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Mixed DFS and None DFS Solution



A new solution with Access zone failover has been tested that addressed mixed DFS mount and none DFS mounts.  Typically a single DFS referral path is used and DFS mode requires a 2nd referral path.  This offers single policy failover granularity with DFS mode jobs in Eyeglass.   This new solution allows single DFS referral paths to be used and retain the benefits of automatic client redirection during failover.

This solution simplifies scenario's with both DFS and non DFS mounted data and DFS is already configured with a single referral path.  

Access Zone failover Configuration for Mixed Mode clients

  1. The Access zone failover configuration requirements are the same for mixed mode. The IP pool used must be mapped for failover as described in this guide with aliases used as failover hints.
  2. DFS configuration is unchanged using a smartconnect zone name in the zone and a single referral path
  3. None DFS clients CAN use the same smarconnect name used by DFS clients or a different smartconnect name, both are supported
  4. Eyeglass configuration

    1. Enable syncIQ jobs in the Eyeglass jobs icon for DFS mode for all data this is mounted over DFS
    2. This will ensure SMB shares are renamed with igls-dfs on the target cluster
    3. Any policy that is non DFS, can stay in the default configuration sync section of the  Eyeglass jobs icon.
  5. What happens during failover

    1. The SMB shares are renamed which triggers DFS clients using a single referral path to check DNS for the smartconnect name which will now return a target cluster IP address using dual delegation smartconnet failover offered with Access zone failover.
    2. Non DFS client will need to remount
    3. DFS clients will check DNS for new ip address and auto remount the DFS referral path and re-authenticate automatically.

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