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Runbook Robot (Automate DR Testing on a schedule)

Runbook Robot (Automate DR Testing on a schedule)


Many organizations schedule DR tests during maintenance windows and weekends, only to find out that the DR procedures did not work or documentation needed to be updated.  Eyeglass Run Book Robot feature automates DR run book procedures that would normally be scheduled in off peak hours, and avoids down time to validate DR procedures, providing Failover and Failback automation tests with reporting.

This level of automation provides high confidence that your PowerScale storage is ready for failover with all of the key functions executed on a daily basis.   In addition to automating failover and failback, Eyeglass operates as a cluster witness and mounts storage on both source and destination clusters (the same way the cluster users and machines mount storage externally using access zone mount paths).

Run Book Robot Failover Coverage with Basic Setup

  1. API access to both clusters is functioning - Validated
  2. API access allows creation of export, share, quota - Validated
  3. NFS mount of data external to the cluster functions - Validated
  4. SyncIQ policy replication completes between source and destination cluster when data is written to the source - Validated
  5. Configuration replication of test configuration from source to destination - Validated
  6. SyncIQ failover to target cluster - Validated
  7. Test data access on target cluster post failover - Validated
  8. Verify data integrity of the test data on target cluster - Validated
  9. Configuration Sync of quotas from source to target on failover - Validated 
  10. Delete of Quotas on source cluster - Validated
  11. SyncIQ Failback from target to source cluster  - Validated

The above validations are all done daily and the DR dashboard updated along with any failures sent as critical event.  When all the above validations pass on a daily basis, this is the best indicator that your cluster is ready for a failover.

Refer to the RunBookRobot Admin Guide for instructions on setting up and running the Runbook Robot.

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