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Trouble Shooting Search Results


  1. Did you run the index job on the folder after adding it?

    1. If you are not sure, then go back to the quick start steps to review how to start the index to index the path. 
  2. User can not login?

    1. The user AD login is tested against the cluster ip address used to add to Search & Recover. If no SMB shares exist in the System Zone, the login will fail. It will also fail if no auth provider can resolve the user in the System Zone. 
    2. If the user belongs to another Access Zone , then a UNC path must be added to Search & Recover for that Access Zone to allow authentication.   See the guide on adding additional SmartConnect UNC paths for authentication in any Access Zones that have indexed data.   Learn more about - Managing Search Dynamic UNC path CLI commands 
  3. Users can login but no search results returned?

    1. When a user logins their SMB shares are determined based on AD group membership. The list of SMB shares determines that paths in the file system that results will be returned to the user.
    2. If a user has no SMB share path with indexed data no results will be returned.
    3. Use this commands listed here to view the users SMB shares, paths and zones that were auto discovered based on AD group membership.  This will show which paths to expect result if data has been indexed on the path or below the path.  (NOTE: the SMB share path, and all folders below this path are included in the search results, but only paths that have been indexed will be returned).
  4. User can search for file names and paths but not based on the contents of the file?

    1. Default settings on folders is meta data only, a modify folder command is required to add the file extensions that should have the content indexed (i.e.  *.pdf, *.docx).
    2. See the modify folder command for examples on how to modify a folder configuration for file extension content indexing. NOTE: a folder index job will need to be started again for existing files on disk that have already been indexed.   Incremental indexing will start to index the file extensions on the next incremental job.  Default incremental indexing is hourly.
  5. I cannot find any files when I search?

    1. Please review all of the above to make sure these have been done first. 
    2. To monitor a running index job, and see if any errors are occurring during indexing, follow these steps:
      1. Start a folder index job.   Instructions here.
      2. Monitor the running index job and look for errors.  Instructions here.
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