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Run Quota Jobs Now Failover Recovery Steps

Run Quota Jobs Now Failover Recovery Steps

NOTE: Quota jobs get applied automatically during failover.    Contact Support to use post failover quota sync tool to recover quotas that did not failover.

See screenshot below as reference to column heading name to see how to review the failover log

Failure to Complete StepDescription of Impact to FailoverRecovery StepsSpecial Instructions or Warnings
Quota partially failed over
  1. Disk limits not applied on target cluster.
  2. compare  quotas manually on source and target using oneFS UI consult errors in active alarms to assist with identifying quotas that did not failover


  1. Recreate quotas manually and delete on source cluster
  2. Open case to get list of failed quota creates or deletes - requires logs to be uploaded to support case
  1. No data loss impact, quota step runs last in the failover logic


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