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Functions Impacted DURING a Cluster OneFS Upgrade and Eyeglass, Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor, Performance Auditor Procedures

Eyeglass functionality that will be Impacted DURING a Cluster OneFS Upgrade 

  1. Configuration Sync will have errors during upgrade, they can be ignored until the Cluster upgrade is complete
  2. Runbook Robot will not execute without errors
  3. Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor will not be able to collect events during upgrade.  
  4. Planned Failover execution will not be supported during a failover.
  5. DR Readiness Dashboard will NOT be accurate
  6. All Reports will not execute correctly

Post OneFS Upgrade Steps

  1. Eyeglass DR Edition
    1. Restart the SCA service 
    2. ssh to appliance as admin user
    3. sudo -s
    4. enter admin password
    5. systemctl restart sca
    6. Wait 30 minutes
    7. Login to gui and verify no errors in jobs or DR dashboard
  2. Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor and Performance Auditor
    1. login to node 1 of the ECA cluster
      1. ecactl cluster down
    2. once all steps to shutdown complete
      1. ecactl cluster up
    3. Wait for all steps to complete
    4. Login to Eyeglass, open Managed service icon and verify all nodes show green (you may need to wait 5 minutes)
      1. Ransomware Defender run Security guard, verify it completes successfully
      2. Easy Auditor run Robot Audit, verify it completes successfully
      3. Performance Auditor - open the tool icon to verify performance data is shown
  3. done

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