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What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.22

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.21 (12/14/2023) 

New in 1.1.21

Usability Enhancements

Job view output now displays:

- Folders accepted

- Folders succeeded

- Folders failed

Feature Enhancements

  1. Job error log and archiveworker logging to include the S3 request ID's.

  2. Google (GCS) was added for Admin and Non-Admin users.

Better user job monitoring with activefiles summary integrated to job view small and large files

Active copies of GUI are now showing for each node NODE or CLUSTER:

  1. The total # of files being copied

  2. Total small file count and the % of the total this represents

  3. Total large file count and the % of the total this represents

  4. Show the sum of all files in active copies for ALL nodes in TBs

  5. Show a table with the following break-down:

    1. files 1 byte - 100K

    2. 100K - 1MB

    3. 1MB - 5MB

    4. 5MB - 100MB

    5. 100MB - 1G

    6. 1G - 100G

    7. 500G - 1TB

    8. Greater than 1TB

Job view changelist/layers enhancement

Job view now includes these changelist details for incremental:

  • The layer being processed

  • How many layers

  • The layer size

  • The # of files per layer

  • Total amount of files in the changelist

What's New in Cloud Browser for Data Mobility 1.1.21

New in 1.1.21

Feature Enhancements

After all files have been moved to SMB shares, the Email notification will be sent.

Concurrent Cloud Mover Jobs

  1. Round-robin archived folders. Now, the user can manually create two or more archivedfolders (pipelines) that can be used for recall and have the user jobs select archivedfolders on a round-robin basis so that the user can support multiple concurrent download jobs (by the same user or different users) at the same time. 

  2. It’s possible now manually assign some archivedfolders to specific archivedfolders so that I can separate the archiveworker resources acting on each folder.

Fixed in 1.1.2

CBDM-390 Cloud to Premise - Run Copy/move job with unchecked the "Email on job completion" , then should not get an email for that job.

When running Copy/move CBDM job with unchecked the "Email on job completion", even I received an email for that job. Unchecked the "Email on job completion" for Move/Copy CBDM jobs. After the job is done, Emails are sent anyway. The expected result is if we will run copy/move job with unchecked "Email on job completion", then we should not get an email for that job.

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.20(10.05.2023)

New in 1.1.20

Usability Enhancements

  1. The Cancel Job button was added for active running jobs. The user can now easily cancel an active running job with the click of a button.

  2. The job status NEEDS ATTENTION shows more status and reasons. Now, the job statuses will include three distinct states: "Success," "Failure," and the new "Needs Attention". The reasons - ‘High Error Rate’, ‘Low Error Rate’, ‘Treewalk Errors’

  3. Disk space display script simplifies monitoring disk space usage on users’ appliances. This script allows users to effortlessly check the disk space status of their relevant volumes, enabling them to troubleshoot disk space errors more efficiently. 

Feature Enhancements

  1. Incremental logging was added. Incremental logging will display the total number of files found in the changelist in both the IG log and the searchctl job view. 

  2. Archiveworker Redis Cache - Redis caching was added to optimize the handling of finished work, ensuring a more efficient and responsive experience. AW restarts can cause us to re-work non-committed events. 

Fixed in 1.1.20

GC-2057 Job marked as a FAILURE due to Snapshot Extend step

Job marked as a FAILURE due to Snapshot Extend step. Specifically when the Snapshot Extend step is unable to determine the state of the job

GC-2614 Archivedfolder Checksum Value Reverting to Default(Off) After Upgrade

Following an upgrade, The checksum value unexpectedly reverts to its default state, making all ArchivedFolders added after the upgrade set to the default checksum value.

ecaadmin@mpgc6160-1:~> searchctl archivedfolders getConfig
  "getGoldenCopyConfig": {
  "rateLimit": "",
  "fullArchSnapExpiry": 25,
  "checksum": "DEFAULT"
  • Workaround: Set it back to ON.

ecaadmin@mpgc6160-1:~> searchctl archivedfolder config --checksum ON 


  "data": {

   "gcConfigure": {

    "rateLimit": "",

    "fullArchSnapExpiry": 25,

    "checksum": "ON"


GC-2409 UI - Recall gauges - Skips counting against success %

The UI gauges may show a lower than expected Success % number if, during a Recall job, there were files that were skipped.

New in Cloud Browser for Data Mobility 1.1.20(10.05.2023)

New in 1.1.20

Feature Enhancements

  1. Highlighted Folder Icons. The folder icon will be dynamically highlighted when the user selects folders or parent folders within the path selector tree. 

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.19(09/01/2023) 

New in 1.1.19-23189 

Usability Enhancements

  1. Backup notifications and configuration settings added.

Feature Enhancements

  1. The function --follow when running jobs was added to follow that job’s progress within the same command. Existed for other jobs but now includes rerun.

  2. The ecactl search notifications list is shown chronologically now.

  3. Failed hardlink and softlink on rerun jobs are added to the rerun topic to re-download only failed files on a job.

  4. AW skip existing files using ARCHIVE_WORKER_RECALL_SKIP_EXISTENT_FILES.

Fixed in 1.1.19-23189

GC-2404  Archivedfolders checksum setting resets to Default (Off) after a VM restart

If the checksum option has been changed to On. A VM restart will set it back to Default which is Off.

GC-2405 UI - Archivedfolders Tab - Edit not populating `Tier`, which seems to be a Requirement

When using the UI to edit an archivedfolders, the text field Tier is a requirement. And it might not be populated because the archivedfolders was added without specifying a Tier. For AWS the default tier is named DEFAULT.

GC-1897 Pipeline-Recall Does not skip files with the skip existent export

Existing Files are not getting skipped on the second run for pipeline recall job and instead getting duplicated.

GC-2035 Job Cancel - Job should not be a SUCCESS if cancelled at any step

Job Cancel - Job should not be a SUCCESS if cancelled at any step.

New in Cloud Browser for data Mobility 1.1.19-23189 (09/01/2023) 

Feature Enhancements

  1. Multipart copy between buckets for user bucket to staging buckets with cross-region support. Users can stage files from the source bucket to the staging bucket even if they are in different regions.

  2. It is also implemented for copy-to-trash.

  3. This also gets us over the AWS limit of 5G with the standard copy operation.

Fixed in 1.1.19 Cloud Browser for data Mobility 1.1.19-23189

CBDM-528 Email - SMB share path uses an Incorrect folder separator for the selected sub-folders

When a subfolder is selected instead of the root path of the SMB, this email line is incorrect

SMB Share Path \\<ip>\<smbName>/subfolder 

It should be

          SMB Share Path \\<ip>\<smbName>\subfolder 

CBDM-532 Email Needs Attention Causing Job Failure due to Unconfigured SMTP Server

When attempting to add an email recipient on the user profile page, if the SMTP server is not properly configured, the email step fails. This failure, in turn, causes the entire job to fail, impacting the overall job status

CBDM-609 CBDM Browser - Buckets region being labelled incorrectly if there are other regions

Buckets region being labelled incorrect if there are other regions.

CBDM-615 Cloud to Premise - Submit SMB Target Button is obscured probably when the path is too long

When selecting an SMB target, the Submit button can be obscured depending on the length of the SMB target.

Workaround: After selecting the path, click outside the path picker, the picker should close, and the selected path should be selected for the Target.

CBDM-614 Cloud Browser - Unable to browse buckets in regions other than the one specified in Credentials

Unable to browse buckets in regions other than the one specified in Credentials.

CBDM-591 Skipping incremented from failing to move files to SMB due to the limit

The incorrect handling of files exceeds the limit when moving them to an SMB path. Instead of failing/getting errors, they are marked as skipped.

Supported OneFS releases





9.4 via the February RUP (PSP-3079) released Feb 8th 2023

9.5.x.x (minimum

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.17 (07/27/2023)

Fixed in 1.1.17

GC-1774 Json and Html report of recall/pipeline recall job is not showing accurate results for skipped files.

Json and Html report of recall/pipeline recall job is not showing accurate results for skipped files.

GC-2254 upgrade from 1.1.9 - after upgrading, the running job is not continuing to run

The archive job was running before the upgrade. Cluster down while the job is running.

after the upgrade, the job is not running; the job is not in running jobs and jobs history - files are not uploaded to the bucket.

GC-1687 Can't add AD user to admin for GC, when username contains few special characters.

