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Cluster OneFS Upgrade is between Minor Release Version Eyeglass Procedures


Follow all Steps below when upgrading between minor Onefs versions

  1. Login to Eyeglass web page prior to upgrade and confirm that configuration replication is in a good state.

  2. Begin the upgrade process.  Eyeglass is in a running state during upgrade process.

  3. If source or destination cluster is not reachable at any point during upgrade you may see failed Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs and their related alarms. Subsequent Eyeglass configuration replication Job execution with source and target clusters in reachable state should clear these alarms.

  4. Eyeglass Alarms during Isilon/PowerScale Upgrade

    1. The following provides a summary of the Eyeglass alarms that you might encounter during an PowerScale upgrade where source and/or target cluster are unreachable:

    2. One or both clusters may not reachable when Eyeglass Replication Task is starting

      1. Replication jobs failed.

      2. DR Dashboard has Error status and readiness alarms will be sent

      3. Multiple Alarms will be raised for each scheduled replication job and this is expected

  5. Post Upgrade of Onefs

    1. Verify product functionality by following steps here.
    2. It is recommended to leave Eyeglass running for 30 minutes after the upgrade procedure has been completed and then check the status of the Eyeglass Jobs to confirm that system has returned to pre-upgrade state.  Any alarms that occurred can be seen in the Alarms History.

  6. done

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