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Failover Support Observer

Failover Support Observer 

Dell SKU xxxx  “Failover Support Observer
Revision 1 Sept, 29 2023

This Service is provided to monitor and provide access to a Superna Support Observer during their planned and scheduled failover and Disaster Recovery (“DR”) testing event with Superna Eyeglass Suite of Products (herein referred to as “Services”). The Service is designed to assist Company with the execution of a planned DR failover, including troubleshooting and advice during a planned failover event (each a “Scheduled Event”).

Recommended for: Companies that prefer to have a Superna DR observer during a planned failover event via video conference.

Planning Phase
  1. Company notifies Superna of the scheduled event by opening a Support ticket a minimum of 10 business days prior to the event.
  2. Superna and Company completes pre-failover assessment prior to the scheduled event.

Scheduled Event
  1. Superna engineer participates in Scheduled Event via video conference as an observer only, providing information and input on decision-making based on Superna best-practices. Superna personnel will not take control of Company Computer Systems or make business decisions on behalf of Company.
  2. Superna Support Technician will participate in the video conference only when required during the Scheduled Event and will drop off when no Superna actions are required. Company may request that the Superna engineer rejoin the video conference. Superna may reassign or substitute another Superna engineer at any time for any reason during the execution of the observer role.
  3. Deliverables: None.
Postmortem Phase
  1. Company schedules one 1-hour via video conference for Company and Superna to review performance of Scheduled Event.
  2. Company and Superna provides verbal feedback on recommended improvements to the failover process
  3. Deliverables. None.


Additional Term and Conditions:


In addition to the obligations set forth in Exhibit B to the Superna Master Software License and Support Agreement:


  1. The observer role is available in 2 hour increments, not to exceed 4 hours during a single event for the Service. 
  2. The observer role is available for a maximum of 20 hours/year that are non transferable. The anniversary date of the signed agreement received will be used as the date of the year within.
  3. The observer role is limited to planned failover events. Unplanned failover events are not covered.
  4. At no time will a Superna Support Technician ever take control, be asked to take control, of the Superna DR environment. This is an observer role where the Technician will provide guidance based on Superna best practices.
  5. Company must perform all obligations set forth in this Services Description. 
  6. Superna will not perform, any additional tasks, including but not limited to application testing in connection with this Professional Service.
  7. Company assumes all risk, and associated liability, in the event the Scheduled Event exceeds the estimated maintenance/outage window for any reason.   
  8. In the event the failover readiness assessment identifies use of the Licensed Program not in accordance with the EULA or the Specifications or Company Computer System configurations or procedures that deviate from best practice, Company must sign off on all such deviations identified by Superna personnel in writing, acknowledging inadequate failover readiness, prior to scheduling the Scheduled Event.
  9. Superna requires a minimum of 3 weeks notice before any Scheduled Event.

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