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Service - Data Orchestration Bundle Archive Engine Design and Implementation

Eyeglass Service Description

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Revision 1 May 6, 2023

Service - Superna ™ Data Orchestration Bundle Archive Design and Implementation  


This service is designed for customers who are deploying Data Orchestration Archive add on product and will assist with design and implementation/knowledge transfer to use the product to address key use cases for data archive to the on premise or Cloud S3 storage.

  • Limitations:

    • Scope: Covers a single cluster integration

  • Service Delivery: Remote WebEx or zoom

  • Operating Hours: Monday to Friday 2:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT 

  • Service Terms and Conditions are covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement  

  • Mandatory: Installation Questionnaire Form completed located here with all questions answered.  Service will not be scheduled until completed in full.

  • Exclusions: 

    • Service delivery requires customer to have hands on knowledge of all external IT components.

Project Plan Summary


  1. Installation of Data Orchestration completed
  2. Purchase of Data Orchestration 

Use Case Phase 

  1. Collect up to 2 use cases on objectives for data archiving
  2. Document use case objectives
  3. Offline develop operational steps to achieve the use cases
  4. Knowledge Transfer to include details on Use cases.

Knowledge Transfer Phase - Archive Engine  

  1. Explain how to identify data that is archive eligable
  2. Explain how to configure archive policies
  3. Review Best practices for S3 bucket versioning and storage tiers to align with customers business objectives for archive data
  4. Review daily, weekly, monthly procedures to monitor progress of archive jobs
  5. Review Recall procedures for archive data and end user portal optional configuration and rollout to users
  6. Q&A on any of the above topics and cover the design document for the 2 key use cases

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