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What's New for AnyCopy

What's New in this AnyCopy release can be found here.

Supported OneFS releases

Source cluster and higher 8.2 versions

Target cluster and higher 8.2 versions

Supported Eyeglass releases

Eyeglass 2.5.8 - please refer to release list here

Inter Release Functional Compatibility

AnyCopy Job8.2.1.0 and higher 8.2 versions8.2.1.0 and higher 8.2 versions 

End of Life Notifications

End of Life Notifications are published here.

Technical Advisories

Technical Advisories for all products are available here.

Fixed in 2.5.8

Fixed in

Refer to previous builds.

Fixed in

Refer to previous 2.5.8 builds.

Fixed in 2.5.8-22028

Refer to previous 2.5.8 builds.

Fixed in 2.5.8-21330

T22171 - Log4j Vulnerability - Upgrade to Log4j 2.17.0 (2.5.8-21330 and higher Log4j 2.17.0 )

Fixed in 2.5.8-21306

T22033 Log4j Vulnerability - CVE-2021-44228

Resolution: log4j version updated to 2.15.0 which has patch for the vulnerability.

Known Issues

AnyCopy Job Issues

T18236 AnyCopy Job Not saved

Under some conditions where the final step of the AnyCopy job fails, there is no record of the job saved or available for review.

Workaround: Try the AnyCopy job again and if the problem persists contact for assistance.

Copy Configuration Issues

T15080 Copy Configuration Issue for Multi Path NFS Export

Where Copy Configuration step is copying a multi path NFS Export to a different Access Zone on the target cluster, only the first path is adjusted for the new Access Zone path. Remaining path are added with source cluster Access Zone path.

Workaround: Manually update the remaining paths for the NFS Export using PowerScale GUI or CLI.

T18282 Copy Configuration Step always fails for NFS Export when rerunning an AnyCopy Job

When rerunning an AnyCopy job where configuration includes NFS Exports, a create request is issued instead of an update request for existing NFS Exports resulting in AEC_EXCEPTION that indicates there is a conflict due to the fact that the export already exists.

Workaround: None Available. If an update is required it will need to be applied manually using PowerScale interface to update the NFS Export.

T18295 Copy Configuration Step fails for rerun Job

If a Copy job is completed and SyncIQ policy is deleted, rerun of the Job successfully recreates the SyncIQ policy but the Copy Configuration step fails.

Workaround: Configuration from original job completion is in place.  Any changes need to be applied manually using Powerscale tools on the target.

T18296 Copy Configuration step fails if overlaps with DR Inventory Task

If a Copy Configuration step timing overlaps with the DR Inventory task, the Copy Configuration step will fail.

Workaround: Check the Jobs / Running Jobs window to see whether DR Inventory Task is in running state.  Consult with whether the DR Inventory Task schedule could be changed to reduce conflict.

T19067 AnyCopy Job in Warning does not have an entry in Run History

An AnyCopy Job that ends in Warning state (for example if the step to create the file report fails to create required snapshot) is missing entry in the Run History.

Workaround: If the SyncIQ job was preserved, the last run for the job can be verified from the Powerscale native interface.

T18737 AnyCopy Job will not be saved if Notify Progress not selected

The confgured AnyCopy Job will run but will not be saved and available in the job history if Notify Progress option is not selected.

Workaround: Select the Notify Progress option for all jobs.

General/Administration Issues

T16482  Isilon Shares Path Selector allows entry of invalid path

The Isilon Shares Path Selector does not validate whether path entered is valid and will accept an invalid path.

Workaround: Use the tree to select the path to ensure it is valid.

T16511 AnyCopy Jobs disappear after rediscover

If rediscover command is used to rebuild the Eyeglass database, existing AnyCopy jobs are gone.

Workaround: Contact before running this command.

T17471 Allow Scheduling Option not available

The Allow Scheduling Option can be selected but no schedule can be configured.

Workaround: None available. Planned for future release.

T18254 Isilon Shares Path Selector allows selection of FQDN

Isilon Shares Path Selector incorrectly allows selection of the FQDN only without an actual path.

Workaround: Be sure to select a path object in the selector.

T18273 AnyCopy Job Name format not validated

The AnyCopy GUI allows you to enter a job name that is not compliant with SyncIQ policy name rules.  An invalid name causes the AnyCopy Job to fail at the step where the SyncIQ policy is created.

Workaround: AnyCopy Job names must be compliant with SyncIQ policy naming rules and as such should not contain things such as: spaces, special characters, language specific characters.

T18375 "Block access to source data to all users during copy" option is not available

The "Block access to source data to all users during copy" option if selected for the AnyCopy Job does not have any effect when the job runs.  Users still have write access to the data.

Workaround: None available from AnyCopy.

T18385  Issues when same AnyCopy Job started at same time by multiple users

If the same AnyCopy Job is started at the same time by multiple users following issues may occur:

- error running summary report

- snapshots on target not being cleaned up

- Copy Configuration step not run

Workaround: Only one instance of an AnyCopy job should be started at any time.  

Reporting Issues

 T17220 Policy Job Summary Report UNC path has incorrect format

In the Job Summary, the UNC Path has double \\ in front of share name instead of a single \ .

Workaround: Remove the extra \ in the UNC path before using it.

Known Limitations

Please review the Limitations documented here.

T18277 Transient AnyCopy Job in the Jobs window

The AnyCopy Jobs that appear in the Jobs window are transient and should not be acted upon from that window.

T18278 Copy Configuration Error for AnyCopy Job for same cluster and same access zone for source and target path

For the case where an AnyCopy job is created and source and target path are on same cluster and same access zone the Copy Configuration step will fail for SMB Shares and NFS Alias with an AEC_CONFLICT exception.

Workaround: Since SMB Share and NFS Alias names must be unique within an Access Zone, the Shares and NFS Alias will need to be added manually with a unique name for the new path in the same Access Zone.

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