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Subscription Service - Monitored Security Service

Eyeglass Service Description - Security Monitoring Subscription Service

Dell SKU AC065481 

Revision 1 April 19, 2022


Security, like Disaster Recovery works best by planning ahead and monitoring your readiness for a security event. This monitoring service assists by remotely monitoring the Eyeglass ,Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor products for critical health functions.
    • Readiness status is analyzed for a subscribed appliance once per day.
    • Any significant change in your infrastructure that affects Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor
    • Phone home automatic log submission without administrator assistance.
    • Pro-active support case.
    • Includes managed upgrade assistance service

    Included in Service

    Best Practise Quarterly Review

    1. Quarterly environment review scheduled as an hour call to review the environment, detections, alerts.

    2. Verify new features to protect the file system are configured correctly.

    3. Answer questions and provide additional KT based on the remote monitoring

    Ransomware Defender

    1. Security guard job fails to run for any reason

    Easy Auditor 

    1. Robo audit job fails to run for any reason

    Easy Auditor and Ransomware Defender

    1. Audit data ingestion is operational 

    2. Audit database health including successful save operations

    Case Management

    The system will automatically detect health conditions and open cases for support to remediate any issues found that impact readiness for a cyber event.

    Terms of Service

    1. Service Delivery: Remote phone home enabled appliance.

      1. Contact Support to get whitelist url and IP's required for the service.

    2. Availability: 7/24/365

    3. Terms and Conditions of task covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement  


    1. Latest Eyeglass release or N-1

    2. Whitelist phone home url's required for service

       Exceptions excluded from service:

    1. This monitoring service does not include responding to detection alarms.
    2. Resolution of non Eyeglass software or hardware example AD, DNS, PowerScale

    3. Notification of a security impacting issue is customers responsibility to resolve or work with support once notified of the issue 

    4. All issues are raised as support case with contact listed in the support system.  

    5. Customer responsibility to add any contacts to the support system for notification of security impacting issues (  Or communicate an email to be notified of security impacting issues by opening a case and stating the contact email for security monitoring service.

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