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Preparing your System for the Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover

Preparing your System for the Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover

The following steps described in this section are required to prepare your system for the Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover:

Update PowerScale sudoer file for Eyeglass Service Account with PowerScale Cluster version or

Eyeglass SyncIQ Policy Failover requires some CLI commands that must run with root level access.  Many customers also run the cluster in STIG or compliance mode for Smartlock WORM features, and the root user account is not allowed to login and run commands.  Updating the PowerScale sudoer file allows the Eyeglass service account user to run the command without having root access.

Please refer to the  “Update PowerScale sudoer file for Eyeglass service User (Root Level Commands Needed for Failover)” section in the Eyeglass PowerScale Edition Tech Notes here for details.

Post Failover Automation

Many failover scenarios depend on extra steps performed on devices, software, infrastructure external to the NAS cluster.  Using the Eyeglass script engine, these tasks can now be automated with output captured and appended to Eyeglass failover logs.  For example:

  • DNS updates post failover for SmartConnect zone CNAME editing
  • NFS host mount and remount automation
  • DNS server cache flushing
  • Application bring up and down logic to start applications post failover
  • Send alerts or emails
  • Run API commands on 3rd party equipment example load balancer, switch, router or firewall

Please refer to the Eyeglass Admin Guide Script Engine Overview for more details.

Failover Planning and Checklist

Failover planning includes extended preparation beyond storage layer failover steps as related to the clients, application owners and any dependent systems such as DNS and Active Directory.  A full Failover Plan is required taking this all into account.  A Failover Planning and Checklist document is provided to help you develop your own Failover plan.

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