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Use Case #4 - Overlapping Access Zones Configuration


Use Case #4 - Overlapping Access Zones Configuration


4 Access Zones with overlapping paths:

In each access zone there are  configuration objects as  shares , exports, nfs aliases and quotas.

The goal is  to migrate the overlapping Access Zones to NEW Access Zone path that does not overlap on same or different cluster.

On Eyeglass, select job window, click add new job, select migration job tab: Select each source access zone path and zone name as source for migration, you can keep synciq policy option for incremental sync.  Note:  The initial SyncIQ policy is created with copy option.  It must be changed to incremental sync and a schedule applied to maintain sync between source and destination paths.


Check if the migration job has finished successfully.

Check the configuration objects on target Access Zone:

Note:  The overlapping path will cause the quotas that are  migrated to be duplicated on the new Access Zone paths.

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