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DR Managed Failover Plan and Assist - Gold

DR Plan and Assist 

Dell SKU AC058853  “Managed Failover - Plan & Assist Gold”
Revision 1 April, 2022

This Service is provided to assist Company to plan for and execute scheduled failover and disaster recovery (“DR”) testing with Superna Eyeglass. The Service is designed to assist Company with planning for and executing a DR failover, including troubleshooting and advice during a planned failover event (each a “Scheduled Event”).

Recommended for: Companies that prefer to have Superna DR engineers assist with planning, designing, and executing a planned failover event via video conference.

The Professional Service is performed in multiple phases with Company Responsibilities and Deliverables as follows:

1. Kick-off Phase

  1. Superna and Company participate in one 1-hour kick-off meeting via video conference during which Superna will outline the process for performance of the Service and answer questions regarding this Service Description.

  2. Company identifies the Computer Systems, applications, hosts, and data that will be failed over;

  3. Company Identifies a single point of contact at the Company for the Professional Service who will participate in all planning for and must be present during the Scheduled Event (“Company POC”).

  4. Company provides a list of Company domain administrators who will participate in the Scheduled Event with administrator access to the following target Computer Systems:

  • DNS

  • Active Directory with ADSI edit permissions on PowerScale® cluster objects

  • Isilon®/PowerScale administrator with root access to the source and target cluster

  • Application team

  • Host mount test team (Windows® and Linux® computer operating software)

  • Superna Eyeglass administrator

  • NOTE: If additional technical resources are required, the Company POC will coordinate the availability of such resources.

e. Deliverables. Superna Failover Readiness Checklist document.


  1. Collection Phase

  1. Company POC schedules interviews with Superna personnel and key Company IT staff, including but not limited to Company domain administrators identified in the Kickoff Phase, via video conference;

  2. Company POC coordinates the collection of system data including but not limited to the following:

§  Eyeglass cluster reports

§  Identification of cluster pair for Scheduled Event

§  Company failover objective

Ø  Cluster replication topology (Hot/Cold or Hot/Hot)

§  Applications list that mounts the cluster configuration

Ø  SMB applications -- DFS usage

Ø  NFS applications

§  Configuration reports from Superna Eyeglass for each cluster

§  WAN link information (speed Mbps available for DR)

§  Failover application priority (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

  • SyncIQ replication policies, schedules per policy

§  Configuration data usage SMB, NFS, Quota usage description and associated priority failover tier (1st, 2nd, 3rd)

  • Access zone usage – Superna Eyeglass report

  • DNS vendor and solution along with delegation records from DNS system

  • SmartConnect failover mappings

Ø  Requires IP pool to IP pool mappings in Eyeglass

§  Active Directory information (domain name, machine account names and access zone mapping) – Superna Eyeglass report

c. Superna will execute an automated Failover Readiness Assessment.

d. Deliverables.  Document summarizing data collected; Failover Readiness Report.


  1. Checklist Creation Phase

    1. Superna customizes various template checklists based on collection phase data, including, but not limited to the following components:

  • Pre-failover section

  • Execution day and during failover section

  • Post failover section

  • Postmortem section

  1. Checklists also include communication planning, resource planning, recovery and back out planning, day of preparation for optimized failover, post failover validation steps and checks, and log analysis on failover.

  2. Deliverables.  Draft Failover Checklist documents.


  1. Checklist Review phase

    1. Company POC schedules a via video conference for Company and Superna to review draft Failover Checklist documents, including:

  • Joint edit of draft Failover Checklist documents

  • Confirmation of estimated maintenance/outage window

  1. Superna provides a final version of the Failover Checklist document(s) and Master Plan document for sign-off by Company using DocuSign.  By signing off on the Failover Checklist document(s) and Master Plan document, Company acknowledges and agrees that: (a) all information contained therein is complete and accurate; (b) Company will execute all steps identified in the Failover Checklist document(s) prior to the Scheduled Event; and (c) Company will comply in all respects with the Master Plan document in connection with the Scheduled Event.

  2. Deliverables.  Final Failover Checklist document(s); Master Plan document.


  1. Schedule phase

    1. Company POC facilitates Company and Superna selecting a day and time and suitable maintenance/outage window to complete the Scheduled Event.

    2. Scheduled Event must be 14+ days from Company sign-off on Master Checklist.

    3. Deliverables.  None.


  1. Execution phase

    1. Company confirms to Superna that all Failover Checklist steps have been executed prior to Scheduled Event.

    2. Company executes the Scheduled Event in accordance with the Master Plan document.

    3. Superna engineer participates in Scheduled Event via video conference as an observer only, providing information and input on decision-making.  In no event will Superna personnel take control of Company Computer Systems or make business decisions on behalf of Company. 

    4. Superna engineer will participate in the video conference only when required during the Scheduled Event and will drop off when no Superna actions are required. Company may request that the Superna engineer rejoin the video conference as needed.  Superna may reassign or substitute another Superna engineer at any time for any reason during the performance of the Professional Service.

    5. The result of the Scheduled Event may be a failover, partial failover, or failback. The Schedule Event includes only one failover event, which is defined as a failover activity within a 3 day window.  

  1. Deliverables.  None.


  1. Postmortem phase

    1. Company POC schedules one 1-hour via video conference for Company and Superna to review performance of Scheduled Event.

    2. Superna provides verbal feedback on recommended improvements to the failover process and updates to the Master Checklist for future Scheduled Events. 

    3. Deliverables.  None.



Additional Term and Conditions:


In addition to the obligations set forth in Exhibit B to the Superna Master Software License and Support Agreement:


·  Company must perform all obligations set forth in this Services Description. 

·  Superna personnel will perform only the planning and assistance roles described in this Services Description. Company will not request, and Superna will not perform, any additional tasks, including but not limited to application testing in connection with this Professional Service. 

·  The Professional Service will apply only to the cluster pair identified in the Collection phase, with no substitutions.

·  Company assumes all risk, and associated liability, in the event the Scheduled Event exceeds the estimated maintenance/outage window for any reason.   

·  In the event the failover readiness assessment identifies use of the Licensed Program not in accordance with the EULA or the Specifications or Company Computer System configurations or procedures that deviate from best practice, Company must sign off on all such deviations identified by Superna personnel in writing, acknowledging inadequate failover readiness, prior to scheduling the Scheduled Event.

·  Superna requires a minimum of 3 weeks notice before any Scheduled Event.

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