Can’t add Ad user to admin for Gc, when username contains few special characters like

% ^ * + ` = {} [] \ | : ; “ <> , ?

GC-2399 Grafana - All Time Gauges - Negative % number

Seeing negative % number in the All-time graphs. Is it possible that if failure is higher than success, it could produce that negative % number?

GC-2237 Issue with login when there are spaces in the AD user name

The issue with login is when there are spaces in the AD user name

GC-1994 Pre Win2k usernames able to be added to Admin but fail at login

Pre Win2k usernames able to be added to Admin but fail at login

Fixed in 1.1.17 Cloud Browser for data Mobility 1.1.17

CBDM-412 Cloud to Premise - Parallel Jobs - Issues including Objects incorrectly Moved into a single SMB path

Parallel jobs seem to have issues with jobs run by the same user or different users.

CBDM-428 CBDM - files are recalled on wrong path instead of `ifs/fromcloud/CBDM` its recalling on `ifs/fromcloud/BDM`

Trailing slash / to recall source path breaks recall. Make sure --recall-sourcepath does not have a trailing slash

What’s New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.16

Fixed in 1.1.16

GC-1879 Auto ReRun - Add Stats for job `ReRun - Folders` and Stats Issues

Auto ReRun - Add Stats for job `ReRun - Folders` and Stats Issues

GC-1905 Pipeline Recall with `--trash-after-recall` does not delete original files

Pipeline Recall with `--trash-after-recall` does not delete original files

GC-1697 UI - Editing archivedfolders after the first Edit does not close the Edit box - Changes applied

After editing an archivedfolder, trying to edit again (another or the same one) does not close the Edit box

GC-1748 ReRun of Incremental Rename does not work because missing info on previous name

ReRun of a failed Incremental Rename does not work because of missing info on the previous name. Every time a ReRun is initiated on this event, there is also an NPE.

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.15 (05/03/2023) 

Fixed in 1.1.15

GC-1525 UI-Language change function is not working

The drop-down button on the language change is not functioning.

CBDM-235 Cloud to Premise - Jobs History - Skipped bytes added to Success bytes

The skipped bytes are added to the Success bytes.

CBDM-272 Job is marked as done without Recall if the Email is unchecked

For cloud to premise jobs (with email checked) the jobs are basically paused until a Recall job is run.

GC-1987 UI - Missing Edit and Add archivedfolders

Add/Edit of archivedfolders not available in UI.

GC-1205 Backup and recover functionality-Not able to fully recover the system

Backup and recover functionality-Not able to fully recover the system

GC-1880 When Auto-ReRun is triggered it can use the wrong job data (of another archivedfolders)

When Auto-ReRun is triggered it can use the wrong job data (of another archivedfolders)

GC-1749 Longpath - Incremental Rename did not update the JSON content - Recall downloaded old name

Renamed files (regular and hardlink) inside a longpath were not recalled with the new name.


New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.14 (04/04/2023) 

Fixed in 1.1.14

GC-1750 Longpath- Incremental Modify (Content) did not update the inode for Hardlink

Inside a longpath, after changing the content of a hardlink, the inode did not get updated on s3.

CBDM-234 Cloud to Premise - Jobs History and Running - Errors not counted

Errors are not counted in Cloud to Premise job data.

CBDM-262 Local admin is seeing a bucket without adding Credential

The local user sees a bucket when no Credentials have been added. 

Local users should only be able to view jobs/history

GC-1700 Remove suffix of downloaded files

Able to download files inside a long path using Cloud Browser. However, the files have a suffix

New in 1.1.14 

Version Based Recall

Date Based Recall on the UI is now available. During recall, users can now enter a date and recall the version of the object that was most recently uploaded before the selected date.  

Usability Enhancements

  1. Auto retry of failed folders and files with new job spawned at the end of archive job

  2. --folder-only option added to re-run

  3. Functionality --follow tag to archivedfolders recall is now

Cloud Browser for Data Mobility 1.1.14

Usability Enhancements CBDM

  1. Moving data to CBDM share is available now.

  2. Job’s affected files to CSV file for download can be exported now.

  3. Faster jobs history table, with in memory cache

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.13 (03/06/2023) 

Fixed in 1.1.13 Release

GC-1510 Non-admin is able to see all archivedfolders 

Regression in the way archivedfolders are listed for non-admin users.

CBDM-213 Cloud to Premise - Jobs data for Running and History should show Target SMB

Running jobs and their history do not show where the Copy/Move is/was going into.

CBDM-190 Cloud to Premise - Keep objects with the same names during Staging

Keep objects with the same names during Staging

GC-970 Long Path Support - Rename fails possibly due to S3 Error that key is too long

Incremental with file renaming on the long path does not work in this release.

Workaround: Run a full archive to re-upload the renamed files.

New in 1.1.13-23045 

Refer to previous 1.1.12 builds for what's new.

Supported Versions of S3 Targets

ECS 3.6, 3.7, 3.8

AWS S3 - all

Azure - all

Google Storage - all

Cohesity - contact support

Flashblade - contact support

MinIO - contact support

Wasabi - all

Ceph version 15

Supported S3 Protocol Targets

The supported S3 Protocol targets can be found in the documentation here.

End of Life Notifications

End of Life Notifications can be found here.

Deprecation Notifications

Azure default Tier change

In the next release, the default tier for Azure upload will change from cold to hot.  Tier-specific upload to Azure will require an advanced license.

HTML Summary Report to be deprecated

In the next release, the HTML report created using the export command will be deprecated and replaced by a job report that is created and downloadable from the Golden Copy GUI.

Support Removed / Deprecated in this Release

Recall the "metadata" option

The option to recall metadata only or re-apply metadata to a previous recall job is no longer available.   The recall job can be run again if required.

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.12 (02/03/2023) 

Fixed in 1.1.12 release:

GC-1078 UI - Pause and Start buttons have no action

Pause and Start buttons in the Archived Folder tab are not available.

GC-1513 Golden Copy special character regression for ECS, AWS

Golden Copy special character regression for ECS, AWS

GC-1070 job id is lost after upgrade to 1.1.11 so no jobs running/jobs view/job history and folder stats

Running job status is possible to lose during the upgrade process.
Workaround: Re-archive the files after the upgrade.

GC-1069 Multi part files recall issue - Recall files much larger than the original

Recalled files may have larger sizes than the original file and are not usable.
Workaround: None. Will retest in 1.1.12.

The system view tab works

New in Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy Release 1.1.11 (09/27/2022) 

New in 1.1.11

GC-2 Treewalk Robustness

Added robustness to the treewalk process to handle errors and reduce duplication when there are issues in correctly retrieving data during the treewalk phase.  

GC-138 Refresh GUI pages

Archive Jobs and Archived Folders pages now auto-refresh.

GC-337 Custom Metadata from application-specific files

Files can be optionally scanned during the upload process and custom metadata can be extracted and appended to the corresponding objects. This includes things like latitude and longitude from images, author from word documents, and more!

GC-341 Keep full history of file and object in objects as they're moved to the cloud 

The full history of object to file and file to object transitions can be tracked within the data object itself. For a particular file or object, it is now possible to view the transition history, and the dates when file data moved into object data and vice versa.

GC-373 Bugs

Miscellaneous bug fixes.

GC-586 Download file(s) to User pc from cloud browser

Users can now download individual files from cloud targets directly from their web browsers. 

GC-762 Cloud file download from GCS for all file types 

When downloading single files from GCS targets, if the file is of a type that can be rendered in the browser, the browser will display it instead of saving it.
Workaround: When the browser displays the file, right-click the page and select save as → Save As in your browser to save the file to your computer.

Fixed in 1.1.11

T23283/GC-396 Golden Copy GUI fully restricted for non-admin user

Non - admin users can login to the Golden Copy GUI and are fully restricted from admin functionality.

Non-admin user can see all folders configured and can add new folders. Impact: Impact for folder management only. Folder can be added and job can be started.

Non - admin user can recall files from Cloud Browser. Note: Cloud Browser is properly filtered based on the shares for logged in user.

Resolution: Golden Copy GUI URL should be provided to non- administrative users.

GC-562/563 Jobs view for large file is not accurate

For a job that contains large file, the jobs view is incorrect. Large file bytes archived is reported as less than was actually archived.

Resolution: The stats view command for the folder has full Archive.

