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InPlace Appliance Open Suse OS Upgrade



In place upgrade of the operating system should only be done if security patches are required for your deployment.  Normally OVA upgrade option is best to upgrade the OS and appliance at the same time.  Only use this procedure if directed by support.

NOTE: The operating system is customer responsibility and assisted upgrades of the OS are not provided under the support contract.   The supported method is using new  OVA deployment and restore the configuration for assisted upgrades to a new OS.   This procedure is provided "as is"  with no support.

NOTE: Mandatory to take a VM level snapshot before starting this procedure.  The only recover option on a failed OS upgrade is reverting a snapshot.   Support is unable to recover a failed OS upgrade and will request the snapshot is reverted and to schedule the OVA upgrade method.

NOTE:  Only supported from 15.3 to 15.4

NOTE: if you attempt this upgrade from any other OS your appliance will not be supported.

InPlace OS Upgrade steps from Open Suse 15.3 to 15.4 - Internet Required

  1. ​Take VM snapshot
  2. ssh as admin

  3. sudo -s

  4. Patch 15.3

    1. zypper refresh

    2. zypper update

    3. reboot might be required.

  5. Login again as admin

  6. sudo -s

  7. Follow first 5 steps from OpenSUSE docs : SDB:System upgrade - openSUSE Wiki

  8. Yes to the prompts removing sca, sera etc. packages

  9. After the 5th step (Execute the full distribution upgrade)

  10. Reboot the VM

    1. reboot

  11. Login via ssh as admin

  12. Verified OS version is 15.4 from cat /etc/os-release

  13. sudo -s

  14. Unlink symbolic link

    1. sudo unlink /opt/superna/document_generator/startOrientDb.sh;
    2. sudo unlink /opt/superna/document_generator/databaseScriptSca.sh
    3. sudo unlink /opt/superna/document_generator/eyeglassAnalyzer/eyeglassAnalyzer
    4. sudo unlink /opt/superna/document_generator/dbmanager/dbmanager
    5. sudo unlink /opt/superna/document_generator/orientDBManager/orientDBManager
  15. Then continue to MANDATORY STEPS BELOW for Eyeglass VM and the ECA VM's


  1. MANDATORY STEP Eyeglass:
    1. Eyeglass VM
      1. After reboot, rerun the latest Eyeglass 15.4 OS offline installer following the upgrade guide steps, download the upgrade installer following downloads steps here and select upgrade files from the menu and 15.4 OS.
      2. Download the installer to eyeglass
      3. ssh to the eyeglass vm as admin
      4. sudo -s (enter admin password)
      5. zypper in glibc-devel    (adds require package) 
      6. chmod 777 <name of upgrade file>
      7. ./name of upgrade file
      8. Once completed
      9. Check Web UI access
      10. Done


  1. NOTE: Complete the OS upgrade on ALL ECA VM's before running the installer upgrade again. The step below can only be done after all ECA VM' OS's are upgraded to 15.4
  2. After reboot, rerun the latest ECA 15.4 OS offline installer following the upgrade guide steps, download the upgrade installer following downloads steps here and select upgrade files from the menu and 15.4 OS.
  3. Download the installer to node 1
  4. run the installer
  5. chmod 777 <installer file name>
  6. ./<installer file name>

InPlace OS Upgrade steps from OpenSuse 15.3 to 15.4 - NO INTERNET REQUIRED


  1. Eyeglass Appliance of OS version 15.3

  2. OpenSUSE Leap 15.4 Image downloaded (Step 1) and uploaded to an accessible VSphere Datastore

  3. Eyeglass GA upgrade run file for 15.4

OS Upgrade Steps from ISO

  1. Download the following file: https://download.opensuse.org/distribution/leap/15.4/appliances/iso/openSUSE-Leap-15.4-CR-DVD-x86_64-Media.iso
  2. Eyeglass Shutdown:
    1. SSH to Eyeglass and run:
    2. sudo systemctl stop sca 
    3. sudo /sbin/shutdown -h now
  3. Connect ISO to the VM in VSphere Hardware Settings via CD/DVD drive 1
  4. In VSphere, open VM Settings -> Options -> Boot Options, and enable Force BIOS Setup.
  5. Power on the VM.
  6. Open vSphere Console view to see BIOS. Navigate to Boot options, highlight the CD-ROM and click shift+ to set the CDROM as the first boot option. Save and exit using F10 key.
  7. When OpenSUSE 15.4 ISO boots to the main screen, select the Upgrade option and press Enter.
  8. Click next to agree to Language, Keyboard and License Agreement.
  9. On Network Settings -> Overview, select Edit. Assign the appliance's current IP address and subnet mask and hostname. Press Next.
  10. In the Hostname/DNS tab, assign the appliance's current DNS and search domain.
  11. In the Routing tab, press Add to add the appliance's current default gateway and Device (Interface). Remove the dash from the Gateway box when doing so. Press Next to continue.
  12. On the Select For Update page, select Next to use the only assigned root partition of the VM for upgrade.
  13. On the Previously Used Repositories list, select Next to continue.
  14. To use Offline Patch path, select No when you are asked to Activate Online Repositories now. Otherwise, select Yes to continue.
  15. On the Installation Settings page, select Update and Start Update on the next page to continue.
  16. You should now see the Performing Upgrade page. Once the upgrade is complete, the VM will restart automatically.
  17. Once the VM reboots, stop the VM and disconnect the CD/DVD Drive from VSphere Settings.
  18. Power On the virtual machine.
  19. WinSCP the Eyeglass GA upgrade run file to the appliance.
  20. SSH to the Eyeglass appliance as the admin user.
  21. Run the following commands:
    1. sudo su
    2. chmod u+x eyeglass-x.x.x.x-xxxxx-lp15.3.run (replacing eyeglass-x.x.x.x-xxxxx-lp15.3.run with the name of your Eyeglass upgrade run file)
    3. zypper install nodejs16 syslog-ng
    4. Select option 1 to remove rsyslog and install syslog-ng, then y to begin the installation
    5. zypper rm libyui-ncurses-pkg16-4.3.3-150400.1.8.x86_64
    6. Press Enter when prompted to Continue.
  22. Run the Eyeglass upgrade run file by typing the following command:
    1. ./eyeglass-x.x.x.x-xxxxx-lp15.3.run (replacing eyeglass-x.x.x.x-xxxxx-lp15.3.run with the name of your Eyeglass upgrade run file)
  23. Run the following command to reinstall yast2:
    1. zypper install autoyast2-installation
  24. Done!

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