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Performance Auditor Overview



Performance  issues can happen at any time, and Scale out NAS presents a challenge to quickly find the root cause.  The business is being impacted every minute data is unavailable, and you are under pressure to find answers to resolve the issue quickly.   

The solution requires identifying the user, the node, the path or subnet that's the source of the unexpected workload impacting business critical workflows.

The performance auditor tool simplefies the understanding of how the cluster's file system is being used, and a simple easy to use interface allows switching between user, path, node or subnet view of the workload.

One click root cause makes Performance auditor a key tool to identify the source of degradation with 1 second updates to all IO across the cluster.  The data source for this unique view is audit data generated by the cluster.   The Superna suite of products uses real-time audit data ingestion process and stream based processing based on Apache Kafka Streams technology.

Historical data is stored allowing reply , rewind and fastword through real time data to locate performance issues.

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