Not available in 1.1.11

T17181 Archive to AWS Snowball

Archive to AWS Snowball is not supported with this optimized update release. This is planned in the coming update.

T17195 Upload to Azure, Cohesity, ECS or Ceph via Proxy

Azure, Cohesity, ECS or Ceph clients using http proxy are not supported in this update.

T16247 DR cluster alias / redirected recall

The ability to recall a different cluster than the original source cluster is not supported in this update.

Technical Advisories

Technical Advisories for all products are available here.

Known Issues

Known Issues Archiving

T14560 Cloud Browser Access with Macos

Certificate handling in Macos can impact the cloud browser functionality

Work around:  Use Windows OS with supported browsers

T14014 Incremental upload requires 2 cycles before picking up changes

For incremental upload, changes are detected by comparing 2 snapshots. After enabling incremental or incremental on a newly added folder will required 2 incremental upload cycles to run and create 2 different point in time snapshots before changes will be detected.

Workaround: none required

T15312 Archive job incorrectly presented as completed

For the case where all files have been uploaded but there is a larger file that is being uploaded in parts and a part is still in progress, the searchctl jobs running command will not show the job as running even though parts are still uploading.

Workaround: None required. The progress can be viewed in the logs. Final summary.html file once completed is correct.

T16425 Archive incremental upload does not handle changelist in waiting state/queued and incremental fails

A changelist on the Powerscale which is in waiting state or any other changelist condition that results in the "Job type Changelist is already running or queued" is not handled by Golden Copy incremental archiving which fails the incremental job instead of waiting and applying a timeout. Impact: Changes for that interval will be missed.

Workaround: A full archive can be run which will skip any files already up to date and will update those that require updating.

T16629 Azure upload error where name contains %

Upload of file or folder with name that contains % character to Azure is not handled and will fail.

Workaround: None available.

T16667 Data integrity audit job size parameter gives incorrect results

Using the searchctl archivedfolders audit command results in an error.

Workaround: None available. The data integrity audit job not available in the current release.

T17449 Folder missing meta data information for Azure container with legal hold or retention policy

For Azure container configured with legal hold or retention policy, upload of folder objects will be missing associated meta data for owner, group, mode bits, date stamps but ACLs are stored and protected. Golden Copy marks this upload as an error but the object is in fact created.

Workaround: None required.

T18012 Folders with language specific characters not uploaded

Folders with language specific characters are not uploaded but the files within the folder are uploaded.

Workaround: None available.

T18107 Incremental archive job may miss files on restart, jobid lost

A cluster down/up while an incremental archive job is running will not recover any files that have not already been added to the queue for upload. Those files will be missed and also will not be identified for upload on the next incremental cycle. The job id associated with the incremental job is also lost and not available in jobs history.

Workaround: Do not cluster down/up while an incremental archive job is running.

T18252 Empty folder uploaded as file on Google Cloud Storage

A folder on the file system that has no sub folders or files will be uploaded to Google Cloud Storage (GCE) as a file instead of a folder. This does not impact upload of overall archive job. On recall, the empty file is incorrectly downloaded as a file. 

Workaround: None available.

T18241 Cannot add 2 Powerscale cluster to Golden Copy with same archivedfolder configuration

If you add 2 clusters to Golden Copy you cannot add the same archivedfolder for both as it results in duplicated folder id.

Workaround: Select unique path for archivedfolder for each cluster.

T18979 Incremental Archive issues for files with Zone.Identifier suffix

Under some conditions PowerScale will store files with a Zone.Identifier suffix. These files may be archived without meta-data or error on archive and not be archived at all.

Workaround: These files can be excluded from archive by adding " --excludes=*.Zone.Identifier" to the archivedfolder definition.

T19218 Setting to enable delete for Incremental archive not working

The system setting export ARCHIVE_INCREMENTAL_IGNORE_DELETES=false to enable deletes during incremental archive is not working. Deleted files on PowerScale are not deleted from S3.

Workaround: None available.

T19305 Queued jobs are not managed

Golden Copy executes up to 10 jobs in parallel. If more than 10 jobs are submitted remaining jobs are queued and waiting to fill a job slot once it becomes available. Queued jobs are not visible through any commands such as command for running jobs and they do not survive a restart.

Workaround: On restart any jobs that were queued will need to be restarted. Tracking is available for the 10 jobs that are running and jobs history for jobs that are completed.

T19388 Fast Incremental incorrectly stores UID and GID properties

When Fast Incremental is enabled, the UID and GID are crossed and stored against the wrong attribute. UID is incorrectly stored against the group attribute instead of the owner attribute and the GID is incorrectly stored against the owner attribute instead of the group attribute.

Workaround: When evaluating owner and group, use the owner attribute to determine the group and the group attribute to determine the owner.

T19441/GC-543 Move/Delete operation in a single incremental sync orphans data in S3 target

Under certain circumstances where in the same incremental update there is a move or rename of a folder an empty folder is orphaned in S3 target. For example for a move or rename of a folder and a delete of a sub-folder, the folder move is properly updated on S3 target but the deleted sub-folder is not deleted in S3 target. For a delete and rename of 2 subfolders and edit of a file in the renamed subfolder, the renamed and deleted folders are not deleted on the S3 target.

Workaround: Orphaned folder can be manually removed from S3 target using native S3 tools.

T20379 Canceled archive job continues upload

For an archive job that is cancelled while the phase of walking the filesystem is still in progress, the filesystem walk continues after the cancel and if another archive job on the same folder is started while the original snapshot is still present files from both snapshots will be uploaded. Impact: Any files that are uploaded twice will be skipped if they are already present and uploaded if not. Order of upload is not guaranteed.

Workaround: Please contact for assistance should this situation arise. Planned resolution in 1.1.6.

T21370 No message when snapshot for upload from snapshot is not in Golden Copy inventory

The archive job, which specifies an existing snapshot as the source of the copy requires that the specified snapshot is in the Golden Copy inventory. If an upload job is started without the snapshot in the inventory no error message is displayed.

Workaround: Inventory runs automatically once a day at midnight. If the snapshot specified is not in the inventory, the message will indicate that the job was submitted but there will be no job-id. Ensure that a job-id is returned when starting this job.

T21745 s3update with a large number of changes may incorrectly delete folder objects with ACL information

Under some conditions, running the s3update command will result in the deletion of folder objects for folders that were not modified. This affects the folder object storing the ACL information only, the data itself is still present.

Workaround: None available.

T21889 Issues with rerun of recall job

Rerun of recall job with meta-data fails to download the errored files.

Workaround: Use native tools to download the errored files.

T21891 Rerun of Incremental Job does not finish

Rerun of incremental job does not complete - stays in running state once finished and all previously errored files have been copied successfully.

Workaround: Contact for assistance.

T21687 Parallel Full Archive Jobs may have some stuck jobs

When you add folders and start jobs in short period of time one after another this can result in jobs getting stuck.

Workaround: After adding a folder and starting a job, wait at least 5 minutes before adding another folder and starting a job.

T22208 Cannot run a failed job again

If copy job fails to run, running the job again will also fail.

Workaround: Delete and readd the folder to run the copy again.

T22925 Cannot use existing folder to copy from DR cluster

In the event that original cluster used to copy files to object storage becomes unavailable and a 2nd DR cluster is now being used, incremental updates to the originally uploaded objects is not available. Impact: Impact to incremental updates only. Recall of data uploaded from original cluster to DR cluster is available. Adding a new folder on DR cluster for upload is available.

Workaround: Readd the folder for the DR cluster. Requires full archive for the folder and then incremental.

T23126 Issues with full and incremental jobs for folders when S3 prefix is used

With ARCHIVE_S3_PREFIX configured there are following issues for folders:

-on incremental archive when a folder is deleted, the corresponding folder object in object storage is not deleted resulting in orphaned folder objects - workaround: folder objects must be deleted manually from object storage

-on full archive folder copy is not skipped when it should be resulting in additional unnecessary creation of folder objects - workaround: none required

T23275 Archive job with s3update archive job does not complete

An archive job with the s3update archive option never completes.

Workaround: The s3update job should not be used in this release. Note that this command should not be used to compare the file system to the bucket, run a full archive to validate all data is copied.

GC-401 The '--only-folders' option for rerun is not available

If you specify the '--only-folders' option for rerunning a job to pick up any folders that encountered an issue during the treewalk phase of the initial archive, the job does not start and shows as not run.

