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Extended Knowledge Transfer

Extended Knowledge Transfer

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Revision 1 Jan 15, 2021


This service is designed to augment basic product install services when customers have more complex use cases, integrations with external software tools or advanced features that are not covered under basic installation.

Service Description:

This service will assist customers to design and implement a feature or integration with external tools example SIEM software or provide deeper level of discussion around usage of a specific feature to address a specific business problem. This service will be limited in scope with a fixed number of use cases and limit on the duration of access to a Subject Matter Export (SME).


  1. How to integrate Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor alerts into SIEM tools
  2. How to enable application specific email alerting
  3. Deep Dive on Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor triggers for Security teams to understand how to leverage within the security framework that is already in place
  4. Deep Dive on showback and charge back with Search & Recover to solve business challenges with tiered data
  5. How to Configure Cloud storage for archive compliance solutions with Golden Copy
  6. How to use Performance Auditor to complete an assessment of application and user workloads to make changes to optimize Isilon storage usage
  7. How to move data from System zone into new access zones to maximize data separation by department or application
  8. How to maximize RBAC based on Internal business requirements example help desk, security, power user or departmental users.
  9. How to configure Snapshot indexing for a data recovery solution for users or IT - Search & Recover
  10. How to empower users to copy data with SyncIQ and Eyeglass AnyCopy - Media entertainment , Medical or pharmaceutical research

Terms of Service

  1. Service Delivery: Remote webex/Zoom

    1. Service operates Monday to Friday 2:00 AM to 3:00 PM EDT  excluding major holidays

  2. Terms and Conditions of task covered in product maintenance agreement Support Services Agreement

  3. Limits:

    1. Up to 3 items with any combination of products, and any mix of integration, feature implementation or deep dive knowledge transfer

    2. Not to Exceed 6 hours of meeting time combined for the 3 items selected for the service

  4. Prerequisite:

    1. Installation and Configuration services have been purchased and executed fully before this service can start
  5. Exclusions:

    1. Outage or issue resolution of customer equipment or software

    2. Configure 3rd party software or hardware is expected the customer supplies this expertise
    3. Development of any scripts, software or code is excluded in this service

Project summary

  1. Data Collection Phase

    1. Q&A 30 minute call to review 3 focus areas that can cover products Eyeglass DR, Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor, Performance Auditor, Search & Recover, Cluster Storage Monitor, Golden Copy and AnyCopy
  2. Design Phase

    1. Document the 3 target areas in detail to ensure agreement on the objective and outputs for each item
    2. Plan order and scheduling of kick off call to collect detailed requirements on each item.  It is expected all SME's are available for this phase and call.
    3. After kick off call a detailed item solution description will be documented. 
  3. Configuration Phase

    1. Scheduled meetings for each item is scheduled with key stake holders to review the solution documentation prepared for each call for each item identified in the Collection phase.
  4. Wrap Up Phase

    1. Each item is completed at the end of the scheduled calls.

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