configuration

    isi snapshot snapshots list | grep policy1

    12345 SIQ-Failover-policy1-2020-05025_21-33-37 /ifs/data/policy1

    T12434 Concurrent Access Zone or Pool Failover with DFS configured policies may fail DFS share rename step

    When doing concurrent Access Zone or Pool Failover where the Access Zone or Pool have associated jobs in Eyeglass DFS mode the share renaming step may happen in parallel and depending on the OneFS release an PowerScale OneFS API defect may incorrectly handle the request causing the share rename to be in error.

    Workaround: Verify with Dell EMC support whether your OneFS version has this issue. For any shares where share renaming fails they will have to renamed manually - the failover log will indicate which failed and which succeed.

    T13701 Failover option "Disable SyncIQ Jobs on Failover Target" does not reapply schedule

    When the failover option Disable SyncIQ Jobs on Failover Target" is selected the synciq policy schedule is not reapplied to the active synciq policy on the target cluster.

    Workaround: The original SyncIQ policy schedule is captured in the failover log. Reapply the schedule to the policy manually on the PowerScale. 

    T13726 Pool Failover error mapping policy to pool on target cluster for disabled job

    If Pool Failover is initiated and there is an associated Eyeglass Configuration Replication job that is disabled, the failover correctly skips failover of the associated synciq policy/data but incorrectly attempts to associate the mirror policy to a pool on the target cluster resulting in an error for the step "Transfer pool mapping" with message "Could not find policy ....".

    Workaround: None required failover has been completed successfully for policies which were enabled. No impact on failback.

    T13881 Cannot failover overlapping Access Zones - rel 2.5.6

    In Release 2.5.6, overlapping Access Zones cannot be failed over. The network updates that are done during failover are rolled back.

    Workaround: Use Release 2.5.5 to failover overlapping access zones

    T14398 Zone/Pool Failover Readiness FQDN Alias validation incorrectly reports OK when the pool does not have an ignore the hint

    For cases where PowerScale cluster has been provisioned in Eyeglass using FQDN, that FQDN should not be failed over during Zone or Pool failover - it needs to remain associated with its current cluster. This is achieved by configuring the associated IP pool to be "ignored" during failover. The validation that checks whether this configuration is in place incorrectly indicates OK when the "ignore" is not configured.

    Note that Eyeglass 2.5.3 and higher, clusters are no longer being added to Eyeglass using FQDN due to PowerScale CSRF not being compatible with Smartconnect and API services.

    Workaround: If cluster is still added to Eyeglass using FQDN modify to be added using IP. Please follow Technical Advisory #17 and Technical Advisory #22.

    T14931 Policies configured for Pool failover allowed to do DFS or SyncIQ failover until next configuration replication runs

    Policies configured for pool failover are blocked from being failed over in DFS or SyncIQ mode except for the period of time between when pool-to-policy mapping for Pool Failover has been completed and the next Configuration Replication cycle has been completed.

    Workaround: None required - Do not initiate DFS or SyncIQ mode failover for policies configured for pool failover. Next scheduled Configuration Replication job will rectify and after that point, the DFS and SyncIQ failover mode will not be available for policies configured for Pool Failover.

    T14948 Failover log for Uncontrolled Access Zone incorrectly logs status of final readiness job and changes to pool aliases

    The failover log for an uncontrolled Access Zone failover will incorrectly report the status of the final failover readiness step as SUCCESS instead of error and will incorrectly summarize the Pool aliases on source after failover and Pool aliases on destination after failover at the end of the log.

    Workaround: None required, this is a logging issue only. The failover correctly logs client redirection steps in the Networking updates section of the log which records the changes as they are being executed. The failover readiness status can be viewed on the DR Dashboard / Zone Readiness.

    T14965 Failover readinessSyncIQ File Pattern Validation has a WARNING state instead of an ERROR

    Failover readiness SyncIQ File Pattern Validation which detects that SyncIQ policy has file patterns, should be ERROR instead of WARNING as PowerScale OneFS Resync Prep function prepares you for failback will fail when SyncIQ is configured this way.

    Workaround: This setting should not be used for DR purposes.

    T14971 DR Assistant validation check screen incorrectly requests acknowledgement of readiness warnings

    For cases where the DR Failover status is OK or Info, the DR Assistant Failover wizard validation check step requests acknowledgement that warnings have been reviewed even though the DR failover status has no warning status.

    Workaround: Close the DR Assistant window and open the DR Dashboard window and confirm that, indeed failover status has no Warning states. If so, start the failover again and now select the "I have reviewed the warning status" check box and continue with the failover.

    T14974 Access Zone Failover with error on DFS share renaming will abort for all policies

    For the case where an Access Zone has both DFS and non-DFS configured jobs in Eyeglass, if share renaming fails for all shares associated with a DFS policy, Client redirection will be considered an error for non-DFS policies as well and failover will be aborted instead of continuing for non-DFS configured jobs.

    Workaround: The share renaming issue should be resolved before re-attempting the failover.

    T14988 Eyeglass GUI incorrectly allows pool failover configuration for a policy that is active in failover rehearsal mode

    From the Eyeglass DR Dashboard, you are allowed to map a policy for pool failover when it is in active rehearsal mode, even though you cannot initiate a failover when it is in this state.

    Workaround: Review policy status and confirm not in rehearsal mode before configuring pool failover.

    T15000 DR Rehearsal status lost if fingerprint file deleted

    A fingerprint file is used to persist the DR Rehearsal status. If the fingerprint file is deleted or otherwise removed while rehearsal mode is active, rehearsal status is lost and there is no way to revert to rehearsal mode.

    Workaround: Please contact support at to recover from this state.

    T15042 REST API policy readiness is missing output for the Target Reachability check

    The SyncIQ policy readiness retrieved using REST API is missing the output for the Target Reachability check. If the Target Reachability validation fails, the overall Failover Status is correctly in ERROR and failover cannot be initiated


    • To assess target reachability:
      • Target reachability alarms related to Inventory or Configuration replication would have been sent.
      • From the Eyeglass web interface, Eyeglass / PowerScale reachability can be viewed from the Continuous Operation Dashboard.
    • All failover readiness criteria can be viewed from the Eyeglass web interface DR Dashboard.

    T15010 DR Rehearsal Revert not blocked for Pool Failover mode when in REHEARSAL_ERROR

    If after enabling DR Rehearsal mode for Pool Failover, the DR failover status is REHEARSAL_ERROR, the failover wizard incorrectly allows you to initiate a revert for rehearsal mode.

    Workaround: To recover from this REHEARSAL_ERROR open a support ticket at for assistance. 

    T15609 Alarm time not upated for repeated policy/dfs/zone/ pool readiness alarms

    If a policy, dfs, zone or pool readiness alarm occurs multiple times, the Alarm time will not be updated with each occurrence. It will display only the first time the alarm is raised. Email notification also only sent on initial occurence of the alarm. Subsequent occurences will not send an email.

    Workaround: Open the DR Dashboard to see the current state of the validations as of the last time the Zone/Pool Readiness job has run.

    T15191 Failover Log may show 2 summaries when Rehearsal Mode enabled

    When Rehearsal Mode is enabled for an Access which has DFS policies or enabled with multiple pools which also have DFS, the failover log summary shows an interim summary after data access steps and a final summary at end.

    Workaround: None required - summary has required information.

    T15192 Rehearsal Mode not disabled for Access Zone assoicated with Pool Failover

    From the DR Dashboard, the Access Zone associated with a Pool Failover already active in Rehearsal Mode can be selected for enabling Access zone Rehearsal Mode again even though this is not a valid configuration for Rehearsal Mode.

    Workaround: None Required, the next window in DR Assistant identifies the invalid configuration and correctly blocks Rehearsal Mode enabling for the Access Zone.

    T15248 Error in DFS failover does not rollback share renaming when failover job includes multiple policies

    A DFS failover which contains multiple policies will not rollback share renaming for a policy that encounters an error if the remaining policies succeed.

    Workaround: Use PowerScale interface to remove and add igls-dfs prefix for affected shares.

    T15260 DFS Failover share renaming rollback not done when all share rename fails on source cluster

    If the client redirection step of failover which adds igls-dfs prefix to shares on the source cluster fails for all of the shares associated with the source cluster the failover stops but the share renaming that completed successfully for the target cluster is not rolled back.

    Workaround: Use PowerScale interface to add igls-dfs prefix to shares on the target cluster.

    T15271 Zone/Pool Failover error in SMB Data Integrity step or run policy step incorrectly attempts to roll back networking

    If the inital share lockout for SMB Data Integrity step fails or run policy step fails, the failover is aborted as expected but then steps are executed to roll back networking changes even though none were made. There is no impact other than error in failover log as these commands fail as they are attempting to update to configuration that already exists on the cluster.

    Workaround: None required - the commands executed do not result in any changes on the PowerScale cluster.

    T15278 Pool Failover job with multiple pools stops failover steps for all pools on DFS share renaming error

    If an error which will abort failover occurs for DFS share renaming on one pool where the failover job contains multiple pools, failover will be aborted for all pools instead of continuing for pool which has no error.

    Workaround: When failing over multiple pools, execute concurrent failover with 1 pool per failover job.

    T15290 Pool Failover job with multiple pools does not rollback client redirection when allow writes step fails

    If an error occurs on allow writes for one pool in a failover job that contains multiple pools there is no rollback for networking for failed pool.

    Workaround: Networking can be failed back manually using PowerScale interface and using Failover log as as a guide. Also can failover multiple pools concurrently with 1 pool at a time.

    T15298 Quota job run manually after failover may delete quotas on source cluster

    Even if quota failover steps fail on failover from cluster A to cluster B such that no quotas are created on cluster B and all quotas exist on cluster A, the quota failover job from cluster B -> A is created and enabled. If this Quota job is run manually it will delete all related quotas on the source (cluster A) leaving you without related quotas on source or target.

    Workaround: Do not run quota jobs manually. Contact for assistance to failover quotas that failed during failover.

    T15530 Policy or DFS Readiness may incorrectly evaluate Policy Hostname validation in error

    DR Dashboard / DR Assistant Policy Readiness or DFS Readiness may incorrectly evaluate Policy Hostname validation in Error state placing overall failover status in Error. This validation should only be being assessed for Access Zone or Pool failover.

    Workaround: Follow steps for Access zone failover configuration to ignore failover for the pool that has the Target Host. Steps to do this are on the target cluster apply "igsl-ignore" hint on the pool which has the SyncIQ Policy Target Host. Ignore hints are simply an alias with the name of "igls-ignore". Note it is best practise to ensure unique hints by using a naming format that uses cluster name - for example: igls-ignore-<clustername>. Documentation reference can be found here - see section on ignore hints.

    Once configured run the Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job to update DR Dashboard / DR Assistant.

