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Who Audits the Auditor?

Who Audits the Auditor?

Release > 2.5.3

Eyeglass will log all login activity and major actions taken within the Easy Auditor UI.  The Eyeglass audit log is stored in the file system and is included in eyeglass appliance backup zip files.

  1. To maintain a copy of the audit data off the appliance
  2. Use Warm standby configuration to mount external export to Eyeglass vm to put a daily copy of the audit log external to eyeglass in a secure location
  3. Configure syslog forwarding feature , the audit log is written to syslog and can be forwarded to an external syslog server.
  4. Advanced filtering feature allows a separate syslog server to receive audit logs from DR or Isilon audit data.   Simple include “Audit”  in the filter criteria to select only audit data to forward. 
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