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Overlapping Access Zone Failover Supported Configurations


Overlapping Access Zones has been added to 2.5.3 and will only be available in 2.5.5.  Release 2.5.6 will not support this configuration any longer and formal support for Overlapping Zone failover will be assessed in a future release.  NOTE: the following requirements that must be met to be supported.  If not listed below then it will not be supported.

Requirements for Overlapping Access Zones

  1. Overlapping Access Zones is defined as zones sharing the same base path example /ifs/data/zones has 2 or more access zones all configured with this path.
  2. At least one syncIQ policy at or below the access zone path must exist.
  3. If more than one SyncIQ policy exists under the access zone base path  and shares or exports exist at or below each syncIQ path, then the policy will be auto assigned to the access zone where the share/export was created.  This cannot be changed.
  4. NOT Supported:
  • nested Access Zones, example /ifs/data/zone1    and /ifs/data/zone1/childzone2
  • overlapping Access Zones with System Access Zone on /ifs

Example 1

2 different AZ with same base path
ZoneA--> /ifs/data/zonea
ZoneAA --> /ifs/data/zonea

3 different synciq policies that fall under the Access Zone path

pol1 --> /ifs/data/zonea/pol1
pol2 --> /ifs/data/zonea/pol2
pol3 --> /ifs/data/zonea/pol3

Example 2

2 different AZ with same base path
ZoneA--> /ifs/data/zonea
ZoneAA --> /ifs/data/zonea

1  synciq policy falls under the Access Zone path
pol1 --> /ifs/data/zonea/

How to Failover Overlapping Access Zones

Failover is 2 phase process.  The first phase will failover each access zone that overlaps and this will complete the Networking failover (DNS, and SPN's) for each pool that is configured to failover.  Phase 2 will failover the data.

  1. Phase 1 
    1. Enable parallel failover mode (check with support on how to enable this mode to allow concurrent failovers)
    2. Select Access Zone 1 and start a failover (NOTE: no SyncIQ policies will be failed over during this phase , this is expected)
    3. Restart DR Assistant and select each of the remaining access zones that overlap and start the failover one at a time.
    4. Wait for the Access Zone failovers to complete 
    5. Submit the Eyeglass failover log to support to verify it was successful.
    6. Repeat for each Overlapping access zone that was failed over. 
  2. Phase 2 - Do not start until Phase 1 is complete and successful
    1. Open DR Assistant and select All SyncIQ policies that belong to the Overlapping Access Zones that were failed over in Phase 1. 
    2. Wait for the syncIQ failovers to complete 
    3. Submit the Eyeglass failover log to support to verify it was successful.
  3. Done - Test Data Access to all data

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