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Eyeglass Hyper-V Installation Guide


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Important Read

  1. Eyeglass appliance uses 2 disks. 1 for OS and 1 for data
  2. OS disk requires 20 GB [default disk]
  3. Data disk requires 80 GB [read below on how to create]

Create Eyeglass Hyper-V Virtual Machine

  1. Download vhdx from https://support.superna.net portal
  2. Deploy a new `Virtual Machine`
  3. Enter `Name` for the VM
  4. Check `Generation 1`
  5. Startup memory 16384 MB [16 GB]
  6. Select `Network Adapter`
  7. Use an existing `Virtual Hard disk` → Browse to newly downloaded Eyeglass `vhdx` file
  8. Complete the Wizard

Configure Eyeglass data disk

  1. After deploying, go to the new VM → Right Click → Settings
  2. From `IDE Controller 0` → Add a `Hard Drive`
  3. Create New
  4. Choose Disk Format → `VHDX`
  5. Choose Disk Type → `Fixed size`
  6. Name the data disk
  7. Create a new blank virtual hard disk : 80 GB
  8. Complete the data disk Wizard

Configuration of Eyeglass Post Boot

  1. After booting the Eyeglass VM, populate Eyeglass local OVF environment file with the networking/host/disk information:
    1. Note: Please change all IP addresses and Masks that are requested to match the proposed Eyeglass environment. Disk_size remains the same.
    2. Note: Second HDD of size 80GB must be added prior to completing the remaining steps.
  2. sudo su
    1. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force net.eth0.ipv4.ip=x.x.x.x
    2. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force disk_size=80
    3. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force net.eth0.ipv4.gateway=x.x.x.x
    4. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force net.eth0.ipv4.netmask=
    5. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force net.nameservers=x.x.x.x
    6. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force net.ntp=x.x.x.x
    7. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force net.searchlist=example.lan
    8. /opt/superna/bin/ovf set-value --force vm.hostname=eyeglass
  3. Ensure the .firstboot file exists and run the firstboot service.
    1. ls -l /opt/superna | grep .firstboot
  4. Your output should look similar to the below output:
    1. ls -al /opt/superna | grep .firstboot
    2. -rw-r--r-- 1 sca users 0 Sep 10 15:38 .firstboot
  5. If firstboot file does NOT exist, recreate it and set permissions:
    1. sudo su
    2. touch /opt/superna/.firstboot
    3. chown sca:users /opt/superna/.firstboot
    4. Once the above is completed, restart the onboot service:
      1. systemctl restart superna-on-boot
    5. This operation should return the CLI prompt within 30 seconds.
    6. Review the firstboot log file for any errors/exceptions that lead to failure:
      1. cat /var/log/superna-on-boot.log
    7. If firstboot succeeds, it should state that HyperV is used and that remaining operations should be completed with spy-hyperv-setup command:
      1. sudo su
      2. spy-hyperv-setup
      3. Complete the HyperV Setup by entering the requested variables. Once completed, no further setup steps are required.
  6. Login to the Eyeglass VM with https://x.x.x.x 
  7. Continue with Install guide steps related to NTP, licensing etc..​

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