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How to Subscribe Eyeglass updates

  1. All users registered in our support system will automatically be enrolled to receive updates about Major/Minor release announcements and technical advisories.
  2. Each email type has an opt out option when an email is received.

How to Subscribe Eyeglass OS Security updates

  1. Note: The appliance defaults to weekly automatic critical patches and security updates if Internet connection is allowed to the appliance.  Security patches are customer responsibility to apply and manage and not covered under the support contract.
  2. If customers would like email notification of OS updates follow this link and register.

How to change patch downloads to use HTTPS

  1. To change the repository links to use https follow these steps
    1. login to the appliance as admin
    2. sudo -s (enter the admin password)
    3. cd /etc/zypp/repos.d/ 
    4. nano <name of file with .repo extension)
    5. edit the url to be https
    6. control+x key
    7. answer yes to save the file
    8. repeat on each .repo file
    9. test the url access with this command
      1. zypper ref
      2. if https repo is reachable it will return up to date message
    10. done

How to whitelist patch repository URL's

  1. The repository download process will return IP addresses nearest to your physical location for faster downloads.  This means that IP whitelist or firewall allow list will not work.  It is required to use URL whitelist.
  2. These URL's apply to the 15.2 OS

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