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Post Failover Script Execution

Post Failover Script Execution

See screenshot below as reference to column heading name to see how to review the failover log

Failure to Complete StepDescription of Impact to FailoverRecovery StepsSpecial Instructions or Warnings or Data Loss Impact
Eyeglass Script Engine

A user supplied post-failover script failed.

Failover overall status is failure.  

  1. Use the script engine to fix errors in the failing scripts, and re-run those that failed.
  2. Use test script function to validate output and error codes returned to failover jobs

This step relies on user-supplied implementations.

Review the script output to verify if it executed correctly.  Error codes set by the script should fail the failover job if set correctly.  See Pre Post Failover Scripting Guide on proper script exit code values to indicate failure vs successful execution.  

Data Loss Impact - This step should only result in failure to remount or start applications post failover.  Logs should be reviewed to ensure all steps completed and correct any script failures manually if they failed. 


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