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How to Manage Storage by the Share or Export


Automatic Share & Export Advisory Quota Mode

This completely automates management of storage by share or export by detecting any new share or export without an advisor quota and creating it automatically.  This ensures the quota reports are 100% up to date, tracks all shares and exports.  Requires no administration or process to enable quotas.  The daily CSV report will show the auto created quotas.

Use Cases

  1. This can also be useful with Quota portal when not all shares have quotas applied.
  2. Defaults to disabled.
  3. Automatically removes quota of share or export is deleted, path changed.

How to Enable Auto Quota Mode

For full cli documentation

  1. Ssh as admin user to appliance or use web shell from main menu.
  2. igls adv  quotas help.
  3. igls adv quotas (see current values).
  4. igls adv quotas set --quotasync=true  (this enables the feature, false to disable).
  5. igls adv quotas set set --quotasyncdelete=enabled (defaults disabled, valid values are enabled/disabled/advanced).
    1. Disabled means no quotas will be deleted after share or export delete, they must be deleted manually.
    2. Enabled When a share is deleted, this mode deletes all quotas in that path unless another share exists in the same path NOTE: do not enable quota sync delete unless you are sure you can.  This mode will detect a share being deleted and delete all quotas at this path and below in the file system.
    3. (recommended mode) Advanced When a share is deleted, this mode deletes only Eyeglass created quotas in that path unless another share exists in the same path.
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