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Application Autonomous Failover Guide



A Modern Approach to Storage Access Failover

The uptime and availability of your customer, partner and internal team facing tools and applications is critical to your success. You have redundant, resilient synchronized storage systems, you have federated application based storage paths, so why not have automated application failover?  Conventional continuous availability solutions involve large expenditures for expensive hardware and licensing to continuous path transparent access to data.


This solution leverages Superna Eyeglass for autonomous failover automation, the Superna Eyeglass DR Failover API, Dell PowerScale for data synchronization and DNS delegation, and a provided monitoring script to be placed alongside the application.


Dell PowerScale Synchronized Storage Systems

Dell scale out NAS solution, PowerScale is your storage platform.  Its SyncIQ data replication software provides flexible asynchronous data replication between a pair or more of arrays for disaster recovery and business continuity.

Superna Eyeglass DR

Superna Eyeglass DR maintains a continuously updated database of PowerScale shares, exports, NFS aliases, deduplication settings, schedules, policies and more.  All the information normally stored in manual DR recovery playbooks along with the ability to automate failovers faster through parallel procedure execution.

Superna Eyeglass DR API Features

Did you know that Superna Eyeglass DR includes a robust API system?  The Eyeglass DR API provides the means to execute path based failovers through  secure remote command execution, allowing automation to monitor and autonomously initiate failovers and reversions. Superna Eyeglass DR API provides DR readiness status, and can initiate and monitor failover tasks

Continuous Application Paired Failover Monitoring Logic

Lightweight path monitoring logic monitors read, write or read/write storage path access.  Configurable continuous failover detection logic logs and alerts administrators of storage path failures, alerts on failover requests and status, and initiatives autonomous failover via the Superna Eyeglass DR API.


A small, lightweight monitoring script is installed alongside your applications server.  Access (r/w) to the application path is continuously monitored while your application processes data.   The monitor sends a failover request to Superna Eyeglass DR if loss of access is detected.

Superna Eyeglass DR processes the request, computes the failover execution steps then autonomously initiates a failover from primary to synchronized failover storage paths.  Storage administrators and vested parties are notified of the event and are able to remediate the primary storage path and then fail back from failover to primary.





Superna Eyeglass DR and Dell PowerScale provide the ideal platform for customer, partner and internal team facing tools and applications.  Combined, Eyeglass DR and PowerScale offer highly scalable, secure and available storage for your critical business requirements.  Continuous storage path monitoring and autonomous application driven failover automation further enhances the availability of your data.  Autonomous application driven failover is our latest offering from the Superna Eyeglass suite, helping you secure, manage and protect all of your data.

What’s Next?

Upcoming versions of this solution will include additional failover types, and integration with third party load and application balancers.


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