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Recommendations for Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover

Recommendations for Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover

These are important recommendations to ensure that all automated SyncIQ Policy failover steps can be completed.  In some cases if the condition is not met it will result in an Error.


  • Errors will not block Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Failover from starting.
  • If the recommendations are not followed it may result in an error during failover causing the failover to not complete
  • Potential data loss will be incurred depending on the step that failed
  • Post failover may require additional manual steps to complete the failover with application hosts
  • Post failover scripting should be used to automate custom failover requirements per policy

Shares / Exports / NFS Alias Recommendations

  • Eyeglass Configuration Replication Jobs for the SyncIQ Policies being failed over should have been completed (so not in Pending state) without error before failover is started
  • Impact:
  • Failover will not complete if configuration sync fails during failover
  • Any missing or unsynced  share / export / NFS alias information will block client access to data on the Target cluster.  These configuration items will have to be corrected manually on the Target Cluster.

SyncIQ Policy Recommendations 

  • SyncIQ Job in OneFS should have been completed without error and shows green.
  • Impact:
  • Failover will not complete if errors occur during failover
  • Data loss due to unreplicated data
  • PowerScale does not support SyncIQ Policy with excludes (or includes) for failover.
  • Impact: Not a supported configuration for failback
  • PowerScale best practices recommend that SyncIQ Policies utilize the Restrict Source Nodes option which requires an IP to be created with target smartconnect zone.
  • Impact: Subnet pool used for data replication is not controlled all nodes in the cluster can replicate data from all IP pools.  This is hard to manage bandwidth and requires all nodes to have access to the WAN.

Smartconnect Recommendations

It is recommended to have a dedicated SmartConnect Zone or SmartConnect Zone Alias for data access per SyncIQ Policy instead of sharing SmartConnect Zone/Alias between policies.  This will allow clients to continue to use same SmartConnect Zone for data access post failover and simplify the associated networking updates.

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