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High level Use Cases

Search & Recover can solve many use cases with powerful search capabilities and incremental file system change ingestion.

  1. Show Back 
    1. Show usage by file pool / storage tier
  2. Administrator Search and Script
    1. Search for files - generate a script that can operate using SmartConnect+share name or /ifs path on the cluster.
    2. Scripts can zip, move, copy, run ISI commands (example worm lock, cloudpool) even archive data easily, or any other action Storage admin needs.
  3. Capacity Management
    1. Share capacity is growing but who is responsible for the growth?
    2. Search by path summarizes total size owned by all users that own files under the search path.
    3. Use Case #1 - Total Space consumed by user: Run this search monthly, download CSV, sort by largest file total to identify users that are consuming the most disk space month over month.
    4. Use Case #2 - Spaced consumed over a time period: Time period analysis is possible by searching with file created, modified dates within a date range to identify who created the most content within the time period. 

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