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Service - Superna ™ Eyeglass Cluster Tech Refresh Service Description

Eyeglass Service Description - Cluster Tech Refresh

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Revision 1 March 12, 2019 


This service assists with Tech Refresh of  data and configuration from two clusters in a hot\hot configuration or when 2 clusters are being refreshed to a new pair of clusters.  This service offers expertise, planning, design and configuration assistance to enable migration from one cluster to another.  Typical use cases are:  data center move, hardware refresh, retiring an older cluster.

The service provides the following:

  1. Rental Eyeglass licenses for the duration of the project.  During the project more clusters exist than will be required in the final location.  This provides fully supported license keys during this time for all clusters added to eyeglass during the service. .  

    1. Limited to 6 months.    

    2. For longer migration projects additional fees are required.

  2. Design, planning, Configuration of migration to leveraging Eyeglass features to enable:

    1. 2 cluster 1 way failover to 2 new clusters

    2. Migration to 2 new clusters

      1. Data migration with Access Zone migration feature as required

  3. Planning assistance before scheduled cut over event

  4. Actual cut over uses standard Eyeglass support process for the day of the event

  5. Includes DR quick Start scope of service if no previous DR design exists. See scope details here.

  6. The migration service is a professional service and includes extra support during the cutover window, we offer an observer model with this service: (Note: Not included in normal product support)
    1. Support case is opened ahead of time with Superna support for their awareness (support will also complete a pre-cutover readiness assessment of their own)
    2. Superna resource joins a remote meeting but does not take control. This resource will be guiding the customer on execution, order of steps, etc. according to the approved migration plan.
    3. Exclusions:
      1. No screen control from Superna resource
      2. Decisions on data are not Superna resource responsibility
      3. External 3rd party hardware and software, according to EULA and failover support process document here.

Terms of Service

  1. Service Delivery: Remote webex

    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 2:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT  excluding major holidays

  2. Availability: Monday to Friday 8:00 AM EDT to 6:00 PM EDT, excluding holidays And weekends

  3. Terms and Conditions of task covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement     

  4. Service Description:  This service will assist in outline of steps required to configure a one way failover of data from 2 existing clusters to 2 existing new clusters and OR how to migrate data + configuration to new target cluster.  It will only cover Eyeglass related steps in detail and outline external steps that must be done to complete the overall migration.  

    1. NOTE: The destination clusters must have permanent eyeglass licenses.


  • Eyeglass is installed (install SOW required and offered free of charge)

  • Supported Onefs Release or later

   Exceptions excluded from hours usage:

  • Outage or issue resolution, recovery of any kind for execution day tasks

  • Customers are expected to dry run any procedures that are applicable to their environment, network, applications and internal processes, maintenance windows

  • Assisted DR hands on or remote or procedural assistance of any kind in a production environment

  • This is a planning and design service not an assisted migration service which means monitoring of migration of data, data access validation (security access, networking, firewall, permissions testing, lan or wan changes) , data sync confirmation and completeness, assessment of application health pre and post migration are customer responsibilities.

  • Assisted migration steps are not included.  Customer is expected to test all procedures in documents provided to ensure they understand how to execute all steps.

    • Example host mount testing

    • DNS and AD changes are documented but applied by customer IT teams

  1. Project summary :

  2. OR plan and configure a migration of 2 replicating clusters to 2 new clusters using a one way failover design.
  1. Scope of activity

Objective: Swing 2 cluster pairs over to a new cluster pair.  Phased project that will address cluster pairs migrated to new clusters.   The scope covers the configuration and design and planning of the 2 phase cutover.  

  1. Plan Overall Migration and Cutover

    1. Supported configuration synced data is listed Configuration Replication

    2. All configuration data not listed above is not supported or included via Eyeglass and will be manually recreated on target cluster.

  2. Migration Document deliverable per pair of clusters that covers the configuration required for one way failover, data sync, config sync, planning of failover execution.

    1. Configure failover for data+config migration from source 1 to new cluster 1

      1. Who participates: Superna + Customer -->  AD , DNS, PowerScale configuration, Eyeglass

    2. Configure failover for data+config migration from source 2 to new cluster 2

      1. Who participates: Superna + Customer -->  AD , DNS, PowerScale configuration, Eyeglass

    3. Data Sync Phase (Source 1,2 and New Cluster 1,2)

      1. Who participates: Superna + Customer -->  Data and Path assessment to failover to new clusters.

      2. Configure syncIQ policies to sync required data and configuration from source 1 and 2 clusters to New cluster 1 and 2

      3. Start Data sync

      4. Note:  Requires dedicated IP pool and smartconnect names for SyncIQ.  Best practices followed.

    4. Configuration sync phase (New Cluster 1 and 2) - pre failover

      1. Who participates: Superna + Customer

      2. Verify all config matches synciq paths (only supported syncable objects)

      3. Verify - audit configuration data for sync errors and correct as required

        1. Compare config counts on both clusters as an audit of configuration data

      4. Objects synced shares, exports (single path exports only), nfs aliases, quotas , access zone user mappings (note local users not supported), snapshot schedules  

        1. Note: only configuration data that matches synciq paths will be migrated

        2. Plan for any unprotected configuration data audited using Eyeglass cluster report and log parsing tools

        3. Report to Customer exposed data for decision on how to migrate with access Zone migration feature or manual migration.

    5. Eyeglass Failover Mode Configuration

      1. Who participates: Superna + Customer

      2. Configure appropriate failover mode from source 1 to new cluster 1 and source 2 to new cluster 2

      3. Validate DR Readiness

    6. Execute planning guide steps pre-failover

      1. Who participates: Customer

      2. Customer will be responsible for running through planning guide and providing updates on status to support - Customer + Superna Support

      3. Audit checklist steps - Superna Support

    7. Failover #1 - completed for source 1 to new cluster 1

      1. Who participates: Customer

      2. Failover scheduled and executed - Customer

        1. Normal Support process for failover

        2. Test Data Access Procedure completed

        3. Failover Completed

      3. (Hot\Hot Use case only) Failover #2 completed source 2 to new cluster 2

        1. Normal Support process for failover

        2. Test Data Access Procedure completed

        3. Failover Completed

      4. (Hot \ cold Use Case Only) Resync of data from New prod cluster to new Dr cluster

        1. New syncIQ policies are created to sync data to new DR cluster

        2. Verify Failover with Runbook Robot from New Prod to New DR

        3. Reconfigure New Prod to to New DR failover configuration and faiover mode used on old Prod and old DR

        4. Once data Sync is completed from New Prod to New DR

        5. if access zone failover or IP pool failover update Dual DNS delegation to use New DR

    8. Post Failover - Re-Protect Data Sync from New Cluster 1 to New Cluster 2 and New Cluster 2 to New Cluster 1

      1. This step will cut over data replication services to allow decommissioning of source cluster 1 and source cluster 2

      2. Resync data with new SyncIQ policies from New cluster 1 to New cluster 2.

        1. Data sync complete

      3. Resync data with new SyncIQ policies from New cluster 2 to New cluster 1.

        1. Data sync complete

      4. Decommission policies from New Cluster 1 to Source 1

      5. Decommission policies from New cluster 2 to Source 2

      6. Decommission Source 1 and 2 clusters - Not included in scope, Customer responsibility.  Documented here for completeness.

      7. If previous DR configuration existed on source clusters, reconfiguration of the same DR configuration will be applied to the new clusters.

      8. If No previous DR configruation existed the scope of the DR quick start service (eyeglass-P015) scope will be executed on the New cluster pair.

      9. Service complete

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