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Service - AirGap PowerScale Design and Implementation

AirGap PowerScale Design and Implementation

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Revision 1 June 26, 2020


This service assists with design and implementation of a Ransomware Defender AirGap solution. This service includes steps to configure Eyeglass Ransomware Defender for a production Isilon cluster and how to implement networking to the vault Isilon cluster.

Service Description:

This service will assist with customers to design, and implementation of an AirGap solution that vault a copy of data to an off line 3rd Isilon cluster. The service will require the customer to deploy 3rd Isilon cluster dedicated to the AirGap copy. The design will cover implementation details required on the production cluster, networking between production and the vault Isilon cluster and configuration of the vault Isilon. Knowledge transfer of operational procedures and monitoring.

Terms of Service

  1. Service Delivery: Remote webex/Zoom

    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 2:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT  excluding major holidays

  2. Terms and Conditions of task covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement

  3. Limits:

    1. 1 Airgap Vault Isilon with exclusions below

    2. 1 source Isilon to be protected 

    3. For each addition source cluster purchase eyeglass-B4-2 qty 1
  4. Prerequisite:

    1. Deployed Ransomware Defender
    2. 3rd Isilon cluster is deployed and reachable on the network at that start of the service
    3. DR license for vault cluster for Virtual Airgap OR Airgap Agent license for Enterprise Airgap solution.
  5. Time line:
    1. Minimum 4 x 2 hour conference calls zoom/webex. Calls are scheduled based on customer ability to complete prerequisites such as networking to 3rd cluster.
  6. Exclusions or provided by customer or Dell:

    1. Outage or issue resolution of customer networking equipment

    2. Deployment of the 3rd vault Isilon​ - assumes Dell services are purchased for basic deployment of Isilon Vault cluster
    3. Inside the Vault
      1. ESX host hardware deployment and vmware OS installation is completed by customer.
      2. Additional vmware tools or VM's for recovery not provided by Superna
    4. Hands on configuration of routing or switching equipment

Project summary

  1. Data Collection Phase - Who participates: Customer and Superna
    1. Identify data on production cluster that requires a 3rd copy. 
    2. Plan policy design to protect specific applications 
    3. Plan data replication interval to maintain 3rd copy based on the change rate of the application data.  Eyeglass RPO report used as input to decision on replication interval.
    4. AirGap policy replication planning for maximum protection with the goal of setting the optimal policy replication schedule in Ransomware Defender to ensure the AirGap is open the least number of minutes per day. 
    5. Collect network information on vlan routing or physical routing to the Vault Isilon cluster.
    6. Collect Vault Isilon IP and system zone IP pool configuration
    7. Validate if rapid recovery pre-staging will be configured on the vault Isilon.
  2. Design Phase - Who participates:  Customer and Superna and Dell Deployment services 
    1. Build and deliver an "As built" AirGap design document covering AirGap polices, schedules, networking, physical diagram, configure recovery IP pools, Data Pool recovery interfaces, Rapid Recovery DNS smartconnect pre-staged, Rapid Recovery Configuration sync procedures.
  3. Configuration Phase - Who participates:  Customer and Superna and Dell Deployment services 
    1. Implement "As built" Design document for the AirGap configuration and apply changes as per below:
      1. Customer configuration responsibilities
        1. Ethernet switches between production and vault cluster 
        2. vault management Ethernet switch 
      2. Production cluster IP pool
      3. Production cluster new policies and full data sync started
      4. vault network routing configuration
      5. vault cluster operating configuration
      6. Ransomware Defender configuration with virtual AirGap and policy scheduling
      7. ping tests with AirGap open and closed
      8. AirGap SyncIQ policy test sync
      9. Vault Isilon alarm monitoring test
  4. Wrap Up Phase -  Who participates: Customer and Superna  
    1. Final Review of the design document
    2. Knowledge Transfer on operating procedures for recovery options, how to add policies to vault data and set schedules,   Alarm monitoring of the vault cluster, and airgap daily reports.   Maintenance procedure review, upgrade procedure review.
    3. Q&A

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