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How to download Software


Software Download Steps

  1. Software downloads of OVF images, and offline installation upgrade files are available from the support site and requires a support site login account.  We do not provided direct software download links.
    1. Create a support account. Instructions on how to create an account is located here.
    2. Locate the Eyeglass software download section by scrolling down after login
    4. Click a menu option
    5. Enter your email address 
    6. Click Download button
    7. Scroll through the end user license agreement terms and conditions and click accept
    9. Select the product OVF (Vmware images)
    11. Select the download location. 
      1. Superna URL option is a signed certificate url or download from Google S3 storage URL.   
        1. Recommended option is Superna to simplify firewall rules to download
        2. Use the provided MD5 to verify your download
  2. Your browser should start the download immediately.  If not download starts , it is a firewall issue blocking access to the download site.



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