Workaround: The folder can be archived again to pick up any missed folders. Any files that were successfully copied previously will be skipped by default.

GC-384 Schedule incorrectly applied to a paused job

If you pause a job for a folder that has a full schedule defined, the job will incorrectly start at the scheduled time but will get stuck and not complete.

Workaround: The stuck job can be cancelled. If you do not want the pause to apply any longer the folder should be updated.

GC-63 Same folder archived to different buckets results in error

The same folder from same source Powerscale configured multiple time to archive to different bucket on the same storage target results in duplicated folder IDs which causes associated archive and/or recall jobs to fail.

Workaround: None available.

GC-675 Archive job does not finish when tree walk fails at the beginning

When an archive job fails on all of the records in the treewalk stage, the job can hang indefinitely and must be manually cancelled.

Workaround: Cancel the job from the CLI using searchctl jobs cancel --id <jobid> and resubmit.

Known Issues Reporting

General Reporting Issues

T17647 After restart stats, jobs view, export report, cloud stats not consistent

After a cluster down/up or restart of indexworker, archiveworker or isilongateway containers there will be a mismatch in the stats.

Workaround: None available

T17932 searchctl jobs view or folder stats may be missing reporting on small percentage of files uploaded.

The searchctl jobs view command or folder stats command may not properly report all files uploaded to the S3 target.

Workaround: Verify file count directly on S3 target.

T18587 isilongateway restart may remove jobs history and running jobs information

An isilongateway container restart may result in information on running jobs and jobs history to be lost.

Without running job id, a job cannot be canceled or rerun.

This issue does not affect archiving of files.  Any job in progress will continue to archive files.

Workaround: To monitor job progress, use the searchctl archivedfolders stats command which relies on folder id as opposed to job id.

T19136 Jobs View / Export Report do not correctly calculate job run time if job is interrupted

For an archive job that is interrupted - for example cluster down/up while archive job is running - the jobs view and export report show a run time that is shorter than the true duration of the job.

Workaround: None available

T19466 Statistics may show more than 100% archived/attempted after a cluster down/up

If there is an archive job in progress when a cluster down/up is done, the job continues on cluster up but the jobs view and folder stats may show more than 100% for Archived and Attempted files.

Workaround: The archive job can be run again to ensure all files are uploaded. Any files that are already present on the object storage will show as a skipped statistic.

T21186 Statistics may not be accurate when there is a rename operation

If there is an archive job which includes a rename operation, the job and folder stats may not be accurate.

Workaround: Verify in object storage the correct files have been uploaded.

T21257 The 'file change count' column in jobs running always shows 0 for incremental archive

For incremental archive, the searchctl jobs view command will show the number of files in the changelist, but the searchctl jobs running command always shows a 0 count.

Workaround: Use the searchctl jobs view command to see the number of files in the changelist.

T20497 The jobs history '--tail' argument not working

Using jobs history with the --tail option may have the following issues:

-not all job types returned

- results not sorted

- more results retrieved than specified in the tail

-error if tail argument exceeds total number of records but results still displayed

Workaround: None available. The jobs history command without the --tail option is working.

T21572 Export report for folder with multiple jobs may only produce 1 report

If multiple jobs have been run against a folder and then an export job is run for one of the jobs, a subsequent export job for a different job may not generate a report.

Workaround: Use the jobs view command to see the details of the job.

T21668 Copy from flat file does not report errors

On a copy from a flat file, where the copy encounters errors, jobs view and export incorrectly show the job as 100% success.

Workaround: Use folder stats or jobs view "Errors" stats to see error count.

T21727 s3update stats include count for updated and unchanged objects

The s3update statistic report combines counts for updated and unchanged objects in some cases such that the number of updated objects is incorrect. This is a reporting issue only, the correct objects are updated.

Workaround: None available.

T21888 Issue with errors command

Using the --tail and --count options together for the searchctl archivedfolders errors command does not respect the --count option and returns all errors.

Workaround: None available. The last n lines of errors will still be available for review. Note that --count option without tail is respected.

T20445 Jobs view count not accurate when parallel jobs are running

When there are parallel jobs running, the jobs view command may show counts for accepted, archived and skipped that are higher than the actual counts.

Workaround: Use the searchctl stats view command to see the statistics for the folders.

T22523 Export command error json files may be missing files

The export command correctly reports then number of errored files in the HTML summary report but the corresponding json files may be missing some files.

Workaround: None available

T23450 Jobs Summary email report always shows running job

The Jobs Summary email report always shows running jobs even when there are no jobs running. When a job is running the running job count is increased accordingly.

Workaround: There are running jobs if the running job count is higher than the count when system is idle.

GC-385 jobs view and stats view incorrect for paused job that is resumed after a cluster down/up

A paused job that is resumed after a cluster down/up will successfully archive remaining files, but the jobs view and stats view will show incorrect statistics.

Workaround: None available. Inspect on the target to confirm all files have been archived.

GC-383 Pipeline recall stats may be incorrect

The stats view and jobs view may incorrectly show higher number of objects recalled than were actually recalled on pipeline job.

Workaround: Verify on the file system directly the number of objects that were recalled.

GC-557 Export Report for incremental job with rename operations shows incorrect stats

For the case where there are multiple incremental jobs which have a rename operation, the export report statistics are incorrect.

Workaround: Use the searchctl jobs view command to see the statistics for the job.

Recall Reporting Issues

T16960 Rerun recall job overwrites export report

Rerun of a recall job followed by exporting a report will overwrite any previous export report for that folder.

Workaround: Export report from a previous recall can be recreated but running the searchctl archivedfolders export command for the appropriate job id.

T17893 searchctl archivedfolders history incorrectly shows recall job as job type FULL

The output from the searchctl archivedfolders history command will incorrectly show a recall job as job type FULL.

Workaround: searchctl jobs history correctly shows the job type as GoldenCopy Recall.

T18535 Recall reporting issue for accepted file count / interrupted recall

There is no stat for recall accepted file count.  Also if a recall is interrupted during the walk to build the recall files, the job reports as success even though not all files were recalled.

Workaround: None available

T18875/T21574 Recall stats may incorrectly show errored count

Under some circumstances a recall job may show stats for Errors when in fact all files were successfully recalled.

Workaround: Use the searchctl archivedfolders errors command to check for errors.  Manual count of files on the Powerscale may also be used to verify the recall.

T19415 Recall stats incorrectly show errors for folder object which store ACLs

Recall stats and error command incorrectly show errors related to meta data recall for the folder objects created to store folder ACLs.

Workaround: None required. These are not errors associated with the actual folder ACLs. These can be identified in the error command as the Metadata apply failed error will be listed against the folder name where folder has been prefixed with the PowerScale cluster name.

T20500 'jobs vew' for recall job not incrementing meta data related stats

The searchctl jobs view command may incorrectly show 0 for metadata related stats.

Workaround: Use the folder stats to see cumulative stats for folder metadata recall.

T21561/T21577 Recall stats issues

  • For a recall job where some files recalled had an error, the jobs view Accepted and Attempted stats are incorrect.
  • Stats unrelated to the recall may get incremented: FULL/MULTIPART_FILES_ACCEPTED , FULL/MULTIPART_FILES_ARCHIVED
  • jobs view Stats for Count (Recall), Count (Metadata), Errors (Recall), Errors (Metadata) may be incorrect
  • stats view FULL/FILES_ARCHIVED_RECALLED may not be accurate

Workaround: Use the searchctl archivedfolders errors command to check for errors.  Manual count of files on the Powerscale may also be used to verify the recall.

T21778 Issues with Export for Recall job with meta-data

  • The report incorrectly shows the Job Type as FULL and the report itself is located in the ./full folder.
  • Accepted stats are incorrect
  • snapshot path is incorrect

Recall jobs without metadata export as expected.

Workaround: Export report can be retrieved from the ./full folder but some report contents are incorrect as above.

GC-574 Recall stats are empty when the --older-than and --new-than options are used

A recall job using the --older-than or --newer-than options does not show any stats in the stats view. No impact to the recall job itself.

Workaround: Use jobs view to see the count and bytes archived.

Known Issues Recall

T16129 Recall from Cohesity may fail where folder or file contain special characters

Recall of files or folders from Cohesity which contain special characters may fail. Job is started successfully but no files are recalled.