    T15547 Failover Readiness Domain Mark Validation fails for path with spaces or special characters

    The Failover Readiness Domain Mark Validation returns an error for SyncIQ policy source path that has a space or contains special characters.

    Workaround: Manually confirm presence of domain mark by running command on PowerScale: isi_classic domain list . DR Failover Status of Warning does not block failover. For additional information on readiness validations in Warning state please refer to our documentation here or contact

    T15610 Policy Readiness Pool Mapping Validation alarm and email indicate Warning severity instead of Error

    For the cases where an Access Zone is configured for Pool Failover and there are policies which are not mapped to pools the Un-Mapped Policy SmartConnect/IP Pool Status alarm and email incorrectly indicate that this is a Warning level issue. The DR Dashboard correctly identifies the issue as an Error which would block initiating a failover.

    Workaround: Review readiness from the DR Dashboard directly.

    T15613 DR Rehearsal Readiness - no alarm or email when DR Rehearsal status changes from OK to Warning or Error

    No Alarm is raised or email sent when DR Rehearsal readiness status changes from OK to Warning or Error status.

    Workaround: Login to the Eyeglass GUI and open the DR Dashboard to review readiness.

    T15623 REST API - Pool Failover API does not support multiple pool selection

    From Eyeglass DR Assistant a Pool failover can be initiated for multiple pools but this is not supported from the API.

    Workaround: Run concurrent failover for multiple pools.

    T15624 REST API - Failover API does not block controlled failover when source cluster unreachable

    Failover API does not validate source cluster reachability and will allow a controlled failover to start even if source cluster unreachable. Controlled failover in this case is expected to fail as it will attempt steps against the source cluster. When source cluster is not reachable uncontrolled failover should be used.

    Workaround: Use manual process to verify source cluster reachability and initiate the appropriate controlled or uncontrolled failover.

    T15769 DNS Dual Delegation Validation does not work where NS Record does not resolve directly to an SSIP

    If DNS Dual Delegation is configured with NS Records that resolve to a name (for example configured as CNAME) the DNS Dual Delegation Validation will not work as it is expecting an IP address on resolution of the NS Record.

    Workaround: To avoid this warning DNS Dual Delegation validation can be disabled. Please contact for assistance.

    T16154 DR Rehearsal mode issues where source and target path are different

    Invalid readiness validation for Corrupt Failover Snapshots: For case where SyncIQ Policy involved in DR Rehearsal mode enabled has different source and target paths or space in SyncIQ Policy path or a special character in SyncIQ Policy path, after DR Rehearsal mode enable the DR Failover Status incorrectly shows an Error for Corrupt Failover Snapshots for that policy. This error blocks reverting DR Rehearsal mode.

    Failover error: Failover error occurs when data sync option unchecked.

    Workaround: Do not use DR Rehearsal mode for policies which have different source and target paths, spaces in paths or special characters in paths. Regular failover is unaffected by this issue and is available. To recover from this REHEARSAL_ERROR open a support ticket at for assistance. 

    T17136 Zone Readiness incorrectly shows Error when Access Zone Name, Smartconnect Zone Name and IP Pool name are exactly the same

    DR Dashboard Zone Readiness incorrectly shows Policy Readiness Status, SmartConnect/IP Pool Settings and Mappings Readiness and Eyeglass Failover Mapping Hints in error when the Access Zone, SmartConnect Zone Name, IP Pool all have exactly the same name.

    Workaround: This issue can be resolved by renaming the Access Zone to be different. This change should be assessed for impact in your environment before making this change.

    T17401 Pool Readiness not displayed with no configured/reachable DNS

    If both Eyeglass and Isilon DNS are not available, the DR Dashboard pool readiness is not displayed.

    Workaround: Provide reachable Eyeglass or Isilon DNS.

    T17477 DFS share suffix not applied for failover or configuration replication

    If a custom suffix is configured for DFS share name on target cluster, suffix is not applied either during configuration replication or during share renaming step of failover.

    Workaround: None available.

    T17428 REST API - Policy Readiness returns incorrect Access Zone

    Failover API to retrieve Policy Readiness information returns the incorrect Access Zone for environments with multiple Access Zones.

    Workaround: None required. Access Zone does not affect Policy Failover and Access Zone Readiness and Failover correctly assign policy to correct Access Zone.

    T17447 OneFS 9.0 and 9.1 Readiness Validation for Policy Source Nodes Restriction always shows INFO

    For OneFS 9.0 and 9.1 even if the Policy Source Nodes Restriction is configured, the Readiness Validation always shows INFO,

    Workaround: Verify on PowerScale the source nodes restriction settings. DR Status of INFO does not affect / block ability to failover.

    T17555 Blank display for Zone or Pool Readiness

    In some instances where Zone and Pool failover is configured the Zone or Pool readiness window may be blank when both the DR Assistant and DR Dashboard are open.

    Workaround: Reload the tab or only have one window open at a time.

    T17731 Policies missing in DR Assistant for Zone or Pool failover

    DR Assistant missing policies in an Access Zone for Zone or Pool failover where there are no SMB shares or NFS exports configured at or below the SyncIQ policy source path. Impact is that failover steps are not executed against these policies and they remain active on the source cluster.

    Workaround: In advance of failover, configure a temporary share with restricted permissions at the SyncIQ policy source path. If you have failed and only then determine the issue, policies can be failed over using Policy failover if the failover was an Access Zone failover. If the failover was a Pool failover manual steps must be used to failover the remaining policies.

    T17732 Multiple Zone Readiness Jobs

    Under some circumstances multiple Zone Readiness jobs will be running at the same time without any completing. DR Dashboard not updated when in this state. If this occurs during Access Zone failover it does not block failover.

    Workaround: Eyeglass sca service restart will address this issue but recommend to contact for assistance and evaluation of the issue.

    T18127 DNS Dual Delegation uses wrong SSIP when IP Pool Service Subnet different from the pool subnet

    The IP Pool Service Subnet setting that is different than the parent subnet of the IP Pool is not taken into account for the DNS Dual Delegation validation. This could result in incorrect assessment of the DNS delegation configuration or if no SSIP configured in the parente subnet can result in the error "This IP address does not reference valid cluster".

    Workaround: Manual inspection of DNS NS Record delegation should be done to confirm that it has been configured correctly.

    T18392, T19226 DFS Failover produces extra "null" failover log

    Under certain circumstances a DFS failover will generate a second failover "null" log visible in Running Failovers and Failover History. No impact to failover steps.

    Diagnostic tool for dark site, igls app report, is not able to summarize failover history. Remainder of report is unaffected.

    Workaround: None required for DFS failover. For diagnostic report, failover history can be retrieved from the Eyeglass GUI DR Assistant, Failover History window.

    T18779 Overlapping Powerscale cluster and SyncIQ Policy names can result in incorrect Failover Readiness assessment

    For the case where source and target Powerscale cluster have overlapping names (for example "cluster1" and "cluster1dr" ) and there are SyncIQ policies on both cluster with the same name, failover readiness for source cluster may take into account the SyncIQ policy state on the target cluster resulting in an incorrect state for source cluster. For example a SyncIQ policy disabled on the target cluster incorrectly results in Policy Enabling Readiness Warning for the SyncIQ policy on the source cluster.

    Workaround: Rename the SyncIQ policy on the target cluster to make it unique between both clusters. For example pre-pend the SyncIQ policy name with the target cluster name.

    T18969 Runbook Robot Job in Jobs window disappears when target cluster is unreachable

    If there is an unreachable cluster, the Runbook Robot job in the Failover: Runbook Robot (AUTOMATIC) section of the Jobs window disappears for the unreachable cluster.

    Workaround: None required. The Runbook Robot job cannot run when there is an unreachable cluster. The job reappears on it's own once the cluster is reachable again.

    T19186 Policy Readiness not updated

    Under some conditions the database will get into a state where the policy readiness assessment cannot be updated or completed and may contain old information. This affects policy readiness as well as the policy readiness component of Zone and Pool failover readiness.

    Workaround: This requires the database to be refreshed. Contact for assistance.

    T19553 Zone/Pool Readiness never completes

    Under some circumstances Access Zone Readiness job begins as expected on startup but never completes. Issue has been found to be related to execution of the DNS Dual Delegation validation.

    Workaround: Disable the DNS Dual Delegation Validation as documented here. Verification of DNS Dual Delegation for Access Zone and IP Pool failover must be done manually.

    T19967 Pool / Zone Readiness does not indicate whether there is a disabled Configuration Replication job in the Zone

    Pool / Zone Readiness shows OK and green even when there is an associated disabled Configuration Replication job. Impact: Any associated Configuration Replication Job that is disabled will skip the associated SyncIQ policy during failover.

    Workaround: None required. When initiating the failover the DR Assistant Wizard does identify the disabled job and prompts on whether or not to proceed. Also Policy Readiness view can be used to identify disabled jobs.

    T20181 Policy Hostname Validation Incorrectly show Error

    If the pool mapping hints or ignore hints configured for Access Zone or IP Pool failover overlap with the SyncIQ policy target host then the validation incorrectly flags the Policy Hostname Validation as Error. For example - SyncIQ policy target host is taget.ad2.test and mapping/ignore hint is igls-ignore-a-target.ad2.test.

    Workaround: Rename the mapping/ignore hint so there is no overlap. For example as per above change the ignore hint to igls-ignore-a-target-a.ad2.test.

    T21443 Quota failover error when source and target path are different and contain a $

    For SyncIQ policy where source and target policy path are different and contain a $ sign, when the quota failover step runs it attempts to create the quota on the source path instead of the target path.

    Workaround: Quota configuration must be documented pre-failover and quotas need to be created manually on target after failover.

    T21629 DR Readiness does not indicate source cluster unavailable

    DR Dashboard does not indicate the condition where the source cluster is not available.  This does not impact ability to failover - controlled failover is blocked and uncontrolled failover can proceed.

    Workaround: Use the Continuous Op Dashboard to see whether clusters are available to Eyeglass.

    T21750 Deleting SyncIQ Policy when Rehearsal Mode is active leaves configuration behind

    In the configuration file which tracks whether rehearsal mode is active or not, a policy that is deleted while rehearsal mode is active is not removed from the file.  Impact: Cannot use Eyeglass to revert rehearsal if the SyncIQ policy is deleted.

    Workaround: None required.  A new policy on the same path would be referenced by a new unique ID.

    T22269 Python Pre and Post Failover Scripts do not work on OpenSUSE 15.3

    Python based pre and post failover scripts do not run on OpenSUSE 15.3. In the failover log you will see the message: /usr/bin/env: 'python': No such file or directory. Shell scripts are not affected.

    Workaround: Use shell scripting for pre and post failover scripts.

