Administration Guides

Performance Auditor Advanced Configuration


The settings in this section allows changing how performance data is computed.

How to increase the file transaction monitoring window

  1. By default file event data is monitored for a 5 minute window and 1 million open files.   Contact support to recommend changes if you have long running IO workflows that last longer than 5 minutes to copy data.
  2. ssh to node 1 of the ECA node 1 as ecaadmin
  3. vim /opt/superna/eca/eca-env-common.conf 
  4. Add the variable:
    1. export EVT_REPORTER_CREATE_EVENT_RETENTION_MINS=x   (where x minutes a value in minutes)
  5. Save the file with :wq 
  6. ecactl cluster down 
  7. Then
  8. ecactl cluster up
  9. Done
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