Workaround: None available

T16550 Empty folder is recalled as a file for GCS

Recall from GCS target of an empty folder results in a file on the PowerScale instead of a folder.

Workaround: If the empty directory is required on the file system it will need to be recreated manually.

T18338 Recall Rate Limit

Golden Copy does not have the ability to rate limit a recall.

Workaround: None available within Golden Copy.

T18428 Recall for target with S3-prefix result in extra S3 API call per folder

For S3 target that require a prefix for storing folders, on recall an extra S3 API call is made per folder. This API call results in an error but does not affect overall recall of files and folders.

Workaround: None required

T18450 Folder object in S3 that contains folder ACL information incorrectly recalled as a directory when ARCHIVE_S3_PREFIX set

If Golden Copy is configured to apply ARCHIVE_S3_PREFIX on folder objects, on recall the folder object is incorrectly recalled as a directory to the Powerscale filesystem.

Workaround: None required

T18600 Recall Job where recall path is mounted does not indicate error

No error is displayed if recall path is not mounted. In this case files may be downloaded to the Golden Copy filesystem which is not the requested end location and could also result in disk space issues on the Golden Copy VM.

Workaround: Ensure that mount for recall path exists prior to starting recall job.  See information here on the mount requirements.

T19012 Recall of files from Azure fails for files uploaded with Golden Copy earlier than 1.1.4-21050

Files that were uploaded to Azure with Golden Copy build prior to 1.1.4-21050 cannot be recalled back to PowerScale using Golden Copy.

Workaround: Native S3 tools can be used to recall files from Azure.

T19438 Files may not be recalled

Under some circumstances files may not be recalled without any error indicated in Golden Copy.

Workaround: Files can be manually retrieved using S3 native tools.

T19649 Meta-data not recalled where AD user/group cannot be resolved

For case where files are uploaded and the owner or group was returned by the PowerScale API as Unknown User or Unknown Group because those owner/group no longer exist, on recall the Unknown User/Group cannot be resolved and block any other meta data from being applied.

Workaround: Meta data in S3 target can be used to confirm original meta data settings and manual steps on the operating system to apply them.

T21291 Version based recall may not apply folder ACLs when using '--apply-metadata'

When using version based recall, if the parent folder of an object with multiple versions only has 1 version, the parent folder ACLs may not be applied.

Workaround: Reference for parent folder ACLs are stored as separate folder object in object storage and can be applied manually.

T21626 Recall Job for large number of files may get stuck

For a large recall job, Golden Copy may get stuck with files left to recall or once the recall job is completed.

Workaround: Contact support for assistance.

T23220 Recall to a different target cluster does not correctly recall objects

Recall to a PowerScale cluster that has been added as a --goldencopy-recall-only cluster cannot be used due to the following issues:

- objects may be targeted for recall to an incorrect location on the file system resulting in error on recall or incorrect location on filesystem

- meta data is not applied on recall

- searchctl archivedfolders export report Job Type shows as FULL instead of RECALL

Workaround: None available.

T23312 Recall --start-time and --end-time options do not recall any data

Specifying --start-time and / or --end-time option on recall does not return any results.

Workaround: If the data can be identified based on the object timestamp rather than the file metadata, the --older-than and/or --newer-than option can be used.

T23315 Recall --older-than option creates folder structure when there is no matching objects

Recall using the --older-than option where the input is not in the range of any object timestamp, no files are recalled as expected but the folder structure is created on recall and jobs view stats incorrectly show all files are recalled.

Workaround: None available.

T23398 Recall job intermittently fails at step "Create Distributed Kafka topic for LINKS"

Recall jobs can intermittently fail at the "Create Distributed Kafka topic for LINKS" step. The job view shows a Count for Accepted and Recalled but in fact no objects are recalled.

Workaround: Start the recall job again.

T23474 Recall path incorrect with multiple cluster uses Pipeline configuration for all clusters

If multiple clusters are managed and only one is configured with the recall-source-path for pipeline, the recall-source-path is incorrectly used for the cluster that is not configured for pipeline.

Workaround: Use the recall-source-path as defined for the pipeline cluster as the recall location.

GC-652  Recall - Stats issue with multipart files

The recall stats for multipart files in pipeline jobs are consistently not counted.

Workaround: Use powerscale tools to look at the size of the recall folder.

GC-967 Long Path - Recall Metadata not applied correctly for Multipart files

Metadata recall on multipart files in long path does not work in this release.

Workaround: None

GC-1079 Recall folder stats sometimes have doubled stats/more than 100% complete stats

Folders stats and jobs view for recall job is possible to show wrong file size.
Workaround: Use the searchctl archived folders errors command to check for errors. Manually check file size on the Powerscale may also be used to verify the recall.

GC-2378 Pipeline Recall and CBDM - job view is intermittently showing `0` recalled Bytes

Run pipeline recall job. The job view is not showing recalled files size. It is showing 0B only.

In the stats, FULL/BYTES_ARCHIVE_RECALLED is showing 0B.

In the GC UI, the job history shows the recalled files size 0B.

GC-2801 Azure Recall - Unable to Recall files inside subfolder uploaded in 1.1.19 using 1.1.20 - Possible HTTP header issues

Azure Recall - Unable to Recall files inside subfolder uploaded in 1.1.19 using 1.1.20 - Possible HTTP header issues.

Known Issues Media Mode

T23160 Failed link archive are not recorded in stats

When there is an error on copy of a link, jobs view and stats view do not have any stats related to the errors.

Workaround: If jobs view has a difference between accepted and uploaded stats this is an indication of errors. For link errors, the errors command can be used to view the errors.

T23159 Hard link percentage saved shows negative value

The jobs view Hardlinks (Size) stat may show a negative percentage saved if the size of the link object json files exceeds the size of the inode actual file.

Workaround: None required.

T22022 Error on incremental for link object with suffix

With Golden Copy configured to add an ARCHIVE_LINK_SUFFIX to links, incremental archive will result in error on delete and rename because the suffix is not applied.

Workaround: Link objects in this case should be deleted manually from object storage.

T22510 Symlink mode always set to 777

When recalling a symlink, the mode is always set to 777 instead of applying the original mode which is stored in the symlink object properties.

Workaround: The symlink object properties store the original mode which then can be applied manually.

T22488 Object storage still contains file after all hard links and original file have been deleted

If all of the hard links to and related inode file are deleted, the the file is still present in the .gcinodes folder in the object storage.

Workaround: Object can be manually deleted from the inodes folder in object storage if required.

T22484 Deleting original hard link file may result in multiple copies of the file in object storage

If a hard link has been copied to object storage and subsequently the original file is deleted, the object storage link object may now stores the full original file as well as a copy of the file in the .gcnodes folder in object storage.

Workaround: Objects no longer required may be removed manually from object storage.

T23475 Error in Media Mode stops archive job

Under some circumstances for some file system configurations an error will occur when processing hard link or sym link which blocks all processing for the archive job.

Workaround: Contact In some cases setting --skip-s3-file-exists to true will workaround this issue. Plan to address in patch build.

T23479 Golden Copy GUI does not report statistics for hard links / symlinks processed

The Golden Copy GUI dashboards underreport on files and bytes archived when hard links and symlinks are being processed.

Workaround: Use the jobs view CLI command to see complete statistics.

T23546 Media Mode not compatible with checksum on

Golden copy archive folder cannot be configured with checksum on when Media Mode is enabled. Hardlink and symlink json files containing the link information are not created.

Workaround: Keep default setting of checksum off when using Media Mode.

GC-544 Symlink not archived without setting ARCHIVE_LINK_SUFFIX

Without setting the ARCHIVE_LINK_SUFFIX in eca-env-common.conf, symlink json file with link information is not created in object storagewhen symlink processing is enabled. Only the original file is uploaded.

Workaround: Contact to assist in adding the export  to eca-env-common.conf.

GC-934 Incremental - Symlinks Rename failed possibly when using export that enables suffix

Incremental archiving of renamed symlinks does not work in this release.

Workaround: Run a full archive to re-upload the missing links.

GC-971 Long Path - Incremental Delete fail possible due to s3 error that key is too long

Incremental job with deleted files in long path are not deleted in this release.

Workaround: Delete the files in the cloud manually.

