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Replication Policy Failover Finalize

Replication Policy Failover Finalize

Note: this step runs one child step per policy, listed as “Finalize quota for path <policy source path>”.  The table below describes failures on those steps, and the following should be done for any failed steps, or steps that did not run.

See screenshot below as reference to column heading name to see how to review the failover log

Failure to Complete StepDescription of Impact to FailoverRecovery StepsSpecial Instructions or Warnings or Data Loss Impact

Finalize quota for path: PATH

Delete Quotas on Source

Could not delete quotas from source.

Policy is failed over. Target cluster is active.

Failover overall status is failure.  

  1. On SOURCE OneFS, find all quotas on data protected by the SyncIQ policy.
  2. Validate that those quotas are present on the TARGET cluster.
  3. Delete these quotas from the SOURCE.

This step is not run during uncontrolled failover.

Data Loss Impact - none (failover for any policy without this step running is completed BUT reprotecting can be impacted by the presence of quotas on the source cluster)

Set configuration replication for policies to ENABLED

Could not enable Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs

Policy is failed over. Target cluster is active.

Failover overall status is failure.  

  1. Open the Eyeglass Jobs window.
  2. Select configuration replication job and Enable.
  3. Use log  to determine the reason for failure.

This step enables the newly configured mirror policies post failover (if they did not exist). Eyeglass will detect the new policy and it will be enabled post failure to replicate configuration data back to the source cluster.

Data Loss Impact - none (if this step fails, it block config from syncing back to source cluster and can be enabled manually from jobs window.


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