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Security Bundle Design and Implementation

Superna Service Description - Security Bundle Design and Implementation 
Dell SKU AC318120 
Revision 1 October 24, 2022


Certified Superna Eyeglass technicians will assist customers with advanced design and implementation of Ransomware Defender, Easy Auditor and Enterprise Airgap. This service includes best practice configuration and recommendations to suit each customer environment as they implement the Ransomware Defender solution.  This service will cover Ransomware Defender.


This end to end service includes additional configuration and integrations for SecOPS teams, additional knowledge transfer needed by SecOPS teams. Integrations with SIEM, SOAR and email routing are configured. This service also covers deep dive on Cyber Vault and Zero trust backup upgrade options for future considerations.

Collection Phase

  1. Implementation overview

  2. Environment health review

  3. Assessing the customer’s risk profile


  1. Determining and documenting threat response settings to meet the customer’s risk profile

  2. Design document reviewed with customer


  1. Implement threshold setting recommendations

  2. Configure monitor and ignore lists

  3. Alert integration into SIEM tools via syslog forwarding
  4. Custom email routing configuration for SecOPS teams
  5. Simulated test with honeypot tripwire feature

Knowledge Transfer

  1. Deep dive on threat detection 

  2. How to respond to a false positive event

  3. How to respond and recover from a real ransomware event

  4. Hands on data recovery testing

  5. Cyber vault or Zero Trust backup for enhanced protection

Terms and Conditions

  1. Hands on access to 3rd party hardware and software will be completed by customer administrators.


  1. Decision making on customer data

  2. Hands-on direct support of anything other than the Superna Eyeglass suite of products. No external configuration of AD, DNS, PowerScale, ECS, etc.  Superna will provide consulting on best practices regarding external 3rd party software or equipment
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