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Overview - LiveOPS DR Test mode

Overview - LiveOPS DR Test mode

Eyeglass has introduced LiveOps features aimed at zero downtime, with the first feature offering DR testing that allows IT use cases to be executed without incurring downtime or impact to production systems.

  1. Test DR procedures during normal business hours with full copy of production data.  Storage administrators can validate application data integrity post failover, test end to end application procedures under various simulated conditions.
  2. Upgrade testing of  applications in a sandbox that allows writeable copy of production data.
  3. Execute planned monthly or quarterly DR tests.
  4. Mirror shares, exports to test access to production data in a sandbox.
  5. Allows isolated testing using a different SmartConnect name to allow testing without overlap with production

The key capability introduced with LiveOps DR Testing is the ability to avoid impacting DR readiness for failover with  SyncIQ replication fully operational and Eyeglass configuration sync running between production and DR clusters.   Production to DR  replication and failover abilities is never disrupted during DR Test mode.

Deprecation Notice

  1. This feature is now deprecated and will be replace with writeable snapshot solution that requires onefs 9.3 or later.  Target release is for this feature.
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