    T22567 Quota Inventory causes problems during failover

    Quota inventory is not blocked from running during failover and can result in system restart and an incomplete failover.

    Workaround: Set the quota inventory schedule to run infrequently (example weekly) and for planned failover do not run concurrently.

    T21929 igls-original SPN may not be deleted on failover

    For the case where a smartconnect alias exists already with an igls-original prefix, on failover, we skip the delete for the igls-original which causes SPN Issues on future failovers. This problem is specific to igls-original prefix SPNs and does not affect data access as the igls-original smartconnect is not used for accessing data.

    Workaround: After failover, manually fixes SPN to prevent issues on future failovers or ignore the issue

    Configuration Replication

    1683: Export sync where source  is 7.1.1.x and target 8.x.x.x

    Description: Syncing exports does not function between these releases.  

    Resolution:  None unsupported sync, upgrade to 7.2.x.x

    649: Export sync where source and target path on each cluster is different is deleted and recreated in each config cycle (affects onefs 7 to 8 or 8 to 7 replication)

    Description: When the path on source cluster and target of the SyncIQ policy are different, exports will be deleted on target and then recreated again  within the same replication job. No error is seen on the config sync job. May affect other releases as well.

    Resolution:  None, export is created correctly after config sync job completes.

    1462 - Export max_file_size cannot be replicated

    Updated export max_file_size parameter is not replicated and replication Job fails.

    1355: Edit Job configuration to include share/export deselected from another Job causes share/export to be reselected.

    Description: When you edit a Job B configuration to include share/export that had already been deselected from Job A, this causes this share/export to be reselected for Job A as well.  

    Workaround: None available.  Should the share/export subsequently be deselected from Job B it should then also be manually deselected again from Job A.

    1580: Delete and Create export within same replication cycle orphans deleted export on the target with OneFS 7.1.1.x

    With OneFS 7.1.1.x, a delete and create export operation which occurs within the same replication cycle will replicate the export that was created on the next replication cycle but the export deleted on the source will not be deleted on the target.  

    Workaround: Manually remove the deleted export from the target using PowerScale OneFS.

    1625: Custom QUOTA Jobs require extra replication cycle to be deleted

    In the Eyeglass Jobs window, when you delete a CUSTOM Job and then the associated QUOTA Job is not immediately deleted.  It is deleted on the next replication cycle.

    Workaround: None required.

    1639: Able to manually Run Now disabled Custom Job

    Eyeglass Jobs window allows you to Run Now on a Custom Job which has been disabled.  A message is displayed indicating that the Job has been queued but the share/export configuration replication Job is not run and the associated QUOTA Job is run and quotas are replicated.

    Workaround: Do not Run Now for Custom Job that has been Disabled.

    1641: Custom Job does not include shares/export when source or destination path configured with a trailing /

    If you enter source or destination path for Eyeglass Custom Job with a trailing / (for example /ifs/data/test/ ), the Custom Job will not pick up the related shares and exports.

    Workaround: Source and destination paths must be entered without the trailing / - for example /ifs/data/test.

    1788: Delete of unlinked user quota on source may not delete matching quota on the target

    Attempting a quota replication after deleting an unlinked user quota may fail to delete the quota on the target with a Job status of success but an Audit failure.

    Workaround: Deleted quota manually deleted on the target.

    1789: Able to select shares/exports/quotas outside job path after deselected

    After a share/export/quota has been deselected from an Eyeglass Job, it can be re-selected for a different Job even if it is outside the Job path.  As a result, the Job may have an error for these share/export/quota due to path not found error.

    Workaround: Do not customize Eyeglass configuration replication Job and select share/export/quota that are outside the Job path.

    1887, T3727: Multiple SyncIQ policies associated with same Zone will result in transient error on Eyeglass Zone replication creation

    Where there are multiple SyncIQ policies which are associated to the same zone and Eyeglass configuration replication is being used to create the zone on the target, the first Zone replication job will succeed, but subsequent Zone replication jobs for the same Zone will fail with the message “Zone ‘<zone name>’ already exists”.

    Workaround: None required for OneFS 7.2 - 7.2 or 8 - 8 replication.  Error will be cleared on subsequent configuration replication cycle.

    For OneFS 7.2 - 8 replication, Zone Replication Readiness always has warning status and alarm is raised for failed audit on zone job.  Manually inspect that Access Zones are identical and that Zone Readiness Warning is related to this issue.

    1924: Quotas on excluded SyncIQ directory are selected for replication

    Eyeglass quota job includes quotas related to excluded SyncIQ directories.  If quota job is run, it will typically fail due to path not found.

    Workaround: Customize Quota Job and deselect quotas for excluded directories.

    1998: Custom Eyeglass configuration replication Job does not have an associated Zone replication Job

    When you create a new custom Eyeglass Job, an associated Zone replication Job is not created.

    Workaround: Zone must be created manually or already exist on the target cluster in order for Eyeglass configuration replication to succeed.

    2004: Custom Quota Job is incorrectly listed in the Failover: Quota Failover (RUN MANUALLY) section in the Jobs window

    When you create a new custom Eyeglass Job, the associated Quota replication Job is created and incorrectly listed under Failover: Quota Failover (RUN MANUALLY) section in the Jobs window.  Custom Quota Jobs do not need to be run manually, they are run automatically each time the customer Eyeglass configuration replication Job is run.

    Workaround: None required.  Custom Quota Jobs do not need to be run manually, they are run automatically each time the customer Eyeglass configuration replication Job is run.

    2007: Job error after deleting quota

    After running Quota Job and successfully replicating quota to target, if quota is deleted and Quota Job is run again the Quota is successfully deleted from the target but the Quota Job has Error status.

    Workaround: None required - quota is deleted.

    2038: Create alias results in temporary error

    When an nfs alias is replicated to the target, the initial create leaves Job in Error state with  related alarm " Alias <alias name> already exists on this zone"

    Workaround: None required.  Next replication cycle clears the error.

    2043: Configuration replication job has error after zone is deleted

    For the case where Zone related to a Configuration Replication Job is deleted on the source, the Zone and associated configuration items are successfully deleted on the target, but the Configuration Replication job remains in Error state.

    Workaround: None required.  Shares and exports are deleted as expected.

    2045: Edit Configuration for Custom Job has multiple source cluster selected where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters

    For the case where Eyeglass is managing more than 2 clusters, it may occur that the Edit Configuration view incorrect.

    Workaround: None required.  Shares and exports are replicated as expected.

    2046: Job Edit Configuration view has the wrong parent selected

    For the case where a configuration replication job contained a configuration items and the last configuration item is deleted - after the configuration item is deleted, the parent in the Edit Configuration view continues to be selected for the Job even though when you expand the tree there are correctly no children selected.

    Workaround: None required.

    2049: Delete Zone does not delete associated configuration items on target for custom Jobs and auto jobs with disabled zone Job

    When a non System zone is deleted on the Source, the Eyeglass Configuration Replication Custom Job or Auto job with disabled Zone Job does not remove the associated configuration items from target related to the deleted Zone.

    Workaround: Manually delete the Zone and associated configuration items on the target using OneFS.

    2235: Eyeglass replication Job does not complete when source cluster becomes unreachable after Job has started

    If the source cluster becomes unreachable after the Eyeglass configuration replication Job has started, the Job does not complete.

    Workaround: None required.  The Job will eventually complete after all communications timeouts have occurred.  This may take an hour.

    2060: Access Zone Replication Error - Error on creation of shared resource

    Error on Replication for Access Zone which shows Error on creation of shared resource.

    Workaround: None required.  Once SyncIQ Job has run again in OneFS, the next time configuration replication runs the Access Zone is replicated.

    2488: Inconsistent behaviour in Run Now for Disabled Jobs

    When Run Now is selected for an Eyeglass Job which is disabled, the handling is different depending on Job Type and state:

    For Job which is “Policy Disabled” - Run Now is blocked for all Jobs

    For Job which is “User Disabled” - Run Now not blocked and all enabled Jobs run

    For Robot Job which is disabled - Run Now not blocked, Job is initiated and then fails.

    Workaround: Only select enabled Jobs for Run Now.  

    1938: Issues with Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs after the Access Zone is deleted

    When you delete an Access Zone in OneFS, the following issues occur in Eyeglass:

    • corresponding Eyeglass Zone Configuration Replication Job is not deleted

    Workaround: None Required.  Job is empty.

    2308: In EyeGlass, NFS alias health is always 'unknown'

    Eyeglass Inventory, NFS Alias audit and Cluster Configuration Report always have the NFS alias health property set to unknown.

    Workaround: Determine the NFS Alias healt from the OneFS command line using isi command..

    2804: Disabled SyncIQ Policy is not initially displayed as Policy Disabled in Eyeglass

    When the Eyeglass system setting for INITIALSTATE is set to Disabled for Configuration Replication Jobs (Type = AUTO), the Jobs window State for the Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job where the corresponding SyncIQ Policy is disabled displays as “User Disabled” instead of “Policy Disabled”.  In this state the Eyeglass GUI allows you to Enable this Job, but in fact after the next Configuration Replication Job the Job is correctly displayed with the Policy Disabled state.

    Workaround: None Required.

    T676: Eyeglass Zone replication Job does not replicate all authentication providers for OneFS 8.0

    For OneFS 8.0, if an Access Zone has multiple authentication providers not all providers will be replicated for the Access Zone on the target cluster.

    Workaround: Manually edit the Access Zone on the target cluster and add the required authentication providers.

    T723: Job shows OK when there is an Access Eyeglass Zone Replication Error

    The Jobs window for an Access Zone replication Job which had a replication error or audit error shows as OK even though an Alarm was issued for the Error.

    Workaround: Monitor email for Access Zone replication errors.  Address the replication issues.

    T771: Edit Configuration does not show parent node selected

    If a change is made to a Configuration Replication Job to deselect a file sharing object from the job, the parent node where there still are selected objects is no longer selected in the Edit Configuration window.

    Workaround: Expand the Inventory View tree for SMB and NFS to see which objects are contained in the Job.

    T805: Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs not updated when IP address changed on Source Cluster

    An IP address change on the Source Cluster of an Eyeglass Configuration Replication job does not get picked up and the job continues to reference the old IP address resulting in a configuration replication error.

    Workaround: Reset Eyeglass to pick up IP address changes for Jobs on the newly active cluster

    1. Make a record of the state of all Configuration Replication Jobs in the Eyeglass Jobs window - these states will NOT be preserved on the reset:

      1. Jobs which are Configuration Replication type

      2. Jobs that are DFS enabled

      3. Jobs that are User Disabled

    2. SSH to Eyeglass appliance using admin: sudo -s enter (must use root)  then use admin password (default password: 3y3gl4ss)

    3. set the initial state for all Eyeglass Job types to User disabled


    4. cd /opt/superna/sbin

    5. ./

    6. Once reset completes, go to the chrome browser and refresh the browser and log in with the credentials

    7. Now, you need to add both of the clusters using Management subnet SSIP.

    8. Once it is added, open the Job window - now you will see all the Eyeglass configuration replication jobs are in the “user disabled” state

    9. .Enable all the Eyeglass configuration Job to DFS Mode if configured

    IMPORTANT: You must enable DFS mode before enabling the Job to prevent the creation of active shares on the target cluster.

