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Introduction to this Guide

Introduction to this Guide

The purpose of this guide is to assist you with Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover.  


Eyeglass Assisted SyncIQ Policy Failover provides users with the tools and information to determine the DR readiness of their configuration. The Eyeglass DR Dashboard Policy Readiness tab provides a per SyncIQ Policy summary of all SyncIQ, OneFS and Eyeglass Configuration replication Job statuses.  The status for each are combined to provide an overall DR Status.

This information provides the best indicator of DR readiness for failover and allows administrators to check status on each component of failover, identify status, errors and correct them to get each SyncIQ Policy configured and ready for failover.

The following document is a guide to help you with the requirements, considerations, system preparation, operational steps, and monitoring for Eyeglass assisted SyncIQ Policy failover.

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