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What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Performance Auditor Release 2.5.6

What’s New! In Superna Eyeglass Performance Auditor can be found here.

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Enhancements in 2.5.6-20263

New: T14175 Rewind mode for Performance Auditor

  • Real time data stored for 14 days allowing administrators ability to rewind and playback real time data from the past
  • Share a day and time in the past with other administrators using a book mark

Documentation for Rewind Mode can be found here.

Known Issues

T14414 Performance Auditor may double process some events

In some cases Performance Auditor may double process some events which will inflate bandwidth reported when this occurs.

Workaround: None available.


T14317 Performance Auditor Pin User does not handle special language characters

You cannot pin an AD name that contains special language characters. The GUI error is:

Error: Username <name> could not be resolved

Workaround: None available.


T14175 Performance Auditor Display Intermittently Pauses

Performance Auditor display may intermittently pause for several seconds before resuming.

Workaround: None required. Display continues and recovers showing trend after several seconds.


T17476 Performance Auditor Rewind Time Display incorrect when invalid time entered

If an invalid date and time are selected for Performance Auditor Rewind, an appropriate message indicating that no data was found is provided but the date and time requested are not updated in the display to indicate what the incorrect entry was.

Workaround: None available.


T17480 Performance Auditor Rewind Timer Selector issue

If you select a time for Rewind, you are blocked from setting another time that is ahead of the previously selected time.

Workaround: Refresh window and then a more recent time can be selected.

Known Limitations

T14159 Performance Auditor rates may not match Windows File Explorer rates

Performance auditor rates are based on when the application layer commits the data. Applications can copy data but not commit the data to file. This is a key difference to understand between counting packets and MB saved to a file.

For additional information please refer to Performance Auditor documentation here.

Workaround: None required


T17567 Performance Auditor Historical Records not preserved on eca cluster down/up

After issuing an eca cluster down/up (for example done as part of an upgrade), the Performance Auditor historical records are not preserved.

Workaround: None available


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