    1. Enable all configuration replication job (except ones that were previously User Disabled) and run it

    T593: Eyeglass errors for multiple exports with the same path

    If an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job contains more than one Export with the same path, this may result in an AUDITFAILED state or configuration replication error  for the associated Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job in the DR Dashboard or a configuration replication error.

    Workaround: The following workaround is available to address this issue:

    1. Modify exports on the source to add a second path which is a sub-folder of the existing path.  This way Eyeglass will identify each Export uniquely. Example

               Initial State:

                export 1: /ifs/data/folder

                export 2: /ifs/data/folder

               Updated State:

                export 1: /ifs/data/folder


                export 2: /ifs/data/folder

              2) Exports must have different Clients.

    T1792: Eyeglass does not auto-detect PowerScale version changes and may use incorrect API version for Configuration Replication

    You may see Inventory errors after upgrading the PowerScale cluster version or adding a cluster to be managed by Eyeglass which has a different OneFS version than clusters already managed due to wrong version of API being used to connect to the cluster.

    Workaround: Restart the Eyeglass sca service as per instructions here for sca service:

    T1851: Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs not removed when there is no SyncIQ privilege for the eyeglass service account

    If the eyeglass service account has the SyncIQ privilege removed the Eyeglass Jobs are not updated to removed even though the associated SyncIQ policy cannot be retrieved.  The Jobs run successfully with the message “The job has no data to replicate; skipping it.”

    Workaround: eyeglass service account must have the SyncIQ privilege as documented in minimum permissions document here:

    T2193 - Export max_file_size setting not replicated correctly

    A large export max_file_size parameter is not replicated exactly to target as it is configured on the source which results in an Audit failure during Eyeglass Configuration Replication.  For example:

    Source 4611686018427388000

    Target: 4611686018427387904

    Workaround:  None available. For smaller values such as 1024 or 1048576 this error does not occur.

    T2757:  Access Zone is not replicated from OneFS 8 to OneFS 7.2

    Access Zone is not replicated from OneFS 8 to OneFS 7.2.

    Workaround: Create Access Zone and make updates manually.

    T1976 - Eyeglass Jobs Window Edit Configuration does not show related Snapshot Schedules

    If a Snapshot Schedule Replication Job is selected in the Jobs window, the Edit Configuration option does not mark the Snapshot Schedules which are included in the Job..

    Workaround:  Expand the Snapshot Schedule Job in the Jobs window to see the Source Path.  Manually review Snapshot schedule paths. Any Snapshot Schedule where the path is at or below the Job source path will be included in the Job.

    T2920:  Access Zone Authentication Provider is not replicated to the target cluster

    Eyeglass Configuration Replication does not sync the Access Zone Authentication Provider to the target cluster.

    Workaround: Add Authentication Provider to the Access Zone manually.

    T3629:  Renamed Snapshot Schedule leaves original Snapshot Schedule on the target

    After renaming a Snapshot Schedule, the next Configuration Replication cycle creates the new Snapshot schedule on the target but does not remove the Snapshot schedule with the original name such that on the target they both exist.

    Workaround: Manually remove the extra Snapshot Schedule from the target.

    T14803 Set Job Type AUTOSKIPCONFIG does not create associated jobs until configuration replication runs

    When setting job type for an unconfigured job to type SKIPCONFIG the other relaed jobs for snapshot schedule, zone, quota are not created until the next Configuration Replication cycle has completed.

    Workaround: None required - next scheduled Configuration Replication job will rectify and create the jobs.

    T15258 Unable to create Custom Job

    After creating a Custom Job, it is removed from the Job list after the next Configuration Replication cycle runs.

    Workaround: None Available

    T15321 DFS share name custom suffix may be doubled

    If you have configured a custom DFS suffix, if the source share name already has the suffix it may be added again to target share on replication instead of being skipped.

    Workaround: It is not expected for source share name to have the DFS suffix. Please contact for assistance.

    T15884 Some scenarios in networking API failures during Configuration Replication may not block deletes

    Some scenarios remain after resolution in 2.5.5 T12773 where when Eyeglass has an imcomplete view of PowerScale configuration due to a PowerScale API networking API call failure there is a risk of deleting and readding Eyeglass Configuration Replication jobs and losing their settings such as DFS mode or AutoSkipConfing mode or risk of deleting meta data such as SMB shares or NFS exports.

    Workaround: In 2.5.6 all new Eyeglass configuration replication jobs will be in unconfigured state. When activating ensure that you are activating in the correct mode: AUTO, DFS or AUTOSKIPCONFIG.

    T16965 Audit does not consider differences on source and target for SMB share property inheritable_path_acl

    For the case where an SMB share has been manually created on the target cluster with a different setting for the SMB share property inheritable_path_acl, the Supena Eyeglass compare of the source and target share does not identify the difference and therefore does not update the target share to match the source share.

    Workaround: One OneFS manually change the setting for this property, or if the share on the target cluster is not in use delete it and allow Eyeglass to recreate it.

    T18812/T23433 Error replicating SMB Share with Run as Root permission

    In some cases where an SMB share permission is configured with run as root the run as root permissions are replicated to the target as regular permissions and also subsequent attempts to update results in a duplication of permissions which results in duplicate error and/or AEC Error Failed to insert new run-as-root - Message too long.

    Workaround: To skip replication of share permissions and properties you can follow the steps here to view the shares and exports that are part of the Configuration Replication Job. To skip replication on a share, uncheck it. Once skipped, manual process will be required to keep share properties and permissions up to date on target cluster.

    T19026 Data Config Migration Preview incorrectly shows quotas selected

    If Data Config migration is configured to not replicate quotas, the Preview window incorrectly displays quotas as selected for replication. This is a display issue only. Quotas are not replicated when the migration job runs.

    Workaround: None required.

    T19177 NFS modify properties which are not client list fails with unresolvable host

    If an NFS export property is modified where the property is not an NSF export client and the client list contains unresolvable hosts, the Eyeglass replication job will fail to update the NFS export on the target with an unresolvable host error even if in Eyeglass the ignoreunresolvablehosts setting is set to true. Note that this is not an issue if an NFS export client list is modified as this results in a delete and create of the export since the client list is part of how we uniquely identify the export.

    Workaround: Manually update the export on the target cluster to update for new setting.

    T19894 NFS Export replication in DR Test Access Zone incorrectly identifies that update is required

    For case where main Configuration Replication job correctly does not identify any changes for an NFS export, the replication to thet DR Test Access Zone incorrectly identifies an update is required. Impact: None except for case where replication is subject to isssue T19177 NFS modify properties which are not client list fails with unresolvable host you will see an error.

    Workaround: None required.

    T20301 User Disabled AUTOSKIPCONFIG job becomes enabled after a rediscover or if policy renamed

    Upon executing a rediscover command in Eyeglass or if the SyncIQ policy associated with an AUTOSKIPCONFIG job is renamed, the status of the AUTOSKIPCONFIG job changes from User Disabled to Enabled. Impact: As AUTOSKIPCONFIG mode skips the replication os share and export properties there is no impact to any shares or exports on the target cluster if the job becomes enabled. Ability to failover the associated SyncIQ policy changes from being blocked to failover to being able to failover.

    Workaround: Manually update AUTOSKIPCONFIG job status after rediscover or policy rename.

    T20369 Configuration Replication Error after running DR Rehearsal failover on SyncIQ policy where source and target path are different and contain special characters and or spaces

    A configuration replication job that is OK and green prior to executing a DR Rehearsal failover may be in error after the DR Rehearsal revert when the SyncIQ policy source and target path are different and contain special characters and or spaces. Impact: No impact to subsequent DR Rehearsal failover. Changes to SMB shares or NFS exports for that job will not be replication.

    Workaround: SMB Shares and NFS exports on the target will have to be kept up to date manually.

    T21375 Snapshot schedule replication error on update

    Initial snapshot schedule replication completes successfully, but a change to the snapshot schedule such as changing the snapshot expiration results in following error on update: AEC_CONFLICT Schedule entry already exists with that name: File exists.

    Workaround: Snapshot schedule can be updated manually on the target cluster for changes.

    T22875 Configuration Replication audit step incorrect error when path contains a comma

    For Configuration Replication where the path contains a comma the post audit step incorrectly reports that the share is not identical on source and target. Impact is incorrect result on audit only, the replication of the share itself was successful. This also impacts failover readiness which will show a Warning as a result of this issue.

    Workaround: For Configuration Replication none required. For Failover, this Warning can be ignored and to failover with this Warning uncheck block on warning option. Any other Warning must be assessed independently before unchecking block on warning for failover.


    1138: Eyeglass UI does not block configuration of duplicate remote logging service

    Description: If you configure the same remote logging service twice in Eyeglass, the forwarding of logs to the logging service will fail

    Workaround: Only configure 1 instance of a remote logging service.

    2224: Eyeglass Cluster Configuration Report runs when Cluster is unreachable

    Eyeglass attempts to run the Cluster Configuration Report for Cluster that is not reachable.  The Job is started but does not complete.

    Workaround: None available.  Report will run successfully once cluster is reachable.

    2061: Access Zone name for Directory Migration is case sensitive

    Check for Access Zone exists on target cluster for Directory migration fails is case sensitive and will fail if Access Zone exists with same name but different case.

    Workaround: Access Zone name and case must be identical between source and target for Directory Migration.

    2882: Phone Home Email Disabled

    Phone home feature is changing and will be disabled . A new web direct option will be used in a future release.

    Workaround: Use the Eyeglass Backup Full Archive function to collect Eyeglass configuration and logs.  Procedure is described in the document

    3037: Configure Remote Logging Services in Eyeglass requires manual steps

    After configuring the Remote Log  Consumer in Eyeglass, additional manual steps are required on the Eyeglass appliance to update syslog-ng.conf to enable the service.

    Workaround: Please refer to Eyeglass Tech Note Eyeglass PowerScale Remote Logging Service Tech Note section “Setup Eyeglass remote logging manually for log Analysis”.

    T1515:  Eyeglass Shell feature not functioning for RHEL and Centos deployments

    If Eyeglass is deployed on a Redhat or Centos operating system the Eyeglass Shell feature does not work.

    Workaround: ssh to the Eyeglass server using other tools such as putty.

