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What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Performance Auditor Release 2.5.6

What’s New! In Superna Eyeglass Performance Auditor can be found here.

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Technical Advisories

Technical Advisories for all products are available here

Known Issues

T14414 Performance Auditor may double process some events

In some cases Performance Auditor may double process some events which will inflate bandwidth reported when this occurs.

Workaround: None available.


T14317 Performance Auditor Pin User does not handle special language characters

You cannot pin an AD name that contains special language characters. The GUI error is:

Error: Username <name> could not be resolved

Workaround: None available.

Known Limitations

T14159 Performance Auditor rates may not match Windows File Explorer rates

Performance auditor rates are based on when the application layer commits the data. Applications can copy data but not commit the data to file. This is a key difference to understand between counting packets and MB saved to a file.

For additional information please refer to Performance Auditor documentation here.

Workaround: None required


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