Known Issues Pipeline

T23045/T22539 Move to Trash / Delete configuration is not working

With Pipeline configured with the recall folder using --source-path and the corresponding settings to enable --trash-after-recall option, objects either downloaded successfully or skipped on recall do not get deleted or moved to recycle bucket.

With Pipeline configured with an archive folder using --delete-from-source and the corresponding system settings enabled, files that are successfully copied are deleted but files that are skipped are not.

Workaround: Objects/files on source must be manually removed .

T23036 No stats for Pipeline recall skipped files

The stats view or jobs view command does not report on skipped objects for Pipeline recall folder.

Workaround: None available.

T23035 Jobs view does not track delete from source progress

The jobs view command does not show any progress status for the delete operation when a folder is configured with --delete-from-source.

Workaround: The stats view command FULL/FILES_DELETE_FROM_SOURCE can be used.

T22013 Pipeline recall with the --source-path option does not apply meta-data

A Pipeline recall from object to file does not apply meta data from the object properties. Owner and Group are set to nobody.

Workaround: Set owner, group and mode manually.

Known Issues Golden Copy GUI

T23436 Golden Copy GUI folder and all time stats are inconsistent

In some cases, the Golden Copy all time stats will not match the per folder stats.

Workaround: Golden Copy stats view and jobs view can be used to view job progress.

T23150 Error on adding or editing archivefolder has no details

When there is an error on adding or editing an archivefolder the message provided is "Error occurs in graphQL request" without any details as to what the actual error was.

Workaround: Browser developer tools can be used to see the details of the graphql output.

T23131 Golden Copy GUI combines Upload and Recall stats

The Golden Copy GUI shows Upload and Recall stats combined in some parts of the GUI such as the Data Processed (File Count) graph where queued stat includes both uploaded and recalled files.

Workaround: None required.

T23087 Golden Copy GUI available for Add/Edit/Delete folder for AWS, Azure and ECS

The Golden Copy GUI can only be used to manage folders for AWS, Azure and ECS. Invalid mandatory field requirement prevent management of folders for other targets.

Workaround: Use the CLI to manage folders for other targets.

T23076 No validations when editing folder from Golden Copy GUI

When editing a folder from the Golden Copy GUI there are no checks for valid input on save. Impact: invalid settings can corrupt folders and block functionality.

Workaround: Manually verify inputs for accuracy.

T22851/T23145 Golden Copy GUI Folder Management GUI Issues

When using the Golden Copy GUI to add/edit/delete folders there are the following GUI issues:

- fields are not cleared after changing cloud type selection - workaround: manually clear or overwrite previously entered values

- path field does not allow copy/paste - workaround: use path selector

- summary window does not show scrollbar - workaround: resize window

T23002 Golden Copy Cloud Browser filters not displayed

After selecting Filter Results Files or Folders in Cloud Storage Browser, the GUI does not show that a filter is applied.

Workaround: None required.

T22954 Golden Copy GUI does not correctly show Pipeline license

The license list display in the Golden Copy GUI for the Powerscale under management shows UN instead of a pipeline license.

Workaround: To double check licensing from command line use the command: searchctl isilons list .

T22385 Golden Copy GUI shows Search product on some pages

On the login page and on some tabs once logged in the product name "search" is displayed instead of "goldencopy". No impact to functionality.

Workaround: None required.

GC-438/GC394 Unable to manage Google Cloud Storage folder from Golden Copy GUI

Unable to create or edit or clone a Google Cloud Storage folder from the Golden Copy GUI.

Workaround: Use the CLI commands for managing Google Cloud Storage folders.

GC-447 Jobs Errors does not display errors with a large number of jobs in the Jobs History

With a large number of jobs in the jobs history, the Golden Copy GUI Archive Folders -> Archive Jobs Errors list does not open. The search logo is displayed and is continuously refreshing.

Workaround: Use the CLI command to see errors related to a job.

GC-607 Cloud Browser - support self signed certificates on local targets

The cloud browser does not work to browse S3 endpoints that are hosted on SSL endpoints using untrusted SSL certificates.

Workaround: Apply a valid signed certificate to your S3 endpoint if possible, or use http instead of https.

Known Issues General & Administration

T14025 Changing PowerScale user requires a cluster down/up

If the user that was used when adding PowerScale to Golden Copy is changed, sessions still established with PowerScale using previous user.

Workaround: A cluster down/up is required to refresh user being used to connect to PowerScale. Contact for assistance.

T16640 searchctl schedules uses UTC time

When configuring schedule using searchctl schedules command time must be entered as UTC time.

Workaround: None required

T16855 Archived Folders for Powerscale cluster added with the --goldencopy-recall-only option does not appear in the archivedfolders list command

The searchctl archivedfolders list command does not list folders for Powerscale clusters that were added to Golden Copy using the --goldencopy-recall-only option.

Workaround: Keep a record of the folder id after adding the folder and then it can be referenced in other commands such as searchctl archived folders remove .

T17987 Alarm for cancelled job shows job failed

The description for an alarm for a cancelled job says "Job failed to run" instead of indicating that the job was cancelled.

Workaround: Check the jobs history for the details of the job.

T21073 Phone home may fail when archive folder path contains characters 'id'

Phone home may file if there is an archive folder configured path that ends in 'id' - for example: /ifs/data/patientid

Workaround: None available.

T17200 Error on cluster up after power off/on

After power off/on of the Golden Copy VM, the cluster up might fail due to insufficient space for zk-ramdisk.

Workaround: Contact support for assistance.

T21227 Backup & Restore missing configuration

After backup and restore, the following configurations are not restored:

- searchctl archivedfolders config --checksum

-searchctl notifications (including smtp/channel)

Workaround: Keep an external record of configurations that are not restored. After restore, missing configurations must be manually reapplied.

T22337 Firewall down after node reboot

A Golden Copy node that is rebooted will no longer have the firewall rules applied.

Workaround: After bringing the node back up run the command:


Check that the firewall is up by executing the command below from another server to confirm no access to port 3000 (replace <node IP> with the IP address of the Golden Copy node that you are running the command against):

 nc -z <node IP> 3000

T22373 Cannot configure admin user or group with space in name

Cannot add an AD group or user with a space in the name as an administrative user. Running the command to add the administrator group or user results in an exception.

Workaround: For an AD group, the group can be added by replacing the space in the name with %20. For example admin group@x.y would be added using admin%20group@x.y.

For AD user with a space in the name no workaround is available.

T22988 searchctl archivedfolders list --verbose incorrectly displays accesskey

In the searchctl archivedfolders list --verbose output incorrectly displays the bucket as the accesskey.

Workaround: searchtctl archivedfolders list does correctly show the accesskey field.

T22957 Modify command does not change Powerscale IP address

The searchctl isilons modify command cannot be used to change the IP address Golden Copy is using to connect to Powerscale. The command will either give an error or will succeed but the original IP address will continue to be used.

Workaround: Contact for assistance to change IP address.

T22912 Golden Copy Advanced and Pipeline licenses cannot be removed

The Golden Copy Advanced and Pipeline licenses cannot be removed using searchctl commands. Impact: No correction can be made to loaded licenses.

Workaround: Contact for assistance.

T22913 Licensing of Powerscale can be lost

A sequence of operations that deletes and readds clusters may result in licenses being lost on a cluster down/up.

Workaround: Contact for assistance.

T23223 Golden Copy goldencopy-recall-only Powerscale cannot be licensed

A Powerscale cluster that is added to Golden Copy as a goldencopy-recall-only cluster cannot be subsequently licensed for full Golden Copy functionality.

Workaround: Contact for assistance.

T23382 Verbose archived folders list shows properties no longer used

The searchctl archivedfolders list --verbose property shows "recallTargetCluster" and "recallTargetPath" that are no longer used.

Workaround: None required.

GC-434 The 'recall-only' option set randomly for PowerScale

After adding a PowerScale cluster to Golden Copy, the 'recall-only' option may show as true even though it was not explicitly set. Impact: None.

Workaround: None required.

GC-426 Adding folder with '--delete-from-source' option does not accept true/false argument

An error occurs when adding a folder with the '--delete-from-source' option specified using the true argument.

Workaround: When adding the folder, to set the '--delete-from-source' option do not specify true argument or use the modify command to set the '--delete-from-source'.

GC-445 Timeout for delete where --delete-from-source is configured is too long

Current timeout to wait for a delete operation to complete is over 100 days. Recommend to set this to 15 minutes to avoid job not completing due to a delete operation that is taking a long time.

