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This document outlines Eyeglass simulated disaster test scenario for clients who want to perform disaster testing during a scheduled maintenance window:

  1. Controlled failover with production SyncIQ policies, and  uncontrolled failover with a  DFS mode Test SyncIQ policy, without impacting or exposing production data to data loss or resync risks.
  2. Controlled failover of production Access Zone, and uncontrolled failover with EyeglassRunbookRobot Access Zone, without impacting or exposing production data to data loss or resync risks.
  3. Optional: this can be used to only perform simulated failover without any production data failed over within the same maintenance window.
  4. Open a case with Superna support to review this document prior to attempting the procedures within this document

Support Statement on Use of this Procedure

  1. This procedure is the only supported process.  Any variant of the process that uses uncontrolled failover on production data is unsupported. If a support request is raised for a test that intentionally used uncontrolled failover on production data, the customer will have to take responsibility for recovery steps using documentation without support assistance.
  2. This procedure requires the “Failover Planning Guide and checklist to be followed to maintain support as per the support contract for planned failovers. The Failover Planning Guide and checklist will be requested for validation from Superna support when any case is opened regarding failover. 

Important Note

Note: Production SyncIQ policies should target and protect directories in Access Zones other than the EyeglassRunbookRobot Access Zone or the test DFS SyncIQ policy.

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