    T3119:  Access Zone Migration Preview does not always display Configuration information

    The Access Zone Migration Preview window does not display the shares, exports and quotas that will be migrated if the source path selected for migration does not have an associated SyncIQ policy.

    Workaround: Review shares/exports/quota paths manually to determine which configuration data will be migrated for the selected source path.

    T3170:  Quota Requests History shows Status of Error for processed requests after failover

    After failover, the Quota Requests History will show state for all processed quota requests as error instead of showing the status of the request as it was when the request was processed.

    Workaround: Verify from OneFS that the quota settings are as expected.

    T4280:  User Storage View may show all quotas instead of only the User Quotas

    It may occur that the User Storage View shows all quotas configured instead of just the quotas related to the logged in User.

    Workaround: Logout and refresh browser and then log back in and reopen window may clear this condition.  If not, the quota path may be used to determine which quota apply to the logged in user.

    T4329:  DR Test Status does not open

    When DR Test Job has first been created, the DR Test Status window does not open and shows the error “Readiness data not found.  Please run configuration replication.” even though Configuration Replication has run.

    Workaround: DR Status window will open once DR Test Mode has been Enabled.

    T4432:  DR Test Mode action on multiple policies do not display in Running Jobs

    When multiple DR Test Jobs are selected in the DR Assistant to enable or disable DR Test mode, the Running Jobs window only shows 1 Job even though action is being applied to all selected Jobs.

    Workaround: None required - display issue only.  Action completed against all selected jobs.

    T4968:  SyncIQ Job Report Troubleshooting section missing information when report is generated on demand

    When a SyncIQ Job Report is generated from the Reports on Demand window, the Troubleshooting section may not be populated.

    Workaround: Use the scheduled daily report for Troubleshooting information.

    T5173:  Quota Modification Request window does not close after Submit

    After a Quota Modification Request is submitted, the window does not close and remains in a loading state.

    Workaround: None required - display issue only.  Action was completed and the request can be seen in the Pending Requests window.

    T6389:  Built-In AD Groups cannot be used with the Cluster Storage Monitor Active Directory Managed Quota feature

    When configuring Cluster Storage Monitor AD Group Mode Templates for automated quota creation, AD built-in groups such as "domain users" cannot be used as the users in the group will not be correctly identified.

    Workaround: Create new AD Group for quota assignment and add this group to related shares in PowerScale. For additional information on use of AD groups for share security vs quota creation please read here.

    T8834:  Storage Monitor Report missing user information when friendly name cannot be resolved

    User quotas created for users who are not in the default AD Domain, a friendly name cannot be resolved and quota itself is associated with user SID but in the Storage Monitor Report the user is reported as "user" instead of showing user SID.

    Workaround: None available.

    T9561:  Unlock my files incorrectly displays directories 

    Unlock My Files window incorrectly includes directories in the display instead of just files. If a directory is inadvertently "unlocked" it may disconnect clients or have other unexpected results.

    Workaround: Do not use unlock for directories.

    T11807 Alarm for quota synchronization error does not contain error details

    For case where quota synchronization fails (example advisory threshold configured to be greater than hard threshold), an Eyeglass alarm is raised but the alarm does not contain any details of the error.

    Workaround: In Eyelgass Jobs / Running Jobs window tree view under "Group Quota Synchronization Steps" navigate down the tree and find the step with an error. The Info link should contain error details if available.

    T12307 Cluster Storage Usage may be incomplete

    When the API request for cluster storage usage is returned from PowerScale with information missing for one or more nodes, the Eyeglass Cluster Storage Usage window may not display all information for the nodes where information was returned. For example for a 4 node cluster if the API response only contains information for nodes 1, 3 and 4 the Cluster Storage Usage window may only display information for node 1 even though node 3 and node 4 information is available.

    Workaround: Use PowerScale tools to determine storage usage.

    T13390 DR Testing (Disaster Recovery Testing) Job initially always in User Disabled state

    When an Eyeglass Job first becomes type Disaster Recover Testing it is always in User Disabled state no matter what state it was in as an AUTO job.

    Workaround: Select the checkbox for the Disaster Recovery Testing job and then Select a bulk action / Enable/Disable to enable it.

    T14956 No Recovery when DR Test Mode in Entering DR Testing or Exiting DR Testing

    If DR Test Mode Make Target Writeable/ Make Target Read-Only does not complete and is left in the Entering DR Testing or Exiting DR Testing state there is no way to revert or retry the operation.

    Workaround: To assist in recovery from this state please open a support case at .

    T14962 DR Test Mode Configuration Replication step does not run configuration replication for the DR Test mode job itelf

    If Configuration Replication option is selected for Make Target Writeable, the DR Test mode job itself is not included and any changes to SMB shares or NFS exports that had not been previously synced will not be present on shares / exports used for the DR Test.

    Workaround: Let scheduled configuration replication job run or manually initiate configuration replication to sync SMB shares and NFS exports to the DR Test mode shares / exports prior to initiating Make Target Writeable.

    T15215 Data Config (Zone) Migration Job can not be created where Migration or Destination Path contains special characters

    A Data Config Migration Job will fail to be created if the Migration or Destination Path contains special characters (example & or ').

    Workaround: None Available

    T15311 Data Config (Zone) Migration Job fails for existing policy when "Migrate only configuration" is checked

    A Data Config Migration Job will fail when there is an existing SyncIQ policy on the migration path and "Migrate only configuration: is not checked.

    Workaround: Select "Migrate only configuration" option to sync the configuration items and separately manage SynciQ from PowerScale interface to manage data replication.

    T17535 Quota Search - Display of quota count on modify may not be correct

    The count of quotas modified displayed on the GUI may not be accurate.

    Workaround: Verify via OneFS interface that requested changes have all been made.

    T17739 Cannot create quota template for less than 1 GB

    Quota template creation for Active Directory Managed Quotas (igls csm template add) does not allow creation of a quota limit of less than 1 GB either by entering less than 1024 MB or a decimal in GB.

    Workaround: None available - minimum quota size available is 1 GB.

    T18148 Incorrect Error Message for unreachable Powerscale cluster when breaking lock

    Error message is displayed if Break Lock operation occurs when Powerscale cluster is unreachable, but does not indicate that the issue is an unreachable cluster. Error message may simply say "Error unlocking file!" if a node is unreachable or "Server error when processing request: null" if entire cluster is unreachable.

    Workaround: None required

    T19464 AD Group Template incorrectly creates quota on share where user permission is explicitly defined

    If you have user permission assigned explicitly to share and that user is in an AD Group template for quota assignment, quota will be correctly created on the share(s) with the AD Group template assigned but will also incorrectly create a quota for any share where user permission is assigned explicitly.

    Workaround: Use AD groups to assign permission to shares.

    T20183 Unlock My Files does not display results if there is a Powerscale node that does not respond

    If a Powerscale node does not respond (for example node is down or unreachable) when Unlock My Files is run, locked files on nodes that do respond are not displayed.

    Workaround: Ensure that all PowerScale nodes are available.

    T22209 igls adv ADGroupThresholds does not scan

    The igls adv ADGroupThresholds starts API calls to retrieve AD users and groups but it does not evaluate the template to determine whether any quotas should be applied. 

    Workaround: None available.

    T22622 Active Directory Managed Quotas fails with LDAP configured for retrieving user and groups

    With Eyeglass configured to use LDAP to retrieve Active Directory Users and Groups, the Active Directory Managed QUotas feature does not work as the groups cannot be identified.

    Workaround: Default collection of Active Directory User and Groups should be used with the Active Directory Managed Quotas feature.


    924: Inventory View shows + beside component when there are no more children

    Description: In the Inventory View, components for which there are no children still show a “+” in the inventory tree. When you select the “+”, it changes to a “-” but there are no children displayed.

    Workaround: None Required.

    T17694:   API token download of CMDB file is blocked by desktop login

    Description: The API token download access to the servicenow.xml file is blocked by the web server desktop authentication service.

    Workaround: Log in to the desktop and enter the URL https://isilon-eyeglass/servicenow/servicenow.xml to view download the file. API token access requires future release to bypass web server desktop login. 

    943: Inventory View not auto-refreshed

    Description: Inventory View is not auto-refreshed and if open when a change occurs does not reflect the change.

    Workaround: Use the Refresh Now button or close and reopen the Inventory View.

    1612,T11989: Some alarms not cleared

    Alarms other than the “Replication job failed to run “ are not cleared automatically once the error condition has been resolved. Example, DR Readiness alarm not cleared once readiness is green.

    Workaround: Clear the alarm manually from the Eyeglass UI.

    2155: Access Zone Networking info does not display in Inventory View

    To see the Networking info for an Access Zone in the Inventory View:

    • the Failover Readiness job has to have run

    • the Access Zone must have an associated SyncIQ Policy

    Workaround: Enable Failover Readiness job.

    2628/T15193: Job Definitions window does not sort properly

    Click on column headings in Jobs window to sort listings does not sort properly and sometimes lists jobs outside of the category groupings.  

    Workaround: None available

    2895: Inventory SPN View is truncated

    The Eyeglass Inventory view may be truncated and not display all SPNs stored in the database.

    Workaround: Use isi command directly on cluster to determine all SPN.

    2366: EyeGlass does not support special characters in email recipient address

    Email addresses in Eyeglass do not support special characters.

    Workaround: Do not provision email recipients or Email Server user with email address that has special characters.

    2385: Refresh Now does not refresh the Failover History window

    The Failover History window is not updated by the Eyeglass Refresh Now functionality.

    Workaround: Close and reopen the Failover History window to see updates.

    2744: Failed to Retrieve Inventory Alarm missing information

    For the case where Inventory does not run because another instance of the Inventory Task was already running, the alarm that is raised does not provide this additional information

    Workaround: Review the Eyeglass logs at the time that the inventory alarm occurred and search for the string “Another instance of Inventory Task is still running. Not starting”.

    2978: Syslog Log Viewer freezes Eyeglass web page

    Opening the Eyeglass Syslog Log Viewer window may cause the Eyeglass web page to freeze.

    Workaround: Refresh the Eyeglass web page or Fetch the Eyeglass Main Log first and then Fetch the Eyeglass Syslog.

    T971: Eyeglass End User Interface Tree View Expanders do not collapse

    The Eyeglass End User Interface DR Dashboard tree display ‘+’ can be used to expand the tree but then the ‘-’ does not collapse the tree again.

    Workaround: Close and reopen the window

    T1514:  Eyeglass Archive cannot be downloaded when Eyeglass is deployed on Redhat or Centos

    Eyeglass Backup Archive file cannot be downloaded from the Eyeglass web page if Eyeglass is deployed on a Redhat or Centos operating system.

    Workaround: The Eyeglass Backup Archive files are stored here on the Eyeglass server: /srv/www/htdocs/archive/  and can be copied from this location with a tool such as WinSCP.

