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Object Backup and Basic DR Solution



This solution is not traditional DR with failover and fail back.  This solution is aimed at single cluster configurations that want to leverage Cloud services as an off site copy with the ability to access the data if required.   This solution does not handle security of the original data set that is copied from files to objects.    This solution assumes accessing the data quickly meets the business requirement without needing to recall all the offsite data.

Solution Summary

  1. < 100TB data set
  2. Data Access is the key priority
  3. Failover is not required (applications, or large number of end users)
  4. Reduced speed of data access in a DR scenario
  5. Existing SMB and ACL security is not required in a DR scenario
  6. Dell Faction Object service, or Cloud vendor object storage equal to the size of the data set to protect off site.

Configure Golden Copy in Sync Mode

  1. Configure Golden Copy for Sync mode with incremental sync mode.   Follow this link here for details.
  2. Start the copy full copy job to start the initial data sync.

Install Cyberduck or S3 Browser for DR Access to Data

  1. Install cyberduck (download)  or S3 Browser (download) on a Windows PC to access DR data.
  2. Configure access to the storage bucket used by Golden Copy
    1. Example for Dell ECS
  3. Test the connection to the storage bucket and download test files to verify access is working as expected.
  4. This completes the configuration.  This would be repeated on any host that needs access to the data in a DR scenario.

DR Scenarios

  1. Source cluster is not accessible.
    1. Use the S3 mount tool data access described in this document.
  2. Source cluster is accessible.
    1. Use the S3 mount tool data access described in this document.
    2. Start Golden Copy bulk recall from object storage back onto the source cluster using the temporary access method described in this document.
    3. Follow this link to recall steps in Golden Copy

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