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Training - Superna ™ Eyeglass ILT DR Plan, Config, Execute and Monitor

Superna Eyeglass Instructor Led Training

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Revision 1 Feb 11, 2018

Training - Superna ™ Eyeglass ILT DR Plan, Config, Execute and Monitor

This training program is aimed at both operations and architecture IT staff that need day to day operational DR monitoring, planning DR exercises, architecting and designing DR solutions that are easy to maintain.

Recommended For:  Customers that operate EMC PowerScale storage in a regulated industry (healthcare, finance), or business critical storage that delivers revenue impacting revenue, or any customer that must comply with company wide DR requirements and targets.

  1. Requirements to Engage Services - Mandatory to complete the service questionnaire before service team resources are assigned.  The link to service questionnaire.  For Training the questions regarding terms and conditions of the service must be answered.

  2. Terms and Conditions of task covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement     

  1. Training delivery:

    1. Remote via webex

  2. Availability

    1. 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM EDT
  3. Number students:

    1. Online delivery 20

  4. Training Curriculum :

    1. Understanding the DR building Blocks

      1. Covers AD, DNS, SMB/NFS client behaviour, SyncIQ and Superna Eyeglass automation

      2. Learn about Use cases you didn't know Eyeglass solves for your Scale Out NAS investment

    2. Planning Scheduled DR Events:

      1. Covers the steps to plan a scheduled DR event

      2. Best practise steps , before , during and after the event

      3. Learn about communications planning, preparation testing and maintenance window calculations for planned failovers.

    3. Design and Architect DR Solutions:

      1. Translate business requirements and Rpo targets to Eyeglass and PowerScale Synciq configuration

        1. Learn about SMB failover with Microsoft DFS and multi protocol SMB/NFS solutions

      2. Learn best practice design elements for a supportable DR solution for your business objectives

      3. Learn when to use Pre or post scripts with Eyeglass to solve special DR use case requirements

      4. Learn how Eyeglass API and web widgets can extend DR monitoring and automation to your application teams and Business Continuity teams

    4. DR Execution

      1. Learn execution of DR steps (the order matters ) and best practises, learn how to execute DR failover and failback

      2. Learn how to handle “When things do not go as planned”

      3. Learn to debug failover logs for simply recovery of data and data access

    5. Hands on DR labs

      1. Labs focused on the basics along with day to day administration

        1. Cover RPO report analysis to lower your RPO and identify problems in your infrastructure

        2. Configuration report

      2. Apply best practise DNS ,AD, synciq policy and access zone design.

        1. Failover data at the policy and access zone level (planned and unplanned failovers)

        2. Learn how to recover from failures

      3. Implement LiveOPS features to automate and simplify scheduled DR testing

    6. Superna Eyeglass addons

      1. Learn about product addons that help secure, audit access, and reduce administration costs of data stored on Ision

      2. Demo and overview

    7. Wrap and Q&A

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