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Service - Data Orchestration Bundle Design & Implementation

Data Orchestration Bundle Design & Implementation Service

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Revision 1 June 9, 2020


This service assists with design, planning and implementing an archive project to Cloud storage from your PowerScale with Superna Eyeglass Golden Copy file to object archive product.

Service Description:

This service will assist with customers to design, and implement an archive project with Golden Copy and PowerScale to a cloud provider archive storage solution. The solution will include a design document, best practices, Cloud Storage configuration summary, network diagram of data flows and configuration of Golden Copy to archive a data set. It will include knowledge transfer on operational archive and recall work flows with Golden Copy, as well has high level basic knowledge transfer on the Cloud provider storage service specific to Golden Copy use cases.

Terms of Service

  1. Service Delivery: Remote webex/Zoom

    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 2:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT  excluding major holidays

  2. Terms and Conditions of task covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement     

  3. Prerequisite:

    1. Supported Onefs Release 8.x or later

  4. Timeline:
    1. Minimum 4 x 2 hour conference calls zoom/webex. Calls are scheduled based on customer ability to complete pre-requistes such as access to Cloud provider, networking team, proxy or Internet team.
  5. Exclusions:

    1. Outage or issue resolution of customer networking equipment

    2. Any costs related to Cloud provider fees , overages, data usage transfer costs related to copy of data to a Cloud provider service
    3. Internet bandwidth costs related to copying of data

    4. Outage or issue resolution of Cloud provider services

Project summary

  1. Data Collection Phase
    1. Interview process to collect use cases and review Cloud provider storage option pros and cons
    2. Information collected will include: 
      1. Networking between PowerScale and the Internet, Internet connection speed 
      2. NAT or proxy access to the Internet
      3. Data Set size review and file type for achieving
      4. One time or continuous copy requirements
      5. Version and retention requirements for archived data
      6. Recall scenario's from archive to on premise storage frequency
  2. Design Phase
    1. Design document to summarize data flows between all components of the solution, protocols and ports and devices inline between PowerScale and Internet access
    2. Golden Copy Configuration summary for the data set archive
    3. Cloud provider object storage configuration summary
    4. Operational monitoring procedures when active copies are in progress,  key monitoring statistics for diagnosing copy issues
  3. Wrap Up Phase
    1. Final Review of the design document
    2. Knowledge Transfer on the solution
    3. Q&A

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