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Superna Resident Services

Superna Service Description - Residency Services
Dell SKU AC317271 (ordered in quantities must use the BOM tool for valid orders, each unit is 1 hour)
Revision 1 October 24, 2022


Certified Superna Eyeglass technicians with validated expertise and skills act as an extension of your IT staff, enabling you to realize the full value of your Superna Eyeglass portfolio. Superna Residency Services are available to assist with your company’s data protection needs via our suite of products that include disaster recovery, security, auditing, cloud solutions and more.


  1. Assistance with planning and executing failover and failback

    1. fail overs outside normal business hours will require resource substitution based

  2. Knowledge Transfer and training for all products

  3. Business Use Case translation to Superna product and feature with implementation and design

  4. Compatibility planning for OneFS or ECS upgrades with Superna products

  5. Best practices configuration and recommendations for all products to solve key business use cases seen at other customer locations

  6. Consulting on the external devices based on Superna documentation and design practices

Terms and Conditions

Superna Residents are allocated to customers for a defined weekly commitment. Residents are available to customers depending on the service level purchased as per below. Scheduling must be pre-arranged with, Superna reserves the right to re-schedule meetings based on resource availability. Superna will make all attempts to have the same resource for the duration of the contract term but in the event a substitution is required, the customer will be informed in advance. Minimum contract term is quarterly (90 days), un-used meeting hours are not credited at the end of the term.

 Tiers of Service

  1. 2 hours per week or bi-weekly over 3 month term
    1. order quantity 24
  2. 4 hours per week or bi-weekly over 3 month term
    1.  order quantity 12
  3. Monthly 4 hours   over 3 month term
    1. order quantity 12


  1. Decision making on customer data

  2. Hands-on direct support of anything other than the Superna Eyeglass suite of products. No external configuration of AD, DNS, PowerScale, ECS, etc.  Superna will provide consulting on best practices regarding external 3rd party software or equipment
  3. Residents are not authorized to initiate failover operations or make cluster configuration changes that can compromise cluster data availability.

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