    T3137 - Eyeglass daily backup not working for RHEL/CentOS Deployments

    The scheduled daily backup for Eyeglass is not working for RHEL/CentOS deployments.

    Workaround:  Manually create backup file from the Eyeglass GUI:  About/Contact -> Backup -> Create Full Backup

    T4596: Log Viewer cannot fetch logs

    Under certain conditions the Log View may not be able to Fetch logs.  

    Workaround: Use the About/Contact -> Backup to create a Backup Archive and then download to your local system to review logs.  

    The Log View feature will be deprecated in a future release.

    T12370 Network Visualization does not display Pool Readiness

    The Network Visualization window Info Tab does not have a section for Pool Readiness. If you have Pool Failover configured you may see the related Access Zone in the Zone Readiness tab or related policies in the Policy Readiness tab. If you select status for that object it will open the DR Dashboard to the selected section not the Pool Readiness sectiion.

    Workaround: For assessing Pool Failover readiness open the DR Dashboard and select Pool Readiness.

    T12373 Cluster Storage Window Empty

    Under some conditions, the Cluster Storage Usage / Cluster Storage window is empty when it is opened.

    Workaround: In some cases after toggling between Cluster Storage and Cluster Hardware menu or selecting Details the clusters will appear. If this does not resolve the issue, then native Powerscale tools can be used to collect cluster storage information.

    T15310 REST API / Widgets creates empty html file

    Unable to create web widget for DR Readiness.

    Workaound: Use Eyeglass API to retrieve DR Readiness information. Plan to deprecate web widget in 2.5.7.

    T15493 Extraneous Post Failover placeholder scripts

    There are extraneous postfailover script provided that are not runnable:,, script3.js .

    Workaround: None required. These scripts should be ignored as they contain no examples. The environment_example scripts should be used as a reference.

    T15511 Historical failover logs may lose formatting after a backup & restore

    Failover logs retrieved from the Failover History may not have formatting after backup & restore.

    Workaround: None required.

    T15647 igls app report issues

    The igls app report command to create a dr health summary file does not exit on completion of execution. The report is available for review but the command itself is not exited.

    Workaround: Use CtrlC to exit the command.

    The igls app report command may report below error and not start.

    Starting a log parser service...
    sh: /opt/superna/java/jre1.8.0_05/bin/java: No such file or directory

    Workaround: Run the report using command below. Once run this way the correct java version should be available to igls app report command as well.

    java -jar /opt/superna/bin/LogParserSca-0.0.1-SNAPSHOT-jar-with-dependencies.jar

    T17530 Backup and Restore does not properly set location/permission for Eyeglass log files

    After restoring Eyeglass backup , the Eyeglass log files location and/or permission is not properly set.

    Workaround - 2.5.6-20258: Follow the steps below after the restore to correctly set log location:

    1. SSH to Eyeglass VM (user: admin, default password: 3y3gl4ss)

    2. sudo su (enter admin password)

    3. execute below command

    cd /opt/superna/sca && mkdir -p /opt/data/superna/sca/logs && cp -af logs/* /opt/data/superna/sca/logs && rm -rf logs && ln -s /opt/data/superna/sca/logs && chown -R sca:users /opt/superna/sca/logs

    4. Done

    Workaround - 2.5.6-20263: Follow the steps below after the restore to correctly set log location:

    1. SSH to Eyeglass VM (user: admin, default password: 3y3gl4ss)

    2. sudo su (enter admin password)

    3. execute below command

    cd /opt/superna/sca && chown -h -R -L sca:users /opt/superna/sca/logs

    4. Done

    T18000 Quota limit reached on Eyeglass appliance eca logs directory does not have an alarm

    if the quota limit on the Eyeglass appliance ecal logs directory is reached there is no alarm to notify administrator. One the limit is reached the collection of ECA logs is affected. Operation of Eyeglass products is no affected.

    Workaround: Manually monitor space consumed in this directory.

    T18983 Multiple licenses applied to same Powerscale cluster

    In some cases, 2 add-on licenses are assigned to a single Powerscale cluster. For example, 2 Ransomware Defender licenses are applied to 1 Powerscale cluster instead of 1 per Powerscale being managed. This prevents additional Powerscale cluster from being licensed.

    Workaround: Contact for assistance.

    T19208 Too many open files

    If Eyeglass is also managing Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor or Performance Auditor, under some circumstances when the ECA is unhealthy over a period the heartbeat loop results in condition where Eyeglass is in an error state related to too many open files. Impact once file limit is reached is that application no longer functions properly and eventually will restart.

    Workaround: Contact for assistance.

    T19276 Configuration file for enhanced HA for misconfigured/unavailable DNS not restored with --anyrelease option

    A restore which uses the --anyrelease option does not restore the configuration file used by Eyeglass for it's enhanced HA solution for misconfigured/unavailable DNS. This is not an issue for same release restore.

    Impact: None if DNS is available and configured properly, the file will be rebuilt as the system comes up.

    Workaround: For case where DNS is not available / misconfigured the file is available in the restore zip under the data folder data/fqdnipmapping.json and can be replaced on the new restore appliance manually. For assistance please contact

    T19280 Eyeglass services do not start if retrieval of banned file list on startup hangs

    If on Eyeglass startup the step that attempts to retrieve the well known banned file list hangs, no Eyeglass services will be able to start. None of the scheduled jobs such as configuration replication, readiness will run.

    Workaround: Steps to workaround are below. Contact if you would like assistance.

    1. SSH to Eyeglass as admin user
    2. Run command:  sudo vim /opt/superna/sca/data/system.xml
    3. Find the line that starts with <rsw_threat_file_url>
    4. Modify URL to something that does not resolve
    5. Save your changes
    6. restart Eyeglass services:  sudo systemctl restart sca

    T19523 After anyrelease restore or rediscover quota jobs for main and mirror policy are both enabled

    If you have corresponding mirror policy for your main SyncIQ policies, in the Eyeglass QUOTA jobs it is expected that one quota job is enabled (either OK or Pending) and the other job is Policy Disabled based on which SyncIQ policy is active. After using anyrelease restore or running the rediscover command to rebuild the database, the job which should have been policy disabled is enabled and in Pending and both jobs are able to be run.

    Impact to Configuration Replication of shares/exports/nfs alias: None. This issue does not affect these jobs. These jobs are active / policy disabled as expected.

    Impact to Failover: None

    Important: Do not run these jobs manually, they will be executed by Eyeglass during a failover. If you manually run the quota job in the wrong direction it will delete all active quotas.

    Workaround: None required.

    T19572 Alarms History missing on new 2.5.7 15.2 deployments

    For Eyeglass deployment on 2.5.7 15.2 OVA, alarm history is not being saved to the database and the alarms history window in the Eyeglass Alarms window is empty.

    Impact: This issue has only been seen to impact viewing the Alarm History. Alarm emails and writing to the igls_alarms.log used for syslog forwarding of alarms has not been affected.

    Workaround: igls_alarms log can be used to reivew alarm history if required. Contact to make modification on the appliance to remedy this issue.

    T20371 API error on OneFS 9.x for retrieving DNS settings

    The inventory that is collected at midnight for the Cluster Configuration report includes an API call for network/settings/dns. For OneFS 9.x clusters this API call fails. This information is collected for information purposes only and failure to retrieve this information has no impact on Eyeglass functionality other than this information will not be available in the Cluster Configuration report.

    Workaround: Use Powerscale native tools to document DNS settings.

    T20407 igls app report error for OneFS 9.2

    The igls add report command may return an error that the cluster version is not supported if Eyeglass is managing OneFS 9.2 cluster.

    Workaround: None available. Support can provide assistance on information used to assess DR status.

    T21275 Deleted Powerscale cannot be readded

    A Powerscale cluster that has been added into Eyeglass can be deleted but results in an error if it is readded:  The ip address that you have entered belong to <powerscale>. This cluster is already managed by eyeglass

    Workaround: Contact for assistance.

    T20808 Alarms window info column does not display full text

    If the message in the Info column exceeds the available space, it is truncated and cannot be read from the window.

    Workaround: Copy the partial text and paste externally (for example into Notepad) to see full text.

    T21820 DR Edition - Manage Services window Eyeglass services status does not display CPU and RAM usage info

    In the Manage Services window, the Eyeglass services status may not show the CPU and RAM usage.

    Workaround: Use external tools to determine Eyeglass CPU and memory usage.  The Manage Services view will provide up time.

    T19213 Eyeglass RAM Alarm inconsistent notification

    The Eyeglass RAM alarm notification is inconsistent.  It may appear in the Active Alarms window or just in the Alarm History window.   It may appear in one of the Alarms windows but not send email.  It may only send an email on initial detection or it may email each time Configuration Replication runs.

    Workaround: Use both Alarm GUI and notification to determine whether you have an issue with RAM configured on Eyeglass.

    T21060 Alarms without info cannot be cleared

    Some alarms may appear in the alarm window without any info in which case they will also be missing the link to clear the alarm.

    Workaround: None available

    T23072 Eyeglass RAM alarm for concurrent user login does not clear

    If the number of concurrent logged in users falls below the alarm threshold, the alarm does not clear and on logout the timestamp associated with the alarm is incorrectly updated.

    Workaround: None available

    T23052, T23065, T23066 Log Parser Report Download links not working

    In the log parser report generated from the Log Parser icon, the following download links do not download related files:

    - Download eyeglass backup for this report

    - Download full 'managed device alerts' table

    - Download full 'RPO analysis' table


    - Download eyeglass backup - none required, the backup had previously been downloaded in order to generate the report

    - Download managed device alerts - managed device alerts can be viewed from the Alarms -> Managed Device Alerts tab

    - Download RPO analysis table - none available

    T23043 Restrictions in Log Parser customer name

    Submit button is disabled if the customer name entered in the Log Parser Add New Backup window contains an underscore ( _ ) character.

    Workaround: Do not use _ in the customer name in log parser.

    T23113 Log Parser does not show link for report when appliance id contains a slash ( / )

    If the appliance id associated with the backup contains a slash character ( / ), the log parser report is generated but the link to view the log parser report does not appear in the Log Parser window.

    Workaround: The log parser report exists on the file system /opt/data/log_reports/<customer name> with an extra sub-folder where the slash occurs in the appliance id. The associated index.html file can be copied from the appliance with WinSCP in order to be viewed.

    T23009 Log parser permission may not be added to admin role on upgrade

    On upgrade from a previous release, the admin role may not have the LOG_PARSER permission required to see the Log Parser icon.

    Workaround: Edit the admin role and select the LOG_PARSER permission. Logout and login to see the icon.

    T23328 igls app report errors

    The igls app report command encounters errors reading from the database which prevents all information from appearing the report such as configuration information, job information, failover readiness information.

