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What's New

What's New

This covers Ransomware Defender and Easy Auditor ECA deployment configurations and operational maintenance.


  1. opensuse 15.2
  2. automatic firewall 
  3. authenticated management tools


  1. Disk space monitoring
  2. dual OS and data disks
  3. Enhanced alarm monitoring
  4. opensuse 15.1
  5. Mini ECA for distributed deployment options
  6. cluster up checks NFS mounts
  7. AutoNFS mount feature for centralized mount control


  1. HA Turbo Audit ingestion allows ECA node to check point location in audit file and failover processing to other nodes automatically and resume processing at the same location in the audit log
  2. Load Balancing on ECA node rejoining the cluster will allocate log file processing evenly across the cluster
  3. Ingestion of existing archived compressed PowerScale audit logs 
    1. Allows missing data to be re-ingested
    2. Allows ingestion of old data prior to Easy Auditor installation
  4. Master processes are now moved to nodes 4-6 and ability to start more cluster wide services for processing audit triggers or ransomware analysis for high through put environments
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