Workaround: Contact for assistance to set the timeout to 15 minutes (export PIPELINE_FOLDER_DELETE_TIMEOUT 90)

GC-1119 some file uploads get errored during the upgrade.

Files may fail to archive during the cluster down/upgrade/cluster up procedure.
Workaround: Rerun the job to archive those files.

GC-1482 Azure support for certain character combination

Azure support for certain character combinations.

GC-1540 Unable to add a folder named with double quotes and back slash to GC.

Created a folder named with a double quote and back slash in Isilon. then I tried to add this folder to GC, but I was unable to add the folder to GC. It got an invalid syntax error.

GC-2233 GoldenCopy - Running a second job with skips enabled causes the job not to complete

The initial full job runs without issues and comes to completion but the second full when ran skips files until the job is canceled.

GC-2387 Incremental - Count Accepted is different than Archived possibly due File_Rename

Accepted (count) differs from Archived (count) for incremental jobs. Looking at the jobs view, there are fewer accepted than archived.

GC-2450 Backup and Restore Kafka topic's content

Summary of what is not restored after a backup and Restore as of 1.1.17-23170 v15, single node:

  • checksum: Expected to be restored. Need to be fixed.

  • Kafka topics' content. This is expected; no fix is planned. Impact: Tools that rely on data from Kafka topics will show empty results. Example tools:

    • system alarms/notifications (searchctl notifications list).

    • job error details (searchctl archivedfolders errors).

GC-2485 customMetadata 100k characters limit Error

When full archiving using --customMetadata True , some files ran into error.

GC-2692 Large Changelists Max Out Isilongateway RAM

Multiple large change lists from incremental jobs will cause the Isilongateway container to restart.

Workaround: Spread incremental schedules out to allow more time in between the incremental jobs, check the change list on OneFS, and if over 1M changes are being found, run a full job on the folder instead of an incremental job.

GC-2631 Single node has errors about multiple zk nodes

Single node has errors about multiple zk nodes.

Note: the workaround needs to be applied to any newly deployed single node GC ovf

Add the above zookeeper section to docker-compose.overrides.ymland for node 2 and node 3 turn off the label.

eca.cluster.launch.node2: off 

eca.cluster.launch.node3: off 

GC-3012 UI - Unable to add AWS `us-east-1` archivedfolders

Unable to add archivedfolders in the UI when using us-east-1

Workaround: Adding using a different region and CLI.  

DEVSECOPS-258 `libzypp`/`rpm` bug causes installers to fail

libzypp version 17.31.22 introduces an incompatibility with the currently available version of rpm (4.14.3 at the time of writing). The following error occurs when the installer attempts to install the RPMs:

error: Macro %_dump_posttrans has empty body 


Workaround:libzypp must be downgraded and locked to prevent the broken from being installed either manually or by the Yast2 Auto Update process:

sudo zypper in -y --oldpackage --allow-downgrade 'libzypp<17.31.22' 

sudo zypper addlock 'libzypp<17.31.22'

DO-425 Grafana data not collected for CPU and memory usage

Grafana UI may not show CPU and Memory usage.

Workaround: Use ‘docker stats’ to monitor both CPU and memory.

DO-424 The CBDM Move job got Stuck, didn't complete

When running parallel CBDM move job, the jobs may get stuck and not be completed successfully
Workaround: Run a single CBDM move job at a time

DO-431 Archiveworker Restarting During Large File Processing on GCS

When attempting to execute an archive job for GCS with a dataset >5000 files, the job runs into the following issues:
1. Archiveworker container restarts during upload, but the job eventually completes, and files are uploaded to GCS
2. The job takes longer to finish, even with a small set of files
3. Stats are not correct

Workaround: none

Known Limitations

T15251 Upload from snapshot requires snapshot to be in Golden Copy Inventory

Golden Copy upload from an PowerScale snapshot requires snapshot to be in Golden Copy Inventory. Inventory task is run once a day. If you attempt to start archive without snapshot in inventory you will get error message "Incorrect snapshot provided".

Workaround: Wait for scheduled inventory to run or run inventory manually using command: searchctl PowerScales runinventory

T15752 Cancel Job does not clear cached files for processing

Any files that were already cached for archive will still be archived once a job has been cancelled.

Workaround: None required. Once cached files are processed there is no further processing.

T16429 Golden Copy Archiving rate fluctuates

Golden Copy archiving rates may fluctuate over the course of an upload or recall job.

Workaround: None required.

T16628 Upgrade to 1.1.3 may result in second copy of files uploaded for Azure

In the Golden Copy 1.1.3 release, upload to Azure replaced any special characters in the cluster, file or folder names with "_". In 1.1.4 release the special characters are handled so that a subsequent upload in 1.1.4 wil re-upload any files/folders because the names are not identical in S3 to what was uploaded in 1.1.3. If the cluster name contained a special character - for example Isilon-1 - then all files will be re-uploaded.

Workaround: None

HTML report cannot be exported twice for the same job

The HTML report cannot be run again after having been previously executed.

Workaround: None required. Use the previously exported report.

T16250 AWS accelerated mode is not supported

Golden Copy does not support adding AWS with accelerated mode as an S3 target.

T16646 Golden Copy Job status

When viewing the status of a Golden Copy Job it is possible that a job which has a status of SUCCESS contains errors in processing files. The job status is used to indicate the whether the job was able to run successfully. Then the searchctl jobs view or searchctl stats view or HTML report should be used to determine the details related to the execution of the job including errors and successes.

T17173 Debug logging disk space management

If debug logging is enable, the additional disk space consumed must be managed manually.

T18640  searchctl archivedfolders errors supported output limit

The searchctl archivedfolders errors command support output limit is 1000.  

Workaround: For a longer list use the --tail --count 1000 or --head --count 1000 option to limit the display.

GC-1504 Parallel jobs limited to 10 at a time

If more than 10 are submitted to run (manual, scheduled), the rest will eventually run as well/queued.GC-1626 Links Bytes Accepted and Archived look different

Symlink (Size) does not look consistent for found and uploaded.

GC-1527 Cloud Browser - Single File Download - Support for downloading symlinks that points to a hardlink

Summary Single File Download support for Links (hard and sym):

  • Single file download of a symlink downloads the file it is linking to if it exists on the bucket. Tested Ok.

  • Single file download of hardlink file (json+inode) tested Ok. Tested with a single and multipart file.

GC-1625 Incrementel Delete not working for deleted Symlink possibly due to suffix

Symlink that was deleted was not deleted after incremental possibly to using suffix export.

GC-2292 '--follow' option for rerun has an exception error

Using --follow flag immediately after running a rerun job causes error. Wait some time for the job to register and try again.

GC-2789 3 Nodes : Folder stats empty `searchctl stats view --folder <folderID>` and `searchctl archivedfolder stats --id <folderID>`

In some environments (noticed on HyperV test env) with lots of latency, users unable to retrieve stats using searchctl archivedfolders stats --id or searchctl stats view --folder

GC-2804 Phonehome Logs Upload Issue on HyperV OVF 3-Node

After successfully sending a heartbeat on Phonehome, the 'logsupload' command appears to be broken.

GC-3008 Short parallel archive jobs showing 0 stats intermittently

For short jobs, especially the ones that run in parallel, there is a possibility that the stats are still not collected before those jobs are marked as Done. The impact is that the stats (such as for Accepted and Archived) could be lost with varying severity (mostly 0, some stats are missing, and so on).

Fast Incremental Known Limitations

  • mode bit metadata information is not available in fast incremental mode
  • owner and group are stored in numeric UID and GID format in the object header
  • PowerScale API only available for OneFS 8.2.1 and higher
  • Owner and Group meta-data are not recalled where objects were uploaded with fast incremental due to a bug in PowerScale API they cannot be recalled. Recall should be done without meta-data. There may still be meta-data errors on recall without meta-data, which can be ignored.

Move/Rename identification and management in object storage known limitations

  • PowerScale API only available for OneFS 8.2.1 and higher for updating S3 target with new location of folder and files and removing folder and files from old location
  • For OneFS version lower than 8.2.1 move/renamed objects cannot be identified due to PowerScale API issue and these will be orphaned in S3 target.

Backblaze target requires https access

When configuring folder for Backblaze https access must be used, http is not supported.

