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What’s new in Release 2.6.3 Easy Auditor, Airgap, Ransomware Defender, Eyeglass DR

What’s new in the 2.6.3 Release

Eyeglass DR 2.6.3

New in this release

Eyeglass UI Enhancements: Appliance ID Copy Button, Appliance OS Version Display 

A copy button was added next to the appliance identification to simplify copying the appliance identification value from the About box. Pressing the button will copy the identifier to the clipboard.

The About box will also show the appliance OS and version.

The following picture shows both changes to the About box.

DR Test Mode: Writable Snapshots 

Eyeglass 2.6.3 now supports many to 1 writable snapshots into a single zone. If a target directory already exists, UI will grey out the submit button and display the message A writable snapshot already exists on this path.

Pool Failover: Multiple Pool Selection 

In previous Eyeglass versions, the DR Assistant showed no information when initiating IP pool failover for two IP pools, one with the igls-ignore and the other with the igls-hint flag being set. [DR-1068]  

Quota Failover: Quotas not Removed from the Source

In previous Eyeglass versions, quotas failed over were not removed from the source cluster. This has been changed and represents the default case. Users may overwrite the behaviour by updating the flag delete_quotas_from_source in the system.xml file.

SupernaOne Support: Filter on AirGap Alarms

Eyeglass version 2.6.3 no longer lists AirGap alarms as DR alarms but groups them as their own group. This allows filtering on such alarms in either Eyeglass or SupernaOne.

Fixed in this release:

IP pool failover - Not able to select multiple pools. DR-1068

DR Assistant: Watch Button Inconsistency 

In previous Eyeglass versions, the DR Assistant’s watch process stopped working in case the logs view was reopened after the watch button was pressed and no update was added to the view.

RPO Report Viewer: Link to Eyeglass Documentation 

In previous Eyeglass versions, the link to the Eyeglass documentation included in the RPO Report viewer did not work.​

Ransomware Defender 2.6.3

Fixed in this release:

Webhooks: Missing Share List for Lockout Alarm

The previous versions did not list affected shares with the data available as defined with the webhook; this has been corrected. [RWD-524]

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