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Eyeglass Clustered Agent ECA Hyper-V Installation Guide


Read first

  1. ECA appliance uses 2 disks. 1 for OS and 1 for data
  2. OS disk requires 20 GB [default disk]
  3. Data disk requires 80 GB [read below on how to create]
  4. ECA install and upgrade GUIDE HERE
  5. ECA admin guide HERE

Create ECA Hyper-V Virtual Machine

  1. Download ECA Hyper-V vhdx file from https://support.superna.net portal
  2. Deploy a new `Virtual Machine`
  3. Enter `Name` for the VM
  4. Check `Generation 1`
  5. Startup memory 16384 MB [16 GB]
  6. Select `Network Adapter`
  7. Use an existing `Virtual Hard disk` → Browse to newly downloaded ECA `vhdx` file
  8. Complete the Wizard

Configure ECA data disk

  1. After deploying, go to the new VM → Right Click → Settings
  2. From `IDE Controller 0` → Add a `Hard Drive`
  3. Create New
  4. Choose Disk Format → `VHDX`
  5. Choose Disk Type → `Fixed size`
  6. Name the data disk
  7. Create a new blank virtual hard disk : 80 GB
  8. Complete the data disk Wizard

Configuration of ECA cluster

SSH username: ecadmin
password: 3y3gl4ss

  1. Power up the VM and wait 5-10 minutes to allow Superna on-boot script to run. tail the superna-on-boot.log and wait for it to finish. Then follow the on-screen instruction

tail -2 /var/log/superna-on-boot.log

  1. Run the command to setup your ECA Hyper-V node 1

sudo spy-hyperv-setup

When prompted, enter `admin` user password [default password is: 3y3gl4ss] and enter IP, Netmask, Gateway, Hostname, DNS, NTP info

  1. [STOP: go to STEP#4 and STEP#5] Node 1 is the ECA Master node. Do not press `y` until node 2-N prompts are marked as `n`. Go to the next step.
  2. Repeat STEP#1 and STEP#2 on node 2-N nodes where ‘N’ is the number of nodes you want to deploy for ECA
  3. [IMPORTANT] On Node 2-N, when prompted for `master` node, Enter `n`
  4. [IMPORTANT] Go to ECA Master node 1 and press `y` to complete the master node setup
    - Enter ECA cluster name. Keep it simple.No Uppercase, no underscore, no special characters allowed.
    - Enter child nodes IP [space separated]
  5. When all done - you will see setup complete message [ check all nodes ]

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