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What’s New 1.2.0 

Golden Copy Release 1.2.0

New in this release:

SupernaOne Integration

  • Added integration to SupernaOne

  • Sending GC metrics to SupernaOne such as bytes archived, files archived

  • Registering GC appliances to SupernaOne, so they can be visualize in SupernaOne dashboard

Feature Enhancement:

  1. Added new row in job stats for hardlink recalls, to show total sizes of files accepted/recalled with hardlinks included, and new row showing size of files accepted/recalled that are non-hardlinks.

  2. Added new license view, now showing remaining capacity for license, if positive the number will be shown as green

  3. Tracking regular GC licenses’ capacity limit

Bug Fixes:

  1. Fixed bug where pipeline recall fails during rerun job (DO-152)

  2. Fixed single node having errors about multiple zk node errors(DO-156)

  3. Fixed issue where some job history is missing after upgrade(DO-59)

  4. Fixed issue where scheduled incremental jobs are cancelled until a full job is run(DO-53)

  5. Fixed issue where trash-after-recall option does not move files to recycle bucket(DO-161)

  6. Fixed issue where log parser log showing duplicates in job history(DO-165)

  7. Fixed bug where file archived does not match files accepted in job stats due to file renaming(DO-109)

  8. Fixed missing stats during archive jobs(DO-178)

  9. Fixed stalled job issue when processing large number of files(DO-418)

  10. Fixed bug where files with special character failed to upload for azure jobs (DO-230)

Archive Engine Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed issue allow editing of GCS folders (DO-242)

  2. Fixed issue where Pipline config wizard sometimes does not close after folder is added(DO-511)

  3. Fixed bug where cancelled dry run job causes kafka topics lag, and error messages filling up the indexworker log (DO-229)

  4. Fixed issue where setting –customMetaData to true causes error in archiveworker log (DO-233)

  5. Fixed Archive Engine config wizard UI issue during editing GCS folder(DO-243)

  • editing GCS folder to add recall folder, folder ID field becomes empty and Archive Engine Type becomes recall

  1. Removing tier field for ECS type folders in pipeline config. (DO-237)

  2. Fixed issue where empty collision fgolders are created for GCS jobs (DO-238)

  3. Fixed policy file lost during archive job issue (DO-244)

  4. Fixed null exception when navigatin to Archive Engine or CBDM page (DO-231)

  5. Fixed issue for GCAE Archive byte tracking files not created, resulting in License manager container restart (DO-84)

  6. Fixed wrong methods used for staging and recall issue. (DO-239)

  7. Fixed UI issue where the tables do not align properly (DO-234)

  8. Fixed job status issue where the jobs displays as success even though the job has status “Needs attention” (DO-235)

  9. Fixed issue where AE folders cannot be updated when the folder type is recall

  10. Fixed stats issue with recall. (DO-330)

  11. Fixed issue where GUI does not show the error count for restore jobs (DO-329)

Usability Enhancement

  1. Showing better error message for unreachable isilon cluster

  • Error changed from generic error(unknown error has occurred) to “could not connect to isilon cluster”
  1. Suppressing errors that have no impact such as creating folders that already exist during cluster up.  

  2. Fixing null pointer error when adding license and more user-friendly message after adding license

  3. searchctl settings config export/importconfig to backup and restore GC settings such as admins list and email notifications settings. Email channel passwords are now encrypted in the back up and setting file.

  4. Correctly measure the custom metadata limit for AWS S3, add metadata before custom metadata, update limit for Azure. The ARCHIVE_LARGE_METADATA flag used to create a new file when a field exceeds 8192kb limit, Now it creates a new file when the entire HTTP request to send the file exceeds 8192kb. user gets following warning if flag (ARCHIVE_LARGE_METADATA) is not set

  5. ARCHIVE_NETWORK_RATE_LIMIT_MB environment variable now limits the archive rate, and the limited rate is more accurate

  6. Added special character support for folder names (DO-240)

  7. Added buttons for dry run for quick setup path dry run for Archive Engine page(DO-236)

  8. Added support for Azure Archvie storage tier (DO-319)

  9. Added check in azure get mapper to ignore objects in archive tier.(DO-303)

  10. Added restore indicator for Azure Archive tier(DO-310)

  11. Added check for data in restore process to see if data is already staged for recall (DO-307)

  12. Include policy job stats in Active Jobs GUI (DO-340)

  13. Added GUI for policy creation. (DO-339)

  14. Check policy path when adding policy to folder with smart-archiver-recall-folder flag set. (DO-341)

CBDM Feature Enhancement

  1. Archivedfolders list --verbose command now shows a new row for archiveworker nodes information

  2. When running CBDM jobs we use round-robin to select pipelines for jobs, now we will skip busy Pipelines that are next in rotation if there are Pipelines that have become free

  3. Added sorting by date and timestamp capabilities to CBDM tables

CBDM Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug where “archivedfolders modify” cannot modify “archiveworker-nodes” property(DO-225)

  2. Fixed bug when CBDM jobs is stalled during copying (DO-223)

  3. Fixed issue where CBDM folder cannot be updated from GUI (DO-458)

  4. Fixed CBDM page UI issue where the table is showing at a wrong region and does not align with the designed layout. (DO-491)

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