T20868 Cannot run incremental update for same folder to multiple targets

If incremental update for same folder is run in parallel to multiple targets, only 1 incremental job will run. This impacts incremental update only, parallel full archive for the folder to multiple targets does not have this issue and both complete successfully.

T21258 Version based recall uses UTC time for inputs

When specifying the --newer-than or --older-than options for version based recall, UTC time must be used.

T21759 Unable to export recall job multiple times

After an export of a recall job, the same job cannot be exported again.

Workaround: None available.

T21925 Export reporting limit

When running an export report to view errors or files uploaded, the number of records reported on is limited to 7 million records.

Workaround: Contact if you require reporting on more records. For overall reporting on a job use the Golden Copy GUI or CLI jobs view command.

T22680 Media Mode Hardlink mode may copy more than 1 copy of the file

For the case where there are multiple hardlinks to the same file, due to parallel processing there may be multiple instances of the the real file uploaded until the completion of the copy of the real file is known to all Golden Copy nodes.

Workaround: None available. For a large number of hardlinks to the same file, the duplicate files uploaded is expected to be far less than a very large number of links.

T22469 Media mode does not copy broken symbolic links

A symbolic link that is broken for example due to a renamed or deleted file is not uploaded by Golden Copy.

Workaround: None available.

T22630 Media mode may orphan hardlink objects when all Golden Copy nodes are not able to archive

In the event that a multi-node Golden Copy deployment has nodes that are not able to copy for any reason, it may result in either orphaned inode objects or associated hard link objects due to copy for the partner object being assigned to the node that cannot copy.

Workaround: None available

T23130 Media mode has no stats for broken symlink

If there are broken symlinks encountered during a Golden Copy job, there are no statistics to track this occurrence.

Workaround: None available

GC-433 PowerScale may return success for recalled file even if PowerScale blocks saving the file

In some cases PowerScale has an issue where it returns a success message for a recalled file even though a on the recall directory on the PowerScale has blocked the save of the file.


- recall statistics may incorrectly show success for files that are not actually saved on the filesystem

- Pipeline 'trash-after-recall' option will delete the object due to success message from PowerScale even though the object has not been successfully recalled.

GC-459 Recall error for multi-part file leaves incomplete file on file system

For the case where a multi-part recall fails, the error in recalling the file is properly tracked in the statistics and in the errors command, but the partial incomplete file is left behind on the filesystem.

Impact: If configured to skip recall for files already downloaded this may result in a skipped file.

Workaround: Use error command to determine errored files and remove them manually from the filesystem.

GC-450 Golden Copy - Traceback on cluster up

On cluster up, an error and associated stack trace is printed to the console. This error is benign and can be ignored.

Workaround: none needed.

GC-446 Stats conversion from bytes incorrect

Download Single File from Wasabi Cloud Type, in design says only us-east-1 region is supported.

GC-874 Audit - Job is stalled after hitting exactly 50k files

The goldencopy audit job is limited to 50,000 records. Selecting more will cause the job to hang.
Workaround: select less than 50,000 records.

GC-938 Incremental - Only the original hardlink is updated possibly due to changelist limitation

The timestamp on the "other" link object isn't updated. But the metadata is stored on the inode itself, so the correct metadata is applied on a recall.

GC-1020 Cloud Browser - Unable to download file from Wasabi

Cloud browser single file download is not supported for Wasabi cloud type.

GC-1308 Increase/Customize/Remove the 1000 error limit

  1. Login to Web UI.
  2. Go to Tab Archive Jobs
  3. Scroll down to Archive Jobs Errors you will see a list of archivedfolders
  4. If you click one it will list the errors.
  5. The limitation: It can only display the last 1000 errors of any job on that archived folder.

Cloud Browser for Data Mobility

Known Issues Cloud Browser for Data Mobility

CBDM-168 Wasabi - Unable to add archivedfolders from CLI without using https://

Wasabi used to be able to be added without using the https prefix. Now it's crashing with String index out of range: -1

CBDM-171 CBDM Browser - List limited to 1000 objects and possibly blocking access to lower 'paths'

GC-412 Archive job does not handle a block "b" special file

If the archive folder contains block "b" type special files, the archive job will encounter an exception when processing this file. 

CBDM-512 CSV Export - Special characters probably causing the columns not being populated correctly

Special characters cause the columns not being populated correctly. Using build 1.1.16-23119 multinode v15.4, AWS, Ofs9501

CBDM-322 Cloud to Premise - Recall phase is not skipping existing files

Ran the same Copy to Premise Copy job twice with export set to skip files on recall, the second Copy job overwrote all files instead of skipping. Using build 1.1.14-23048 v15.4, AWS, OneFS9.4.0.12

CBDM-502 Cloud to Premise - the staged files should be delete from the bucket even without the recyclebucket

When I run CBDM job, the staged objects are not deleted without the recyclebucket. But the staged files should be deleted from the bucket even without the recyclebucket.

It doesn't work, and trash-after-recall still needs a recycle bucket.

CBDM-503  Unable to modify to remove recyclebucket from the folder 

It’s not able to modify archivedfolder with trash-after-recall option from with trashbucket or recycle bucket to without trashbucket or recycle bucket through Ui or CLI.

CBDM-383 Cloud to Premise - Stats differences between Staging and Recall

After selecting 2 individual files, Staging looks Ok, but the Recall stats are always higher. And there is also always a Skip stat even though skipping is not possible due to the SA collision feature. Using build 1.1.15-23069 (6 nodes) v15.4, AWS, OneFS9.5.0.1.

CBDM-227 Block adding email recipient if no channel

Block adding email recipient if no channel

GC-2410 Recall - Errors from DENY (to download) bucket policy being counted as Skips

A file failed to download due to a bucket policy that denies the download of certain file types. The following error is counted as a Skip, which looks to be that all indexworker-related errors on the object will be counted as a Skip. Impact: Other than the skips, no errors are recorded.

CBDM-692 CBDM Job Fails When Selecting Entire Bucket

The CBDM job encounters a failure when attempting to process the entire bucket at once. Selecting the complete bucket on job execution.

Workaround: Select objects individually inside the bucket instead of selecting the entire bucket.

CBDM-693 Staging Path Not Cleared on Skipped Job: Pending Issue Resolution

Staging Path Not Cleared on Skipped Job: Pending Issue Resolution.

Workaround: None.

CBDM-753 Pinned archiveworker nodes intermittently not assigned to Kafka consumer group `archiveworker`

Pinned archiveworker nodes intermittently not assigned to Kafka consumer group `archiveworker`.

Workaround: Restarting archiveworker/cluster down and up.

CBDM-744 1/4 parallel jobs failed at Staging due to trying to create `-CBDM` topics

1/4 parallel jobs failed at Staging due to trying to create `-CBDM` topics.

Workaround: Run 1 CBDM job initially to make sure the -CBDM topics are created. Subsequent jobs will then skip creating the topics and not run into this issue.

CBDM-761 Round-robin and Pinned archiveworkers behaviour in parallel jobs

When there are more jobs than pipelines, multiple jobs will share the same pipeline. Also, all the parallel jobs sharing a pipeline will need to finish their Copy/Move job steps before they can be marked as finished. Note that email notifications also share this behaviour.

Workaround: Add more pipelines to avoid parallel jobs sharing the same pipeline.

Known Limitations Cloud Browser for Data Mobility 

CBDM-407 Parallel CBDM jobs stats seems to be incorrect

All parallel jobs or all jobs that happen to be running when others are running will finish at the same time regardless on the amount of data being copied/moved. This applies to multiple jobs run by the same user or multiple users.

CBDM-543 Cloud to Premise - Stats for Move step

As a CBDM user, I want to closely track CLoud to Premise jobs for stats, including success, skip, and errors. Specifically when CBDM is Moving files from the recall source path to the SMB share target.

CBDM-631 Parallel Job - Error `Fail to lock` when the same user downloads the same data into the same Target

Seeing file lock error when 1 user is running 2 Parallel jobs Copying the Same Data to the Same Target. All files downloaded Ok for this test.

CBDM-777 Staging cannot use s3 keys that are over the AWS S3 key limit (1024 bytes)

Staging may fail if the combination of the CBDM prefix which includes the full path of the target SMB share and the existing s3keys of the copied objects, exceeds the AWS s3key limit of 1024 bytes. 


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