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Introduction to this Guide and What's New



As data grows, and clusters are deployed in remote locations the cost of administration and management of these complex systems is growing. Better tools are required to automate  display of summary usage as well as produce  quick searches across multiple clusters for quota usage.  Cluster Storage Monitor product  is focused on storage consumption, storage tier usage, cluster health, quota usage and managing locked files. The Cluster Storage Monitor will reduce administration cost by:

  • Simplifying storage reporting
  • Providing health check at a glance,
  • Removing manual steps from quota administration and allowing AD management of quota's
  • Providing a help desk tool to manage locked and open files without requiring permissions to the storage management interface
  • Cluster Storage Monitor features can be used for quota storage chargeback with reporting for all quota types.

What's New

See what new features are coming with each new release here

  1. 2.5.5 - adds Direct LDAP to AD to collect users and groups for large AD environments.  This caches users and groups needed for AD managed groups and collect directly from AD on a schedule.  The CLI guide explains how to configure this feature.  Recommended for large user and group AD forests example > 10 000 users and groups.
  2. Active Directory Group Quota Management feature allows managing user quotas using AD groups
  3. Pre Sync Quotas (DR feature) sync quotas to DR cluster continuously (See DR Design guide for details)
  4. 2.5.4  Unlock my files!  feature allows a help desk to be delegated permissions to find open files and break the lock.

Overview Video's

License Requirements:

  1. Existing cluster licenses for DR Configuration Replication, each cluster will be enabled .
  2. License key activates all licensed clusters, maintenance purchased separately.
  3. Trial key limits:
    1. Storage by share/export tab will only display shares or exports with a Name, or with a path that includes pattern of igls-quota-sharename or /ifs/data/somepath/igls-quota-export1.
    2. The Product license key is global and activates all clusters under management with valid cluster license and removes the share or export name limitation used only for lab testing or trial of the feature.
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