    Workaround: Use the Log Parser GUI functionality to generate the log parse report. How to use the Log Parser GUI can be found here.

    T23161 Upgrade to from earlier build fails

    An upgrade to latest build from an earlier build fails.

    Workaround: Contact for workaround.

    DR-896 Runbook Robot Options on GUI were exposed in the 2.5.12 release

    The options for an upcoming feature to use SMB mounts for the runbook robot were inadvertently exposed in the Add Managed Device GUI on the eyeglass appliance. These fields are not currently used, so any values entered there will be ignored.

    DR-1247 All SMB sessions-login, sg, roboaudit don't work on Onefs's Secure hashing algorithms

    SMB user authentication is not supported for SHA256 and SHA512 hashed user passwords.

    Workaround: Use AD users for eyeglass logins, security guard and robo audit testing.

    DEVSECOPS-258 `libzypp`/`rpm` bug causes installers to fail

    libzypp version 17.31.22 introduces an incompatibility with the currently available version of rpm (4.14.3 at the time of writing). The following error occurs when the installer attempts to install the RPMs:

    error: Macro %_dump_posttrans has empty body 


    Workaround:libzypp must be downgraded and locked to prevent the broken from being installed either manually or by the Yast2 Auto Update process:

    sudo zypper in -y --oldpackage --allow-downgrade 'libzypp<17.31.22' 

    sudo zypper addlock 'libzypp<17.31.22'

    DS-857 Powerscale NFS lockout not working when using the entire network/subnet

    The lockout will fail when using network/subnet CIDR in the NFS permission field.

    Workaround: Using individual IPs, e.g., from n.n.n.0/24 to n.n.n.n.

    Known Limitations

    Known Limitations for PowerScale OneFS 8.0.0.x with Eyeglass

    T507 Cluster Report for OneFS 8.0 missing information

    The Eyeglass Cluster Configuration Report for OneFS 8.0 is missing the following information:

    • DNS and Subnet information

    • File System Explorer

    • Protocols - new HDFS, FTP, HTTP settings

    Known Limitations for Eyeglass Failover

    T939  Eyeglass Access Zone Replication Job in Error after failover

    The Access Zone Replication Job associated with the SyncIQ mirror policy configuration replication Job has the following error when the SyncIQ policy source and target path are not identical.

    Workaround:  Create and update Access Zones manually on source and target cluster and disable Eyeglass Access Zone replication Jobs.  With the Eyeglass Access Zone replication Jobs disabled, the Zone Configuration Replication Readiness Jobs will have a status of Unknown.  This does not block failover.

    T1785  Cannot set ignore flag on subnet pool after failback

    It is not supported to apply an igls-ignore flag on a subnet pool that has been failed over and failed back such that the SmartConnect Zone has an igls-original prefix due to the fact that on a subsequent failover the igls-original prefix will not be removed and will leave the Access Zone in a state where both directions are failed over.

    Workaround:  Manually edit SmartConnect Zone on active cluster to remove the igls-original prefix.  Run Configuration Replication and then run the Failover Readiness job to update Zone Readiness.

    T2479: Access Zone Failover fails between OneFS 7.2 clusters if Eyeglass also managing OneFS 7.1

    For the case where Eyeglass is managing OneFS 7.2 and OneFS 7.1 clusters, an Access Zone failover between OneFS 7.2 clusters will fail as OneFS7.1 linmap command is attempted and fails.

    Workaround: Access Zone failover in this Configuration is unsupported as for Eyeglass Inter-version management, it is expected to apply capabilities of lower versions to all versions being managed and Access Zone failover for OneFS 7.1 is not supported. No workaround required.

    T3258: Cannot start failover while Eyeglass initial inventory is running

    For the case where Eyeglass has been restarted and the initial inventory is running for initial discovery, while the initial inventory is running a failover cannot be started.  A “Failover configuration is not valid” message will be displayed in the GUI followed by a message that the target cluster is not managed by Eyeglass.

    Workaround: Wait for initial inventory to completed before initiating a failover.   Check running jobs windows for the initial inventory job to show completed.

    T3774: Failover relies on policy naming: <policy name> and <policy name_mirror>

    The Superna Eyeglass failover relies on following naming conventions:

    1. First failover A to B- policy name = <policy name>.

    The first failover name cannot be <policy name>_mirror.

    1. Second failover B to A - policy name = <policy name>_mirror.

    Workaround: Manual process on naming the convention above must be followed.

    T4808: SPNs not updated for new authentication providers after Access Zone settings changed to “Use all authentication providers” (OneFS 7.2)

    If an Access Zone is modified from manually defining the authentication providers to using the “Use all authentication providers” setting in OneFS 7.2, Eyeglass will not update SPNs for any new authentication providers that where not previously provisioned.

    Workaround: Manual process required to create these SPNs.

    T6229: Existing Failover Logs cannot be reviewed after upgrade to Eyeglass R2.0

    Failover logs which were generated from previous releases cannot be viewed from the Eyeglass DR Assistant Failover History view after upgrade to Eyeglass R2.0

    Workaround: Generate an Eyeglass Backup and download to your local machine.  The Failover logs are contained in the backup archive in the folder failover_logs.

    T14321 Zone/Pool Failover Readiness for AD Delegation validation, SPN Readiness validation not supported for Multi-Site failover configuration

    For multi-site failover configuration the AD Delegation validation is not supported as it runs in parallel for both the A -> B and A->C resulting in conflicts and errors for both the self and cross AD delegation testing.

    For multi-site failover configuration SPN Readiness validation is not supported as there are 2 pools on the B and C clusters with the same igls-original.... SmartConnectZone name and this cannot provisioned in AD as it does not support duplicate SPNs.

    Workaround: For multi-site failover manual verification for AD delegation can be done as documented here and the DR Dashboard AD Delegation validation can be disabled following documentation here.

    SPN Readiness validation warning cannot be disabled and after manual verification that correct SPNs are present can be ignored.

    T15611 Pool Readiness Alarms are reported per Zone

    Instead of reporting Pool Readiness alarms per Pool they are reported against the Access Zone that is configured for Pool Failover.

    Workaround: None required.

    DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness Validation Supported DNS servers

    DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness validation is only supported by design for Microsoft DNS server. This validation must be disabled if any other DNS server is being used. This can be done from the Eyeglass command line using the command: igls adv readinessvalidation set --dualdelegation=false

    DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness validation uses PowerScale GroupNet DNS server

    The DNS Dual Delegation Failover Readiness validation uses the PowerScale Groupnet DNS as the query server. If the Eyeglass appliance does not have access to the PowerScale Groupnet DNS for example due to firewall restrictions the failover readiness validation will fail.

    Workaround: There is an option to configure Eyeglass to use the Eyeglass appliance DNS Server for the validation. Details can be found here.

    T17254 Failover does not take into account Powerscale job retries

    In some cases Powerscale will retry a job after it fails and eventually if it succeeds the overall status of the job remains in Needs Attention. Failover logic takes the success / fail status from the first attempt only.

    T18556 User Quota Replication requires System Access Zone AD Provider

    The API used for creating user quotas requires System Access Zone to be configured with an AD provider to be able to resolve the user SID. If the user SID cannot be resolved the quota creation will fail with the error AEC_BAD_REQUEST "Requested persona was not of user or group type".

    Workaround: Add an AD provider to the System Access Zone that has a trust relationship with the other domains in other Access Zones in order for SIDs to be resolved.

    T19681 Runbook Robot NFS Export not created on target cluster

    If NFS Export create and mount step are enabled for Runbook Robot, the Robot export is not created as it should have been on the target cluster causing the robot failover job to fail. This issue does only affect the Runbook Robot job. No impact to regular configuration replication or failover. Workaround: Runbook Robot mount and export creation steps are disabled by default and should be left as disabled.

    Known Limitations for Eyeglass Configuration Replication

    Multi-Path Exports

    T1359  Update NFS Multi-Path Export path(s) may cause transient Configuration Replication Error

    Eyeglass uniquely identifies an NFS Export based on its path.  When the path is changed this results in a Create and Delete operation in Eyeglass.  It may occur that the create is attempted before the Delete is executed. In this case a Configuration Replication error occurs.  This is automatically resolved in the subsequent replication cycle when the new export is successfully created.

    Export cannot have multiple paths that span multiple Eyeglass Jobs

    Export with multiple paths that are protected by different SyncIQ policies is not supported.  This export configuration is not supported for DR as it would not allow per policy failover and is an unsupported configuration for Eyeglass.

    The solution for this is to split the single export into multiple exports each with paths that correspond to a single SyncIQ policy.

    T1359  Update NFS Multi-Path Export path(s) may cause transient Configuration Replication Error

    Eyeglass uniquely identifies an NFS Export based on its path.  When the path is changed this results in a Create and Delete operation in Eyeglass.  It may occur that the create is attempted before the Delete is executed. In this case a Configuration Replication error occurs.  This is automatically resolved in the subsequent replication cycle when the new export is successfully created.

    T1743  Multiple export with same path and same client do not show Configuration Replication Error

    Multiple exports with the same path are required to have different clients in order to be replicated as per PowerScale default behaviour.  In the case where they have been provisioned with same client, Eyeglass Configuration Replication will only show error for this condition on the second configuration replication cycle.

    T1847  OneFS 8 Overlapping Access Zone Replication has error

    In OneFS 8 where there are Access Zones have identical paths, Eyeglass Access Zone Replication will fail with the following error from the PowerScale cluster:  AEC_CONFLICT “field” “path” “message” “access zone base path \*/ifs\* overlaps with base path \*/ifs/data/zone\* in Access Zone Use the force overlap option to override. In this case disable Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs for Access Zones and manually create the Access Zone on the target cluster.

    T1972  Snapshot schedule replicated with offset

    Snapshot schedule expiration offset has OneFS API bug that adds extra time to snapshot expiration when the snapshot schedule is created.  This results in an expiration on the DR cluster, that can be greater than entered on the source cluster. example expire in 20 days will be 22 days on the target cluster.  Different units of off set all result in a value greater than entered. After failover the DR (target cluster) value will be synced back to the source (Prod cluster). Thereby losing the original expiry offset  and extending the expire time by a new offset from the API error. This has been raised with EMC as SR to resolve.

    1. Work around:  Before failover ensure a cluster report has been generated (cluster reports icon), or an existing emailed cluster report exists.   Post Failover re-enter the original values on the DR snapshot schedules using the cluster report values from the source cluster as a reference.

    2. Another option is disable Snapshot Sync jobs in the jobs window if the above workaround does not meet your needs to preserve expiry of snapshot settings.

