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Fan-Out IP Pool Failover


Fan out IP pool failover allows Cluster A to replicate data to Cluster B and cluster C using IP pool failover mode.


  1. Dedicated pools on all clusters, a pool on the central cluster can only replicate to one other cluster, it cannot be shared to replicate to 2 clusters.  
  2. Cluster A pool A must be mapped to Cluster B Pool A (names of pools are examples only)
  3. Cluster A pool B must be mapped to Cluster C Pool B

Supported Configurations

  1. A single access zone on the central cluster can have pool A replicated to cluster A and pool B in the same access zone replicated to cluster C
  2. More than one access zone on central cluster can replicate an access zone to Cluster A or cluster B but must use dedicated pools for each replication relationship

Example Diagrams

Same Access Zone 

Different Access Zones

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