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ECA CLI Command Guide

ECA CLI Command Guide

The following table outlines each CLI command and purpose, 

For a complete list of commands see the admin guide here.

CLI CommandFunction

ecactl cluster <command>


UP -  Bring up the cluster across all nodes,

Down - Bring down the cluster across all nodes

Status -  gets status of all processes and connection to HDFS database

Refresh  - Use this command on an ECA node when it was restarted and needs to rejoin an existing cluster.

ecactl cluster remove-docker-networks
Use this command to remove all docket networks and allow ecactl cluster up to recreate them.  This should be used docker subnet is changed and you need to delete the networks and recreate them with the correct ip information.
ecactl cluster down --hard

This should only be used if the normal down process hangs or a container will not shutdown correctly.

This command should only be used unless directed by support.    This will shutdown the database without a 

clean shutdown process.

ecactl cluster up --clean
Cleans up zookeeper data during the cluster up
ecactl cluster down --bgThe background flag is a rapid down for faster cluster down executed in parallel for upgrades.  Requires 2.5.7 or later
ecactl statsReturns container memory and cpu statistics to view health of all containers
ecactl containers psList all running containers
 ecactl logs --follow iglssvc (other services are rmq, fastanalysis)Tail the Eyeglass agent on a node, used for debugging.

ecactl cluster exec <command>


ecactl cluster exec ecactl containers ps

Use this command to execute the commands arguments across all ECA nodes

Run from ECA master node

Use only with single commands (not multiple concatenated commands)


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