    UPDATE: Resolution for this OneFS issue is available in OneFS  Access Zone Replication limitation when all user mapping rules are deleted

    Access Zone Replication successfully creates and updates user mapping rules and also successfully deletes user mapping rules except when all user mapping rules are removed from the source.  In the case where all user mapping rules are deleted from the source, the Access Zone configuration replication job will not delete all on the target - the user mapping rules remain on the target.

    T2241  Incorrect missing SPN alarm issued when PowerScale cluster joined to multiple Domains

    In an environment where the PowerScale cluster is joined to multiple Domains, the OneFS SPN check command for a specified domain returns list of SPNs from other domains and lists them as missing.  In this case Eyeglass issues an SPN alarm for missing SPNs based on the list returned even if there are no missing SPNs in the domain specified in the check command.

    T2779 - Eyeglass Configuration Replication “Full Sync Mode” always updates when Default Settings on Source and Target cluster are not the same

    If on the Source and Target cluster for an Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job the “Default Settings” say for SMB are not the same, each replication cycle will perform an update operation even though the shares are already synced and identical.  Making the Default Settings the same for both clusters will eliminate this behaviour and return to expected behaviour to not perform the update when shares are determined to already be identical.

    T2780  Same host moved to different NFS Export Client list not updated on target

    For the cases where:

    • same host is provisioned on multiple client list and then one host is removed

    • Same host is moved from one client list to another

    The change in NFS client list is not replicated to the target cluster.  Target cluster client list must be updated manually.

    T2908  New Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job cannot recover state and mode from the Eyeglass Fingerprint file.

    When a SyncIQ Policy is renamed, Eyeglass considers it to be a new SyncIQ Policy and therefore creates a new Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job with the new name.  The Eyeglass Fingerprint file which holds Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Mode and State for recovery does not link the original Job name with the new name and can therefore not be used to recover these properties for the new Eyeglass Job.

    T4289  Delete Share or Export may result in temporary Audit error

    After a share or export is deleted as part of Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job, the next Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job Audit task may incorrectly expect that the object is not deleted resulting in a alarm such as “ Replication job audit failed" - "objects not found on source or target cluster, hence audit fails” .  The error is cleared on the next Eyeglass Configuration Replication Job where the Audit task correctly does not try to audit the deleted object.

    T5972  No Error Message for Duplicate NFS Export on OneFS 7.2 Configuration Replication Failed

    Duplicate NFS Export on OneFS 7.2 Configuration Replication failure is expected, however in this case there is no specific Info associated with failed step to identify the issue.

    T14936 Short SPN not created during Configuration Replication

    Eyeglass Configuration Replication will only create full version of SPN, no short version is created. Note that Access Zone and Pool Failover update both short and full version of SPN. If short version is required it can be manually added using AD tools.

    T17097 Eyeglass Configuration Replication direction follows Enable/Disable state of SyncIQ policies

    Eyeglass Configuration Replication source cluster is the cluster of the enabled SyncIQ policy. If there is a mirror policy and both SyncIQ policies are enabled Eyeglass enters a defensive state showing Policy Disabled for both and no Configuration Replication is done. If a SyncIQ policy is mistakenly enabled on the read only cluster Eyeglass does not evaluate the read/write state and will use the read only cluster as the source cluster for its Configuration Replication job.

    Known Limitations for Eyeglass Features

    T2350:  Quota Self Serve Portal: Local Group Quotas not displayed when logged in with Local Group User

    Quotas associated with a Local Group (for example wheel) are not displayed in the Quota self serve portal when logged in as a Local Group User for that group.

    T1962: Default Role incorrectly shows Delete option

    Eyeglass User Roles Default Roles incorrectly provide the option to be deleted when in fact they cannot be deleted.

    Workaround: None Required.  If the Delete option is selected the Default Role is not deleted.

    T7980: Cluster Storage Monitor AD Group Template Quota Creation does not created group quota for nested AD Groups

    If an AD Group has sub-groups (nested groups) is configured as a Template for automated group quota creation, no group quotas will be created for sub-groups.

    Workaround: Each group that requires automated group quota creation must be explicitly added to the relevant share permissions.

    T8362: Cluster Storage Monitor AD Group Template Quota Creation does not respect highest quota settting user quota in nested AD Groups

    If an AD Group has sub-groups (nested groups) is configured as a Template for automated user quota creation, user quota creation follows explicitly the quota limit for the sub-group when the user already has a quota for a higher limit. In this case, what should have happened is that template setting is ignored if there is already an existing user quota with a higher limit.

    Workaround: Avoid use of nested AD groups for automated user quota creation.

    T8193: special charaters in Cluster storage monitor AD managed quota templates is not supported

    If an AD Group templates, if the AD group name has special characters in the AD group name the quotas will not be applied.

    Workaround: Avoid use of special characters when creating AD groups for AD managed quotas.

    T9622: Unlock My Files! does not indicate error when PowerScale node is not reachable

    If an PowerScale node is unreachable when Eyeglass is searching for open files there is no error message for the unreachable PowerScale nodes.

    Workaround: None available.No open files displayed for unreachable nodes.

    T15139 Data Config Migration Concurrent Jobs Limitation

    When 2 Data Config Migration Jobs are started concurrently, each runs a separate Configuration Replication Job and the Configuration Replication Job cannot run concurrently. First one must complete before the second one can start.

    Workaround: Recommend to run 1 Data Config Migration job at a time.

    DR-136 Login with AD users leads to read-only Eyeglass

    Issue: AD users cannot be added to user roles until a Powerscale cluster has been added.

    Workaround: Add the powerscale cluster to inventory before modifying user roles.

    Closing this task as done since this is not something we will ever fix.

    Known Limitations for Eyeglass General

    T2289  Backup Archive Job is not always displayed in the Running Jobs window

    In some cases after a Backup Archive job is initiated it will not appear as a running task in the Jobs / Running Jobs window.  Archive is still created and available for download on completion.

    T2908  Renamed SyncIQ Policy does not link to RPO Reports from original SyncIQ Policy Name

    When a SyncIQ Policy is renamed, Eyeglass considers it to be a new SyncIQ Policy.  Therefore RPO Reporting for the original SyncIQ Policy name will not be linked to RPO reporting for the new SyncIQ Policy name.

    T3170 Pending Quota Requests are not preserved on failover

    If a failover is done while there are Quota Pending Requests, the Pending Requests are lost as the quota to which the request was originally made no longer exists on the original cluster after failover.  The pending quota request will appear in the Quota Requests History in Error state.

    T4579 Upgrade from 1.5.4 to 1.9 and greater Failover History retrieves Failover Log for SyncIQ Job Reports

    After an upgrade from 1.5.4 to 1.9 or greater, in the DR Assistant -> Failover History list the link to open SyncIQ Job Reports opens the Failover Log due to fact that prior to this release Failover Log and SyncIQ Job Report log were combined.  In this case you are able to see the SyncIQ Job Reports related to failover at the bottom of the Failover Log.

    T6300 After an Eyeglass restore with the -anyrelease option the print screen functionality for SyncIQ Job Reports and Eyeglass backups may be in error

    After an Eyeglass restore to a new appliance using the --anyrelease option, print screen functionality may no longer be working due to a incorrect permission setting.  This impacts SyncIQ Job Reports which will be missing the charts and generating an Eyeglass backup with print screens.

    To workaround this issue:

    1) ssh to the eyeglass appliance and login with the admin account (default password 3y3gl4ss)

    2) assume root user by typing

    sudo su -

    And entering the admin password

    3) vi /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json and write "<placeholder>" as a value in the "plain_text" field and then save it.
    4) Copy and paste the following commands:

    str=$(sudo cat /dev/urandom | tr -dc 'a-zA-Z' | fold -w 12 | head -n 1)

    echo -e "$str\n$str" | passwd screenshots

    sed -i "s/<placeholder>/$str/" /opt/superna/sca/data/Screenshots.json

      5) Start a backup with print screens and follow in Running Jobs to verify the backup completes successfully.

    T12034 Eyeglass appliance rediscover does not preserve Eyeglass Job state unless Configuration Replication has run

    If a change is made to an Eyeglass Job state or Job type and then there is an appliance rediscover before configuration job has been run the changed Job state / type will be lost.

    T16137 Anyrelease restore does not restore all Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor settings

    There is no restore of settings from release 2.5.4 and earlier. For release 2.5.4 and earlier continue to capture all Ransomware settings (False Positive, Ignore List, Allowed Extensions, Security Guard) and Easy Auditor settings (Active Auditor Trigger settings, RoboAudit). Post restore verify settings and update where required before cluster up on ECA.

    In all cases, restoring an Eyeglass backup using the --anyrelease option will not restore following Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor settings:

    Ransomware Defender: Event History, Threats Detected

    Easy Auditor: Finished Reports, Scheduled Reports, Saved Queries

    T16729 Role Based Access Control (RBAC) Known Limitations

    - Isilon local users are not supported (Eyeglass local users are supported)

    - Eyeglass doesn't resolve AD groups with @ & or ' in the name

    T16821 anyrelease restore restrictions for restore to 2.5.7

    1) Eyeglass DR Edition with version lower than 2.5.5 cannot be upgraded to 2.5.7 using the anyrelease option.  Eyeglass must be upgraded to a minimum of 2.5.5 before anyrelease restore to 2.5.7 can be done.

    2) Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor and Performance Auditor deployments cannot use the anyrelease restore option to upgrade to a new appliance running 2.5.7.  For case where a backup & restore is required due to 42.3 OS on original deployment, a backup & restore to 2.5.6 will have to be done first followed by an upgrade to 2.5.7 or in place OS upgrade prior to 2.5.7 upgrade.

    Eyeglass Upgrade requires disk usage < 80%

    Eyeglass disk usage must be lower than 80% for upgrade run file to succeed.  Please contact for assistance to clear up disk space on the Eyeglass appliance.

    T19368 Copy to Clipboard Size Limitation

    The amount of information that can be copied using the Copy to Clipboard functionality in Eyeglass is limited by the operating system clipboard limits.

    • Failover log is available on the Eyeglass appliance here:  /srv/www/htdocs/failover_logs
    • Where Did My Folder Go set more restrictive filter to produce smaller set of results

    T21890 OneFS Effective Cluster Version incorrect

    For an Eyeglass installation with multiple clusters with different OneFS versions, adding or removing a cluster may result in temporary assignment of incorrect Effective Cluster Version.  This is resolved the next time Configuration Repllication runs.

    Known Limitations for REST API

    T18079 REST API - Change Eyeglass Configuration Job Disable/Enable must be done at the same time as Job Type Change

    The API to change Eyeglass Configuration Job state for Disable/Enable must be done together with a job state change in order to succeed.

    REST API retrieval of Jobs Known Limitation

    Retrieving information about a Configuration Replication Job or DR Readiness Job is available while the job is running and for 15 minutes once the job has completed.  This is the same behaviour that is available from the GUI via the Jobs/Running Jobs window.

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