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Considerations for Eyeglass Microsoft DFS Mode Failover

Considerations for Eyeglass Microsoft DFS Mode Failover

The following are highly recommended to ensure that all automated Eyeglass Microsoft DFS Mode failover steps can be completed.

SyncIQ Policy Recommendations 

  • SyncIQ Job in OneFS should have been completed without error and shows green.
  • Impact: 
  • Failover will be blocked if SyncIQ policies are in an error stated on the cluster.  Eyeglass will attempt to run the policy which will fail.  Correct this on the OneFS cluster.
  • Data loss due to unreplicated data.
  • PowerScale does not support SyncIQ Policy with excludes (or includes) for failover.
  • Impact: Not a supported configuration for failback.
  • PowerScale best practices recommend that SyncIQ Policies utilize the Restrict Source Nodes option which requires an IP to be created with target SmartConnect zone..
  • Impact: Subnet pool used for data replication is not controlled all nodes in the cluster can replicate data from all IP pools.  This is hard to manage bandwidth and requires all nodes to have access to the WAN.
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