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How to License Superna Products


How to retrieve product license key zip file

  1. A license code is emailed when orders are filled,  this is required to complete these steps.   A license code is a unique string that can only be used once to bind an software appliance to the license.   
    1. NOTE:  License keys must be protected using the backup function available in each product.
    2. NOTE:  Product license keys that are lost, or appliances that are deleted require the sales team to assist to restore licenses.  This is not covered by the support contract and has no SLA.  The sales team is available Monday to Friday 9 AM to 5 PM EDT
  2. You will need your product unique ID see below how to get the ID for each product
    1. Eyeglass DR, Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor, Cluster Storage Monitor, AnyCopy,  Performance Auditor and Enterprise Airgap
      1. ssh admin@x.x.x.x
      2. igls admin appid

    2. Golden Copy and Search & Recover
      1. ssh as ecaadmin@x.x.x.x
      2. ecactl version

  3. Login to the support site at
    1. Have your appliance ID from the step above and emailed license code(s)
    2. NOTE:  Make sure you copy ALL of the text of the appliance ID and Make sure you have no leading or trailing spaces
    3. NOTE: Make sure you do not use the wrong appliance ID, or use the wrong product appliance ID with the incorrect token code, will be required to assist if the wrong values are used.   
    4. Support cases cannot be used for license issues.
    6. Paste the appliance ID and transaction token code and click Request license button
    7. A zip file will be downloaded to your browser.  Do NOT unzip the file. If a file does not download immediately to your browser it means your file wall is blocking URL's see allow list URLs
    8. See Steps to apply licenses to products

How to apply license keys for Eyeglass VM licensed products

  1. Login to Eyeglass VM GUI as an admin user
  2. Open License Manager Icon
  4. Click Browse button on the bottom right and select a license Zip file and click the upload button.
  5. The license upload will validate the zip file is for the correct appliance and that the appliance meets any prerequisites for the license key to install.  Any error messages returned should be screenshotted and emailed to  (Note support cases should not be used)
  6. If the license applies successfully the desktop will refresh and any new Icons or products will now be licensee.  The license should display in the license key list as well.
  7. Most products require configuration and documentation should be followed for each individual product.

How to apply license keys for Golden Copy and Search & Recover

  1. Golden Copy follow the steps here and select "License keys"
  2. Search & Recover follow the steps here and select "Adding and viewing License keys" 

How to request trial keys for Products

  1. Login to the support site at
  4. Fill in the form with product name and click the checkbox that indicates this is a trial key request.    
  6. Trial key requests are reviewed monday to friday 9-5 EDT time zone,  you will recieve an update on the request within 24 hours in most cases.   Some products require a POC form to be completed.

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