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Golden Copy VM Operations


Cluster Operations CLI commands

The following sections cover cluster operation commands.

How to Export Golden Copy Configuration data and Import Configuration Data

  1. Requirements: 1.1.9 or later
  2. These commands can protect the clusters added to Golden Copy and all folder definitions.  These commands can be used before a factory reset of a system and a method to backup critical configuration information including encrypted passwords for clusters and access keys.
  3. searchctl settings config export
  4. searchctl settings config importconfig

How to Start and Stop the Cluster

  1. ecactl cluster down  (use this to shutdown all services).
  2. Use this script to startup all services:
    1. ecactl cluster up 

How to Wipe Configuration and retain clusters and folder definitions

  1. Requirements: 1.1.9 or later
  2. ecactl cluster rediscover

How to Change the IP address of an PowerScale Cluster

How to change TLS security settings when connecting to clusters that do not support the highest security algorithms

How to Enable and Use PhoneHome support

How to collect support logs and submit a support case

Backing up and Restore the Cluster Configuration

How to check for Alarms

How to configure Alarm notification

Quick Start SMTP Configuration for Notifications 

Setup Syslog channel for Notifications

Setup an SMTP or syslog Channel for Notifications

Create a Notification Group

Manage Recipients for SMTP and Syslog channels

Manage Notification Suppression Alarm Configurations

How to Remove a Cluster Node from Active Copy Operations

  1. If a cluster node that was added for copy job operations is no longer required, or needs maintenance, or has performance issues it is possible to remove a node on the fly with active copy jobs.   This will stop sending files to this node(s).
    1. searchctl isilons modify --name <name of cluster> --isilon-ips x.x.x.x y.y.y.y .(Enter the list of IP's that should be used and remove the IP of the node you no longer want to receive copy job files from the list or range of IP's)
    2. See options for list of ip's or a range in "Add a cluster to Inventory" in the Golden Copy Configuration Steps guide for more details.

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