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Eyeglass Hyper-V Installation Guide


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Important Read

  1. Eyeglass appliance uses 2 disks. 1 for OS and 1 for data
  2. OS disk requires 20 GB [default disk]
  3. Data disk requires 80 GB [read below on how to create]

Create Eyeglass Hyper-V Virtual Machine

  1. Download vhdx from portal
  2. Deploy a new `Virtual Machine`
  3. Enter `Name` for the VM
  4. Check `Generation 1`
  5. Startup memory 16384 MB [16 GB]
  6. Select `Network Adapter`
  7. Use an existing `Virtual Hard disk` → Browse to newly downloaded Eyeglass `vhdx` file
  8. Complete the Wizard

Configure Eyeglass data disk

  1. After deploying, go to the new VM → Right Click → Settings
  2. From `IDE Controller 0` → Add a `Hard Drive`
  3. Create New
  4. Choose Disk Format → `VHDX`
  5. Choose Disk Type → `Fixed size`
  6. Name the data disk
  7. Create a new blank virtual hard disk : 80 GB
  8. Complete the data disk Wizard

Configuration of Eyeglass

  1. Power up the VM and wait 5-10 minutes to allow Superna on-boot script to run. tail the superna-on-boot.log and wait for it to finish. Then follow the on-screen instruction

tail -2 /var/log/superna-on-boot.log

  1. Run the command to setup your Eyeglass Hyper-V appliance

sudo spy-hyperv-setup

When prompted, enter `admin` user password [default password is: 3y3gl4ss] and enter IP, Netmask, Gateway, Hostname, DNS, NTP info

  1. Now check the service status and ensure they are in active (running) state

systemctl status sca scadb lighttpd tomcat sera

  1. Open Google Chrome browser and go to the following link


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